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Documentation Renewals
Parking Decals
Dock and Pennant Lines
Dock and Pennant Lines
Welcome Laura Pratt
Harbor Security
Maritime Institute
Wharf II Projects
Save 10% on your Berth or Mooring Fees
We still have questions from time to time about the annual berth and mooring payment discount. The City of Monterey many years ago instituted the 10% discount for annual paying customers. If you're thinking about opting in for this program, June is the month to let us know. We will switch your account to annual billing effective on Monterey's fiscal year which begins  on July 1. To calculate your savings take your monthly billing and multiply that amount by twelve and then subtract 10%. This discount applies to all licensee holders whether they are paying 1 ½ times rate or regular rate; i.e. 30' X 11.5 berth is $293/month multiplied by 12 equals $3,516 minus 10% equals $3,164 (net savings of $352). In today's investment world finding a 10% secured return is a difficult task. If you have any questions please drop by or give us a call at 831-646-3950  
2016 Monterey Marina Berth Assignments

  1.    Wahle, Charles @E19 25' (1/1/16)
  2.    Robinson, Charles @E31 25' (1/26/16) Sunset at the Harbor
  3.    Douglas, Charles @B08 30' (2/29/16)
  4.    Wright, Ed @H27 25' (3/16/16)
  5.    Selvig, Brenden @E14 25' (4/1/16)
  6.    Weber, Meredith @ E26 25' (4/1/16)
  7.    Grasser, Cory @F22 20' (4/1/16)
  8.    Howard, John @H28 25' (4/1/16)
  9.    Curtis, Micah @ E25 25' (5/6/16)
  10.    Chastain, Wm @H09 50' (7/1/16)
  11.    Quaresma, Manuel @F10 20' (8/14/16)
  12.    Dodge, Michael @H17 50' (8/29/16)
  13.    Brewer, Kenneth @H18 50' (9/1/16)
  14.    Jones, Robbie @A38 40' (9/15/16)
  15.    Hyland, Steve @B32 30' (10/1/16)
  16.    Rettenwender, Thomas @F35 20' (9/24/16)
  17.    Spicer, Michael @I05  20' (10/1/16)
  18.    Miller, Jared @F36 20' (10/1/16)
  19.    Maehr, Theo @ B07 30' (10/8/16)
  20.    Michael Buenrostro @I03 20'(10/16/16)
  21.    Harrell, Mike/partners @F11 20' (10/17/16)
  22.    Kaemmerer, Jens @ F21 20' (11/16/16)
  23.    Netzer, Jonathan @H23 50' (11/20/16)
  24.    Woodman, Mark @H17 50' (12/1/16.    

Documentation Renewals
Documented Vessels

We have seen a number of boat owners that either forget to renew their documented vessels before their due date or are awaiting their renewal notice, resulting in processing delays and/or late fees. 
If you renew online before your due date, the renewal takes less than a week. However, once your documentation lapses, renewal times may exceed 60-days and it's more expensive. This puts the owner, the City of Monterey and the Coast Guard in a tough situation.
Please make every effort to renew early and online to reduce your expenses and possible other liabilities associated with owning a vessel without current and valid documentation.

Parking Decals and Some Pointers


In our continued effort to reduce boaters receiving parking tickets, p lease remember to renew you parking stickers before you park your vehicle and board your boat.
You will need a current registration for the vehicle you are requesting a parking permit. Please put the parking decal on your vehicle's left rear bumper or rear window. It must be affixed to the surface. Please also remember each numbered permit is registered to a specific vehicle and the Parking Division has cited vehicles with "switched permits" in the past.
If you have question about where to park, please stop by the office and ask us.
Pennant and Dock Lines


A big Thank You to all the boaters that are maintaining  their mooring lines. This year's tidal and storm surges have set records in the Monterey Bay. Between boat owners and Harbor Patrol staff, we have sustained very little damage so far this year. We're not out of the woods yet and continued prudent care of your mooring lines is essential. Proper chafing systems are essential to increasing the life of your mooring lines. Any areas that have sharp bends in the line have a high potential for chafing. You may have noticed a few blue colored bi-polymerolefin fiber lines installed in place of some boater's lines. If your boat has one of these blue lines, that means the Harbor staff had to take action to ensure your vessel was secure. Please replace our blue poly line with your own new line and return our blue line to the Harbor office as soon as possible.
Thanks again for maintaining your lines and keep up the good work.
Docks and Finger Clutter


