Dear Friends and Family,

As you may already know, Monterey County has made the tough decision to issue a "shelter-in-place" order. The order went into effect last night and will remain in place until April 8th at midnight. There have been two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Monterey County, and growing cases across the state. Learn more here During this trying time in our county, state, country and world, it is important to remember what is important, the health and safety of our families.
Our healthcare is overloaded right now, and self-quarantining is the best and most efficient way to slow this virus down. Remember to take extra care of yourself, wash your hands, sanitize, and maintain social distancing, especially from our elderly and those in poor health.
I had the joy of spending this last weekend with my wife Danielle in Tahoe to celebrate our belated wedding anniversary, my birthday and the end of the primary campaign season. It was a really good time to enjoy some long overdue R&R with each other, and to reflect on the important things in life. My family and I will enjoy safe companionship at home these next few weeks and will pray for the healing of our community, and its economy. Remember during this time that our local and independent businesses will be greatly effected, and I hope you will join me in prayer over their well being.

If you are feeling unwell or showing any symptoms, Montage Health is offering free Coronavirus eVisits. Click here for more info.

I hope you take this time to enjoy your family and take care of your health.
Together, we will overcome and get through this.
As a small and local business owner, I know the challenges in trying to keep your business alive, especially during these hard times. The Landscape is officially closed for three weeks. My employees are on unemployment and I'm feeling for so many in small business that might not make it through this. Let's come together and show our local businesses love and support!
Check out the Health Department of Monterey County
to stay updated on the Coronavirus in our county.

The Food Bank for Monterey County can be reached at  (831) 758-1523
 or 353 W Rossi St., Salinas, CA 93907