Monthly Allure Letter: May 2021
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How can having a partner enrich your life? Many single moms say support with or a male example for her children are ways he can enrich her life. It's an honorable desire. It's achievable but doesn't happen by change. Ruth didn't wait for Boaz. She took action by preparing and positioning herself to be pursued.

The journey doesn't have to be hard, overwhelming, risky, devastating, embarrassing, conflicting, and confusing.

The journey can be peaceful, exciting and full of joy. The man doesn't determine this result. YOU DO! You can actually take control of your path if you're ready to be brave and make it happen.

Time is waiting for no one... while some are struggling, others are thriving!

Which is your reality?

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Meet Cecilia McIlwain Lacy
From 8 Years of No Dates to Exciting Dating Experiences in Just 2 Months

Before the Boaz challenge that brought her into the Rediscover Your Allure 8-Week Program, Cecilia had not dated in more than eight years.

Cecilia is a traveling nurse. 

“I travel a lot, so I am alone quite a bit,” she said. 

When the Boaz challenge came across her newsfeed and she chose to participate, it was the ability to self-pace and the connection to other women that most appealed to her.

“I really appreciated the fact that it was interactive,” she said. 

She would watch the challenge video featured for the day and set aside time to watch other people’s responses. Although she did not post live videos, she kept track and completed the work for herself. When the five day challenge was over, she signed up for the Rediscover Your Allure 8-Week Program.

Cecilia’s experience in online dating began with about 70 connections she sifted through and while the first connection did not pan out, the second one, with a man she actually knew in high school, resulted in a lovely date.
“He was actually really nice, he drove from Raleigh to Winston-Salem,” she said. “He actually arranged everything and showed up for the first date with flowers and gifts.”

Prior to the program, Cecilia was turned off to the whole dating process due to previous terrible experiences through her own attempts years ago.

She joined the program in March 2021. It’s only been two months. Two months that Cecilia McIlwain Lacy has been in the Rediscover Your Allure program. In that time, she has found the dating experience to be something she did not expect - fun.

Opening up to the possibility of online dating happened during a Prepare to be Pursued virtual weekend retreat (quarterly client only event).

“I would say a big shift happened when we did a weekend retreat,” she said. “One of the things that Nikki talked about before I even got into the program was online dating.” Prior to that event, she wasn't yet comfortable with the idea of dating.

“There was a young lady who told her story,” she said. “I listened to her story and it really resonated because she said, ‘I was a single mom with two kids at home.’” All these things she was saying were all the things I was.” 

Cecilia said learning about herself through the Rediscover Your Allure program has been life-changing but has been made even better through her connections with the other women in the program. 

“I’m really, really enjoying connecting to other women and I really commend Nikki for following her true calling,” she said. “She deals with a lot of different women, a lot of personalities and a lot of different backgrounds too.
She makes it seem really easy to do what she does."

Cecilia is continuing her self-exploration journey through the Allure Academy 6-Month program and we're excited to see even more incredible results!

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Honoring Mothers
Although the process of becoming a mother never changes, how we see parenting and what we value most shifts over generations
If you're a mom, you have no doubt uttered the phrase, "if only there were a rule book for this." Motherhood is often being overcome with love for this small being while simultaneously not having any idea if the choices you are making are the right ones.

It's 2021. And while being a mom is still filled with the same feelings it always has been, how we parent has changed.

According to, there are five ways that we have seen motherhood change over the years.

  1. More women work outside the home
  2. Despite this, they also spend more time with their kids
  3. Where we seek out advice has shifted
  4. Motherhood might be more respected that it was historically and
  5. Moms try to support other moms

While each of these points may vary in believability, it was interesting to learn that in 1912, the year The U.S. Children's Bureau was established, the organization got 125,000 letters from mothers seeking advice. The Children's Bureau still exists, but has shifted more into a research and resource organization, with pages of information available on topics from adoption to grants to substance abuse.

And while how we find good advice has changed and what we consider good advice may have shifted, motherhood and Mother's Day has stayed fairly consistent. In1905, Anna Jarvis proposed an official holiday honoring mothers and in 1908, she held a public memorial for her late mother in Grafton, West Virginia. In the United States, it became a national holiday in 1914, celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Jarvis would later denounce the holiday as she watched the focus become commercialization instead of celebration. There were, of course, earlier dedicated days focused on celebrating divine feminine, which included motherhood or the celebration of Mother's Peace Day in the 1800s.

Today, we celebrate Mother's Day by taking mom to brunch or maybe simply giving her time to herself. We are collectively more aware of the struggles of single moms and more sensitive to those who have lost their mothers.

Want to know more about Mother's Day as we know it today? has a great, two minute video on the history of the day.

For those of you that are mothers, Prepare to be Pursued would like to wish you get whatever you want this year, whether that be a day of quiet, the dishes done or a visit from your grown children.
If your mom is no longer with us, we pray that you are comforted and surrounded by love during this time.
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