July 2020
Each month, Wellspring's wealth strategist and advisors will share news and articles to shed light on the current economy, financial markets, and common tasks for maintaining a well-rounded and resilient personal financial plan.

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Economic Data

July 1 - Manufacturing output (ISM PMI) report
July 2 - Employment and unemployment figures
July 3 - Independence Day (U.S. markets closed)
July 6 - Service output (ISM non-PMI) report
July 16 - Retail sales report
July 16 - NAHB Index (housing market index) report
July 28 - Consumer confidence report

What we're looking at:
Financial Markets

What we're listening to:
Jeremy Grantham – An Uncertain Crisis (Investorfieldguide.com)

What we're looking at:

Personal Financial Planning

11 business days remain to file your tax return for 2019, extended to July 15, 2020. For last minute IRA contributions, please consider processing times including delivery and receipt of funds for timely deposit into your individual retirement account.

2019 IRA limit is $6,000. If age 50 or older, an additional $1,000.

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We continue to monitor the changing landscape and response by the public and government in dealing with COVID-19, taking every precaution to keep our team and you safe as we determine the most appropriate time to reopen our office. Reopening is tentatively scheduled for this month but as California and rest of the U.S. saw significant increases in cases last month with no signs of abating, our timeline can change. A large part of our team is still working remotely and available to you by phone, email, and Zoom . Also, using DocuSign to facilitate timely documentation.

As we adapt more technology into our personal and professional lives, our team understands the value a face-to-face meeting brings to the table too. Technology cannot replace that experience. Nevertheless, given the unusual time we find ourselves in currently we encourage you to explore one of the three aforementioned communication channels in order to avoid any delay if there is opportunity for productive work to be done in regards to your personal finances. And it starts with having a conversation that can be accomplished with a call.

Continue to stay healthy, practice social distancing, wash your hands often, and wear a mask when in public settings.
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