This article is for those that tend to use the fingers and docks in the marina as  a personal storage area. The fingers and docks are not for storage of materials other than what you are working on that day. Hoses should be contained in the fillet triangle area where the dock boxes are located, power cords should not be a tripping hazard and all fuels or hazardous chemicals should either be on your vessel or removed from the marina.
MCC 17-11 Storage. (a) No person shall store, or cause to be stored, any supplies, materials, accessories, motors, debris, refuse or garbage on any approach ramp, headwalk or finger float in the Harbor, except in containers approved or provided by the Harbormaster, or as is consistent with this Chapter.
Please be a good neighbor and remove any items that may hinder or block any of these areas.
Welcome Laura Pratt


Laura Pratt is our new full time Marina Harbor Assistant. She has worked for the City of Monterey since 2006, mostly assisting the Community Services Director with overseeing the Conference Center, Marina/Harbor and Parking Divisions.

She has over 40-years experience in a wide variety of public and private sector including: construction trades, education, healthcare, hospitality and property management.

Laura was born and raised on the Monterey Peninsula has two grown children and an 8-year old grandson. Her favorite thing is spending time with family and friends. She also enjoys traveling, watching good movies and rooting for the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco Giants. 

Her recent boat ride orientation in the Harbor's work boat with Interim Harbormaster John Haynes showed the different berthing and mooring areas as well as proving just how massive an operation the City of Monterey's Harbor really is.

Please welcome Laura to the Harbor Team next time you're near our office!

The Harbor Staff
City of Monterey - Office of the Harbormaster

(831) 646-3950 
(831) 594-7760 
(831) 647-7300

VHF channels 5a & 16  
Monterey Harbor

FREE Marina WiFi 

Pay your Marina Account online at   Monterey Harbor

Harbor Access Fobs
Marina Access and using our key Access System

We are very fortunate to have a marina and harbor with a very low theft rate. That doesn't just happen, it takes everyone working together to watch each other's back and keep an eye out for things that do not look right. Access to certain harbor and marina areas is granted through an electronic key system. However, this system is only as good as the users who participate in Access use.
(1) The most frequent way that people gain unauthorized access to the harbor is when people follow behind boaters through the gate before the gates close.  So the first process is if you do not know the person wanting to go in with you, have that person call the harbor office if they don't have a Monterey Access key and we will make sure they are authorized to enter the area.
(2) Boaters' restrooms are paid for by the boaters from the Marina Fund. Taking care of, reporting issues and only allowing boaters and their guests in is critical. We recently had a man at the boaters men's restroom by the Harbor Office requiring people to pay him a $1 to use the restroom. He was holding the door ajar and was not a boater. We always think we have seen it all only to be surprised again.
(3) If you lose a key, please report it so we can disable it so it doesn't work if it falls into the wrong hands.
(4) Be polite and help each other with awkward loads through the gates. If someone doesn't allow you to enter with them, please do not be offended as they probably just don't know you or recognize you.
(5) Never tie or block the gates open to make entry or exit easier.
These few reminders help keep Monterey Harbor and Marina a safe and happy Harbor.

Maritime Institute - Captains Class 
Why settle for less when you're qualified for so much more? Other maritime education companies offer you a Captain's License course that only qualifies you for a  OUPV/6-PACK license, which is limited to operating uninspected vessels only, carrying six or less paying passengers.

This two week U.S. Coast Guard approved Captain's course meets the written examination requirement for not only the OUPV/6-PACK License; but also for the following licenses:

Master or Mate Near Coastal not more than 100 tons

Master or Mate Inland not more than 100 tons

Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels up to 100 tons


Wharf II Project is in the Final Stage
  The Wharf II decking project is coming along well even though we've been slightly delayed by the welcome wet weather. We appreciate everyone's patience as we move northward.
Jim Nunes, Ron Moore, James Story and Jerry Carvalho have led the charge in this massive project.
We are anticipate completion of the project in May 2017.
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