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 May 2015

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 Marina Rate Change Update 2015



May 14, 2015


Dear Boaters,


I am writing to let you know the latest on the potential rate increases that I have considered recommending to the City Council. As you will recall, I considered raising the Marina annual parking permit fee from $120 to $240; raising the hoist fee from $1.50 to $3.00 per 15 minutes; raising the Yellow Boat Dock monthly permit fee from $150 to $200; and, raising the Outer Harbor mooring fees by 10% each year for the next three years.


Over the past several weeks I have spoken and emailed with many boaters, and received some different perspectives, and new ideas. I have also engaged in discussions with other City staff regarding the relationship between the Parking and Marina Funds, and how services and money are accounted. As a result, I will NOT recommend that the Marina annual parking permit fee be increased, at this time. It will remain at $120/year.


I will also NOT be recommending that the Yellow Boat Dock permit fee be increased at this time, as the City is now requiring a higher level of insurance for these permit holders, which is already increasing their costs. I WILL recommend that the hoist fee be increased to $3.00/15 minutes. The costs of maintaining the aging hoist are real.


I WILL be recommending the 10% per year, for each of the next three years, increase in Outer Harbor mooring fees, including the surcharge to live aboard. The existing fee simply does not pay for the level of services the City provides to Outer Harbor boaters. Even after these increases, I believe that these moorings will remain a low-cost boating opportunity. I am happy to answer questions from Outer Harbor boaters about City costs.


The fee increases will be considered at a future City Council meeting, the date of which is not yet determined, but likely will be in late summer or fall. I will send out the date for this meeting as soon as it is known, posting it as a gate notice, and through our electronic newsletter. There will be opportunities for public comment at this City Council meeting.


Thank you,






Steve Scheiblauer


(831) 646-3950



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Los Angles Maritime Institute 

Springtime is a time of renewal and we hope you will take a minute to renew your commitment to our extraordinary educational program, TopSail! Our programs are expanding and thriving thanks to our dedicated volunteers and supporters like you.

Our TopSail Youth Program is offered year-round, free of charge to students from under-resourced schools and youth organizations in San Pedro and Wilmington, and throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area.  Since our founding in 1992, we have served more than 50,000 at-risk youth in undeserved communities throughout Los Angeles County.


Our "no cost" program is offered to Title I upper elementary, middle and high schools as well as youth groups located within the 15 council districts of the City of Los Angeles, and is made possible by generous financial support from the Port of Los Angeles, a TopSail program sponsor for more than a decade.


Our "reduced cost" program is offered to any school or youth group with limited ability to pay, thanks to the support of corporate sponsors, foundations and individual donors.  In addition, any revenue earned from public sails, fundraising events or private bookings goes back into our program.


Since our inception, our goal has been to never be in port when we ought to be at sea, to never turn a kid away for lack of money, and to never sail with an empty berth.


We hope you will partner with us in our mission to provide educational, transformational experiences at sea for all of LA's Youth!  Please donate today and help keep our program afloat.  


Safe Boating Classes

About Boating Safely

  • General information about boats and maintenance Coast Guard Emblem
  • Information on preparing for safe and enjoyable outings
  • Navigation rules and aids to navigation
  • Guidelines for operating your boat or PWC safely
  • What to do in case of boating emergencies
  • State-specific laws and regulations you must follow
  • Certificate for successful course completion

In general, this information applies to all recreational watercraft (powerboats, PWCs, sailboats and boats which are paddled). PWC and Jet Ski operators often have additional laws and restrictions which apply to them.





Click this link for more information

Safe Boating Classes


The Harbor Staff
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Clean Fueling Practices
Always remember SAFETY first! Be sure your vessel is securely moored to the fuel dock, shut off the engine, turn off all electronic equipment and heat sources, and send all other passengers ashore.

Make sure your fire extinguisher is within reach.

Make sure the fuel nozzle is in contact with the metallic fuel tube or pipe to prevent static sparks. Attend the fuel nozzle at all times.

Don't top off your fuel tank (fill it to about 90%) leave room for the fuel to expand as it warms. 

Always use an oil absorbent, fuel donut or fuel bib around the deck filler (available at some marinas and marine supply stores) to catch spills and overflow. Be sure to properly dispose of fuel-soaked absorbents as hazardous waste.

Learn more about clean fueling practices 
Cal Fish and Wildlife

California is a great place to fish!

To help you plan your fishing day, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has developed the Fishing Guide.

It allows you to see many of California's excellent fishing spots and learn about various fishing-related activities and information.

The Fishing Guide contains fish planting locations that Fish and Wildlife has recently planted or plans to plant in the coming weeks.

The Fishing Guide also contains historical fishing locations that at one time provided excellent fishing opportunities.

We plan to add additional information over time, such as Fishing Regulations, License Sales locations, and more.


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