Volume 14 | April 30, 2022
Primary Pinning Ceremony
Under a bright sunny sky in the amphitheater, 36 third- and fourth-year Primary students received the traditional ruby red Primary pin while their proud parents, grandparents, teachers, and classmates watched. These students were recognized for their leadership in the classroom as they move to first grade this fall.

The students shared their favorite work, were pinned by Head of School Michelle Edwards, and sang a song.

Thank you to the Friends of WHMS for providing a bag of refreshments that correlated with a poem Kristi and Lauren wrote for the occasion. Thank you, also, to Shayna Vecchione for creating a personalized bookmark for each kindergartner in the WHMS makerspace.
WHMS Happenings
In observance of Passover, Sandy and Jodi's class rolled out the timeline to see how long ago the Jewish people fled Egypt as Sandy told the story of why the bread didn’t have time to rise. She then showed the children how to make matzoh and invited them to practice their handwriting by writing the recipe in their notebooks.
Kindergartners from Jennifer and Ashley’s Primary class brought their class bunnies around to each class. Julie and Laura's Lower El class enjoyed observing the animals and learning from the kindergartners.  
Nicole and Callie's Primary class has enjoyed the variety of painting projects, map making works and sensorial opportunities available over the past couple of weeks. Nicole says that even though their color mixing and gradation lessons concluded some time ago, there continues to be a wondering about colors, so she and Callie have followed the lead and returned to works to support this interest.
One of Jessa and Jeanne's Primary students is focused on washing a doll, a practical life work, which helps students develop concentration, coordination and independence.
Student-Led Anti-Racism Workgroup Book Recommendation
The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi

Unhei has just moved to the USA from Korea. It’s hard enough being the new kid in school, but what about when nobody can pronounce your name? Unhei goes on a quest to find a new name, but in the process she realizes how special and important it is to stay true to who she truly is in this wonderful tale of self-love and acceptance.
Ghost by Jason Reynolds

Ghost wants to be the fastest sprinter on his elite middle school track team, but his past is slowing him down, because Ghost has been running for the wrong reasons. He has a lot to lose and also has a lot to prove, but one thing's for sure: it’s time for him to start running from his past.
News from the Art Room and Makerspace
8th grade MS students use the laser cutter to cut pieces for their design-your-own board game project.
MS art students used the graphic design program Canva to create posters raising awareness for Earth Day.
UE art classes toured the WHMS faculty and staff show in the FLOCKart gallery.
MS art students made fun faces with egg cartons and markers.
Primary art classes have been celebrating the coming of spring by painting rainbow caterpillars.
LE art classes have been using a variety of recycled materials to sculpt paper mache monsters.
LE Makerspace students learned how to use plastic screws and screwdrivers to build cardboard snakes.
LE Makerspace students had fun building Legos cars powered by balloons and testing them on our racetrack floor.
UE art classes used oil pastels to draw birds borrowed from the collection of the NYS Museum.
8th grade Makerspace students take turns with the floor loom to create a wall hanging from recycled materials.
UE Makerspace students learned all about letterpress printing with parent Shayna Vecchione. Each student had the opportunity to pull their own print on the vintage letterpress machine!
7th grade Makerspace students are learning to use the sewing machine to stitch up their own aprons.
The WHMS Fund is focused on our exploration and commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

To date, we have raised almost $41,000 toward our $65,000 goal. We thank all of those families who have donated or pledged to date. Your support demonstrates your belief and commitment to a better, more sustainable world.