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Week of Mon June 8th through Sun June 14th, 2020
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The purpose of the Monterey Bay Black Folks Event Calendar is to connect the Black Community of CSU Monterey Bay with the local Black Communities of the Greater Monterey Bay Area. The Calendar is edited by Steven Goings, MSW and is entirely voluntary and looking for institutional support. To submit an event for possible inclusion, please send to The plan is to send out the Calendar every Monday at 9 AM for those who wish to receive it. The deadline for Monday submissions is midnight of the previous Thursday.
Steven's Take

Well normally, I just put out one Black Folks Calendar a week. But these are not normal times. Here are some Black Lives Matter type protests happening over the weekend.

 Special thanks to Elena Loomis and the Monterey County Democrats from whom I am forwarding all the information in this week's Black Folks Calendar. For questions about the activities below, email Elena at
Message from Monterey County Democrats

Our country and community is still reeling from the outrageous killing of George Floyd and so many other African Americans at the hands of the police. In response, our community has held several peaceful protests and marches. Two more are scheduled for this Friday and Saturday. If you can attend, please stay safe by wearing a mask and social distancing. Once the protests end, we need to stay active if real change is to occur. As a political organization we must support and vote for politicians who will work to dismantle institutional racism in police departments, education, health care and other organizations. Below are some actions you can take.

Today, Thursday, June 11 4:30 pm: Join us for our Recovery4All! Rally! Salinas City Hall (200 Lincoln Ave). Social-spacing & masks required. Let’s recover – not back to what was – but towards an equitable future. Make Equity the New Normal! Sponsored by the Monterey Bay Central Labor Council and SEIU Local 521.

Friday, June 12, 4:00 - 5:00 pm , Demonstration at Window-on-the-Bay in Monterey:  A display of Earth Flag and U.S. Flag along with block letters to spell out the message: PEACE IS PATRIOTIC! Similar peaceful demonstrations will be held most Fridays sponsored by the
Peace Coalition of Monterey County
Friday, June 12th, 5:00 PM
Meet at the Corner of Fremont and Obama Way (formerly Broadway).

Sponsored by Community 831

Please: Wear Masks, bring signs and social distance !

 Justice for George

Saturday, June 13th 10am

Vince DiMaggio Park, Marina

Hosted by Nathanial Sawyer, Miriam Smith and Esther Marie

Please wear masks, bring signs and social distance

And after the Protests here's what you can do:

  • VOTE: As Michelle Obama told the class of 2020, “couple every protest with plans and policies, with organizing and mobilizing and voting.” Go here to register to VOTE and share with family and friends.

  • Write local government officials and ask them to take President Obama’s and the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance “Commit to Action Pledge”: a call for mayors, city councils, boards of supervisors and police and sheriff’s oversight bodies to address police use of force policies. Here is the link to the pledge to include in all communications: Then follow up to be sure that steps are taken including reducing the use of force, ending discriminatory policing, and bringing down the reliance on arrests and incarceration. Thank you to the mayors of Del Rey Oaks and Pacific Grove for signing the pledge (if others have done so, let us know).

  • Call Rep. Jimmy Panetta's office and ask him to cosponsor HR 7085, to end the doctrine of qualified immunity, so police officers can be held accountable for violating civil rights.
Salinas Office: 831-424-2229
Washington DC Office: 202-225-2861

  • Contact local government officials and ask that they reallocate some police funding to support affordable housing, parks, senior services, homeless services, mental health services, libraries and after school programs for our youth, measures that work and uplift our entire community. Voice your opinion at the Seaside city council meeting tonight.

California Democratic Party Virtual Actions:

Soul Talk with Peggy Moore
On Saturday, June 13th, 11am- 1pm, the California Democratic Party, in partnership with CDP's African-American Caucus, will be holding space where Black Leaders can share lived experiences and to celebrate greatness and resilience in the face of systemic racism. Please RSVP HERE

Statewide Day of Action Phone Bank: Help Flip the Senate!

Sunday, June 14th, 1pm-4pm
Let's put some California Dem muscle behind Mark Kelly's campaign in Arizona and help flip the Senate! We're focusing on Dem candidate Mark Kelly in Arizona, because this is one of the races where we are most likely to flip a Senate seat. And Kelly is a strong candidate. Go HERE to sign up.
Local Phone Banks:

While things are loosening up from #SIP, many seniors are still homebound. We have established a Wellness Call program to connect with the seniors in our community. Please email Elena at  for details and training .
Make Census Calls to Salinas Residents

Remind folks to complete the census by making calls at your convenience. Register here and begin calling.

LGBTQ Month Profile Link:

Bayard Rustin

A master strategist and tireless activist, Bayard Rustin is best remembered as the organizer of the 1963 March on Washington, one of the largest nonviolent protests ever held in the United States. He brought Gandhi’s protest techniques to the American civil rights movement, and ...

Click here for link to the Bayard Rustin website "Brother Outsider".
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