June 2019
Each month, Wellspring's wealth strategist and advisors will share news and articles to shed light on the current economy, financial markets, and common tasks for maintaining a well-rounded and resilient personal financial plan.

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Economic Outlook

Investors are likely fatigued from all the U.S. and China trade talks (or lack thereof) that garnered much of the public's attention throughout the month of May. In this piece by Lord Abbett, Tariffs, Tweets, Trade and Trump: An Update (Herzog, 2019) , the author highlighted the ongoing concerns, providing a more modest outlook while being mindful of the potential costs if tensions escalate.

Financial Markets

Vanguard issued its 10-year forecast for stock, bond market returns in May, summarized by The Inquirer daily news in Philly (Arvedlund, 2019). One take away from here is that as the U.S. market's pace of growth slows, investors should consider how their portfolio is positioned with consideration to a global allocation. This piggybacks on another article shared in April's monthly newsletter about where potential returns may lie in the next 20 years and managing growth expectations (Decambre, 2019).

Personal Financial Planning

Continuing with the tax planning series started last month, first, a reminder to individuals that are paying quarterly estimated taxes that the upcoming deadline is June 17 .

Unsure whether quarterly estimated taxes need to be paid? Take a few minutes to review this MarketWatch article, "You May Need to Pay Your Taxes Quarterly If..." (Bischoff, 2019) . And if working with a tax advisor, she may already have the answer.

Next , a tax-advantaged solution for special needs beneficiaries. This short article from Lord Abbett highlighted requirements for beneficiaries to qualify for tax free savings, "529 ABLE Accounts: How to Save for a Special Needs Beneficiary" (Dobbis, 2019) .

Lastly , midway through the year, now is an opportune time to review the investment policy statement (IPS). As the article from The Balance briefly summarized, "How to Write an Investment Policy Statement" (Kennon, 2019) , an IPS is vital to setting investment goals, allocation limits, and ground rules for managing the portfolio. A CFP can help articulate concise statements and rid the policy of ambiguity that would be the difference between a good and bad IPS.

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M International Advisors Conference
During the three day conference, Reuben shared with peers the ongoing relationships in the international market, some of the challenges, as well as successes thus far.

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