Here are pictures of some of the Montessori Activities that are included in the Winter Holiday Kit

.  Recipe Cards  .  Pine Cone & Acorn Sensory Sort,
.  Christmas Zip the Zipper Sort . Holiday Sparkling Gem Sort
. Christmas Keychain Sort . Raton Sensory Balls
Tactile activities make easy for residents to connect to real life items . Visual cues help keep residents engaged in the activity.
.  Winter Word to Picture Association
This activity can be used by one person or in a group of 4 to 6 people. The word card and picture cards act as visual cues for successful matching. The beautiful picture cards can be used in group discussions or a resident can simply enjoy holding and looking at the pictures. There is no wrong way to use this activity.

Try introducing this activity to your visiting families for longer, more
meaningful visits.

.  Winter Glove Match
This activity is cognitive, practical life and sensory!

.  Christmas Jingle Bell Sort
Get into the holiday spirit with the cultural, sensory & cognitive activity!
.  4 Mini Christmas Tree Decoration Activity
Residents will have a spiritual & Cultural experience while they decorate mini Christmas trees. Visual cue cards help with the execution. Consider the spatial management of your residents by engaging them in smaller tactile activities that can be done on a tabletop.
.  7 Montessori Picture Sorts
Residents will have a cognitive experience sorting beautiful pictures. Each sort comes with a template tray and a stack of 40 cards for longer resident engagement. When they finish one you can give them another.
.  5 packs of 4 Montessori Readers. That's 20 Readers! All in colour with vibrant pictures.
Montessori Readers can be read on their own or in reading groups. It's a great way to introduce a social activity. You can keep 20 residents busy by looking at real life pictures and reading in this specially designed fail proof way.
.  Winter Holiday Art the Montessori Way
10 Winter Holiday related pictures with Visual Cues for instant connection
(10 copies of each to get you started, coloured pencils, water colours and paint brushes are included)
.  10 Holiday Song Books
It's no secret that music captures almost all residents in any nursing home. Songbooks written in Montessori fashion allows a resident to actively participate by reading along the lyrics and turning the pages by cue. Your sing-a-longs will have a new energy all together. Even when a resident isn't able to sing, by giving them a songbook to hold allows them to feel that they are part of the singing event.
.  Holiday Bingo
Continue your Christmas theme with this fresh take on Bingo that comes with 10 extra large playing cards, picture calling cards and easy to grip tactile bingo markers.
Keeping Residents With Dementia Engaged in Real Life!

Don't miss out on this beautiful Montessori Winter Holiday Kit PACKED with Real Life Adult activities that are cognitive, practical life, social, cultural and sensory.