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Monterey Harbor Update
 February, 2013

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Salmon Season 2013
Transient Credits
Dredge Operations and Vessel Traffic
Women's Restrooms
Welcome New Berth Licensees

Salmon Season to Open on April 6, 2013

The 2013 salmon season is estimated to open on Saturday, April 6, 2013. California Fish and Game will make the final determination in mid March. The Salmon season opener is also an exciting time filled with anxious boaters and the need to start the season once again. These next few weeks are a good time to check your boats for boater safety gear, batteries, engines, and fishing gear. We wish everyone a safe and exciting salmon opener.  
Transient Credits for your berth

In 1998 a berth transient credit was established in the marina. This credit returns to the berth licensee 50% of the revenue collected for the transient use of their berth. Transient credit, however; cannot exceed a berth licensee's total monthly berthing fee. This program has been beneficial to both boater owner and the marina as we are able to accommodate visiting boaters while our permanent boaters are away. The only exception to receiving transient credit for the use of a berth involves the rare non-payment of fees by a transient boater. Please be aware that we are as motivated to collect fees as you are to receive the proper credit.


Please be sure and let the Harbor Office know whenever you plan to be out of your slip for any length of time so that you can receive transient credit.


Monterey Harbor Dredge
Dredge at South Tiers 

Dredge operations will continue through March 31, 2013. The dredging is now complete on the west side of the harbor. End ties G, D, B, and A are now available for vessel usage. The dredging area "Site 1" is now being dredged to bring the waterway back to design depth. Dredge Operations for vessel traffic can be contacted on channel 73a VHF.


We have noticed some confusion about the use of vessel navigation and day shapes in use for dredge operations. Diamonds and Balls are used for day shape markings. On the dredge you will see one staff with a Ball-Diamond-Ball. This indicates the vessel is restricted in the ability to maneuver. The dredge is not self-powered and is attached with an 8" dredge pipe. Then you will notice staff with two balls (Ball-Ball), this indicates DO NOT PASS THIS SIDE. The staff with two diamonds (Diamond-Diamond), this is an indication of the safe side to pass. Hopefully this clears up questions relating to Day Shapes and Dredge Operations within the Monterey Harbor Marina


Otherwise feel free to contact the Harbormasters Office Dredge Balls and we will be happy to answer any other questions.   


Thank you, The Dredge Crew "The Dredgeheads" 


Women's Bathroom at South Tier Upgrade
Women's Restroom

South tiers Boaters Restroom Update-

Good News, the contractors have completed the Men's side and will be beginning the women's remodel effective today. We appreciate your patience. As a courtesy to our women boaters we are opening the Men's side for their use only during this phase of the remodel. The men will continue to use the Wharf II restrooms until construction is complete which is estimated to be April 15, 2013



Welcome new Slip Licensees for 2012
  1. Muck, Todd @D50 (2/5/12)
  2. Sagal, Marc @C02 (2/18/12)
  3. MPYC ClubhouseLight, Brian/Carol @ D34 (2/27/12)
  4. Culcasi, Sal @ E05 (3/1/12)
  5. Stillwater Yacht Club @F40(3/1/12)
  6. Nguyen, Phiho @ I09 (4/1/12)
  7. Aliotti, Ron @F37 (4/1/12)
  8. Wood, Daniel @F28 (4/1/12)
  9. Davis, R. Lynn @D27 (4/5/12)
  10. Nelson, Brian @G09 (4/11/12)
  11. Hoover, Don @ A40 (4/18/12)
  12. Osorio, Maneul @A76 (4/18/12)
  13. Seidel, Tom @ G01 (4/23/12)
  14. Kennedy/Brown @B30 (5/4/12)
  15. Cash, Bryan @ D10 (6/10/12)
  16. LeDuc, Tom @E18 (6/10/12)
  17. Rothstein, Hy @A32 (6/13/12)
  18. Berzins, Valdis @A61 (6/15/12)
  19. Feliciano, Anthony @F36 (8/1/12)
  20. Wilson, Dennis @A66 (10/7/12)
  21. Smith, Michael @C23 (11/1/12)
  22. Swisher, Gerald @F43 (12/31/12)



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