Monterey Bay Black Folks Event Calendar
Week of Mon March 23rd through Sun Mar 29th, 2020
About the Monterey Bay Black Folks Event Calendar

The purpose of the Monterey Bay Black Folks Event Calendar is to connect the Black Community of CSU Monterey Bay with the local Black Communities of the Greater Monterey Bay Area. The Calendar is edited by Steven Goings, MSW and is entirely voluntary and looking for institutional support. To submit an event for possible inclusion, please send to The plan is to send out the Calendar every Monday at 9 AM for those who wish to receive it. The deadline for Monday submissions is midnight of the previous Thursday.
This Week's Events
Upcoming Events:
Exploring Interdependence
through the Lens of Blackness

A webinar with Ruth King and Kamilah Majied
Tuesday, March 24th
12:00 noon – 1:30pm
Free and open to all.
$10 optional, suggested donation to CMind –your support allows us to offer these programs!

This engaging webinar, open to all people of all ethnicities, invites us to deepen our understanding of interdependence and contemplative dialogue by exploring the wondrous ways in which our lives have been enriched by the resilience, creativity, and leadership of Black people. Through meditative reflections, we bring to awareness the Black threads in our lives that have inspired a tapestry of reverence, connection, and healing. Ruth and Kamilah, through their joyful example, illustrate how contemplative and extemporaneous dialogue about the contributions of Black people can stimulate insight, inclusivity and unity. Through this we can begin to both notice and celebrate our undeniable interdependence. There will be ample time for questions and reflections, as well as guidance and inspiration for future contemplative dialogue.

Meet the Presenters

Dr. Kamilah Majied is a mental health therapist, clinical academician, and internationally engaged consultant on inclusivity and contemplative pedagogy and practice.
Ruth King is an international teacher in the Insight Meditation tradition, serving on the Teacher’s Council at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, CA.

This week is Black Census Week, and with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting our day-to-day lives, it is even more critical that there be a full and complete Census count.

The impacts of this pandemic have been compounded for the Black community, but we must not let this moment exclude us from the Census. Now more than ever, your participation in the Census will help determine the level of federal funding our communities receive for the amenities that are so vital to our well-being; such as good roads, schools, libraries, public parks and more.
In these difficult times, one of the most important things you can do is to Be Counted! You can complete the census online, by mail or by phone.

Join us this week to promote the Census and ensure that all of our community members are counted. Here are just a few ways you can get involved:
  • Attend our Census Webinar on Thursday, March 26 at 4pm
  • Use the hashtag #BeCounted and follow @naacp on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  • Read and share this Census Op-Ed from our youth leader
There are so many ways to get involved and promote the Census with the NAACP this week, so make sure you follow us on social media at @naacp to stay up to date.
Peace and power,
Derrick Johnson
President and CEO

NAACP Covid-19 Resources
  • the NAACP has stepped up and is doing whatever it takes to protect our communities:We released a guide to help officials responsible for addressing health, economic, and other impacts, in remediating some of the issues that are disproportionately affecting communities of color. The full guide is available to download here.
  • We hosted an emergency tele-town hall featuring a panel of faith, medical and political leaders who addressed how our community members can protect themselves along with safety measures the federal government is taking to mitigate—and ultimately end—the pandemic. More than 21,000 concerned citizens tuned in live to this must-hear discussion. But if you missed it, we have provided the full audio here, and I strongly encourage you to take the time to listen to it now.
  • And our team of policy experts are advocating tirelessly and relentlessly for increased access to childcare in at-risk communities, provision of food assistance to families enrolled in the free meal program via mobile delivery and food vouchers, and immediate cessation of efforts to mislead and divide the public for personal political gain—especially by falsely suggesting that persons of certain nationalities are responsible for the spread of the virus.

Ongoing Community Call for bios & pictures of local Black Community leaders and organizations for permanent archive, please send to africanquazar@gmail.comm

Women's History Month Profile Link:
Angela Davis

An activist. An author . A scholar. An abolitionist. A legend, as revered by my generation of millennials as she is her own. She is Angela Y. Davis.
Davis opened 1971 with an American declaration of innocence heard around the country:

Click here for link to story from TIME: 100 Hundred Women of the Year
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