December 2, 2016

Dec. 5
Early Dismissal 11:30 for all grade levels
Dismissal Schedule for Monday:

Primary will dismiss from MSA at 11:30 

LE - HS will dismiss from Boulevard
Baptist Church

LE & UEL at
HS at 12:00 
MS at 12:30

Dec. 5
Holiday Program at Boulevard Baptist Church
at 6:30 PM  

Dec. 16
Early Dismissal 10:00

Dec. 19-23
Holiday Break
Extended Day available

Dec. 26-Jan 3
Holiday Break
All programs Closed
Holiday Program 
  We are doing things a little differently this year for the Holiday Program. Not only is it 2 weeks early, but we are going to continue our 'story telling' theme and by weaving the music through the telling of Walt Whitman's poem,  A Child Went Forth.  Please be sure to join us for this wonderful celebration of the child, family and community.

Students, Lower Elementary-High School, should wear red and/or white tops and khaki pants or skirts. Ladies may wear a red and/or white dress, you may.

Athletic News
Ten Thousand Villages presents  
The  Little Village at MSA 
Tuesday, December 6th &  Wednesday, December 7th
   Children can do their holiday shopping and support other children around the world by shopping at the Little Village at MSA on Dec. 6-7.  
The Little Village is a part of Ten Thousand Villages, a non-profit store that sells products made by artisans in developing countries all over the world.  Your children will learn that gifts from the Little Village are gifts that give twice.  
In addition, a percentage of sales will be given back to our school.
Envelopes and information are being sent home today.  Each class has a specific time to shop.  All gifts in the Little Village are $12 and under and handmade by artisans all over the world.  There are no sales tax on the products.  We suggest you make a list of the people your child is purchasing gifts for on the envelope and enclose $12 per gift.  We will place your change back in the envelope and send it home.  There will be Ten Thousand Villages staff and Montessori staff available to help your child with their selections.  Each gift will be wrapped or bagged so they can go directly under the Christmas tree.  
Parents are encouraged to stop by and shop anytime 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM each day.  
They will be accepting cash, checks (made payable to Ten Thousand Villages), Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
"Primary students diligently at work in their beautiful
Montessori prepared
Nurse's Notes

Share the Warmth Tree

As the holiday season approaches, we look to the spirit of giving and service to others. Once again this year, MSA will be sponsoring the “Operation: Share the Warmth” Tree.

Here’s how the service project works. I will be placing a Christmas tree in the front office of the Montessori Administrative building during the Thanksgiving break.

The Christmas tree will only have a ribbon on the top of the tree along with lights. 

Our students, families, MSA classrooms and clubs are asked to provide the decorations.

The decorations should consist of new mittens, gloves, socks and scarves. If you have gently used jackets, coats and shoes they will gladly be accepted. Some of you may remember how beautiful the tree looked last year, all decked out in warm clothing finery!!!

The tree will remain on campus until the December 15th when the school closes for the Winter Holiday. The items will then be donated a local charity organization, Anderson Interfaith Ministries. This project allows our Montessori students and families to provide the basic need of warmth to those who may not have the ability to stay warm during the cold winter months.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!!!  

Seasonal Illnesses

With the change of seasons, inevitably the number of illnesses tends to rise on school campuses.  Just a reminder about MSA policy on illnesses and return to school:

MSA students are prohibited from attending classes while ill.  MSA is proactive in monitoring all illnesses and makes every effort to prevent illnesses from spreading.  All students must be excluded from school until they are fever, vomiting and diarrhea free for 24 hours (without the aid of medications).  

 Our Montessori teachers will work with your student to make-up any work missed during illness.  It is recommended that an extra day of rest and recuperation not only allows the student to return to school and be engaged in the classroom but also, prevents the spread of illness.  If your child is absent due to illness, please notify the school office and your teacher.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Nurse Merriman

Summer Camp
Summer will be here before we know it and we want to offer our students a great summer camp this year!  I have been working on our camp and am excited about how the planning is coming along.  With that said, I am still looking for people interested in helping or sharing a talent with us.  If you have any ideas to share with me or if you are willing to share some time this summer, I would love to hear from you!

Leigh Watson