Congratulations to all of our area graduates! Whether you or someone you know finished your classes at MPUSD, charter schools, MPC, technical school, online school, CSUMB, DLI, NPS...kudos to you for your achievement and growth!

Remember to remove the word "just" from your vocabulary when talking about celebrating graduates. As in "it's just community college" or "just a diploma" the message is "congratulations graduate!!!" Celebrate learning, the personal achievements, and the people that support our learners through their journey. You may never know why someone attends a certain school, or the barriers that they've overcome to reach that achievement.

As someone who attended Community College as part of my path of continuous learning - I still reflect back on the teachers and moments that led me here today. So please, please celebrate everyone who succeeds in the community! Cheers to a summer filled with growth and continued learning. Thank you to our teachers, educators, and mentors that continue to build a stronger community.

Reminder: today is the last Summer Reading Volunteer Orientation
Stop by MPL’s Learning Lab for more information! 

5:00 PM
MPL's Learning Lab
We must admit, librarians sometimes get some very “interesting” questions. While access to the internet has lessened the number of such inquiries, here are a few of the fun ones we thought you might enjoy:

EMERGENCY: Do you know a recipe for chicken parmesan?

Can you buy kittens at the library?

What’s the weather going to be like in London five months from today? 

All joking aside, MPL’s “Ask a Librarian” is both an easy and fast way to get all of your “library 101” questions answered. 

Simply fill out the “Ask a Librarian” form with your name, email address and specifics on your interested topic. The Librarian will provide brief answers, additional research assistance, web sources, and support for library collections. You will receive an answer or status report within 24 hours, during

To search the catalog, renew materials, or place a hold, click on

Spoiler alert: You CANNOT buy kittens at the library, but there are many wonderful animal rescue providers in our area looking to adopt out feline friends.  
TWEENS ONLY - It’s the Crewmates versus the Imposters! Blast off and sew your own famous armless animated astronaut from the online game Among Us.
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM 
MPL Community Room

Hokus Pokus! MPL's 2023 Summer Reading Program is here and we just can't wait to see GERMAR THE MAGICIAN (aka Gerardo Martinez) perform his award winning, family friendly magic show at the SRP Sign Up Event. Reading logs for all ages will “magically’ appear and be available for pickup. 

2:00 PM 
Colton Hall Lawn, Monterey 

If you can’t make this captivating show, stop by the library during regular business hours to pick up your log before they "vanish into thin air." All participants can earn a free book and be entered into a raffle price drawing.

MPL's Summer Reading Program, themed Find Your Voice, is scheduled to run from June 1st - July 29th and will include exciting performers, events and prizes. Stay tuned for additional information!
Looking for a new gig? Just want to learn a new skill? Check out
MPL’s Library Services Page for information on several free online information sites to assist in finding new career opportunities. 

Coursera is the global online learning platform that offers anyone, anywhere access to online courses and degrees from world-class universities and companies. Through our partnership, you will be able to provide access to job-relevant content and credentials from 200+ business, government, and university partners, including Yale, Johns Hopkins and Google. For more information, register online with Coursera.

GetSetUp is a social learning platform for individuals 50+, taught by peers. The classes are live and consist of digital learning, physical health, mental health, social health, and vocational health.

LearningExpress Library Complete includes academic skill-building, test prep and career-related resources — all in one easy-to-use online platform.

Linkedin Learning focuses on the skills needed to land jobs that are currently in-demand (based on workforce and labor market data, the future of work predictions, and current trends) and provides professional certificates that can be added to a LinkedIn profile. Courses are available in English, Spanish, Mandarin, among several others.

Northstar Digital Literacy defines the basic skills needed to use a computer and the internet in daily life, employment, and higher education.

Skillshare is an online learning community where millions come together to take the next step in their personal and professional journeys. Skillshare offers courses on topics such as freelancing, entrepreneurship, graphic design, productivity, marketing, and more to engage and empower learners.

Need help finding the VA benefits you are eligible for? Not sure who to contact? Get personalized assistance from a VA navigator to learn more about your eligibility for VA benefits. Send a question about benefits 24/7. Access Veteran Resources to discover local and nationwide resources in education, employment, housing, and healthcare.

These resources are supported in whole or in part by funding provided by the State of California, administered by the California State Library.
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