Bintelli Monthly Dealer Newsletter
Price Gouging Is An Issue

Over the last few months, we have noticed a significant number of dealerships price gouging our products, most notably our golf cart line up. While we are humbled that you believe our vehicles are worth $1,500 - $4,000 above MSRP, it's in your dealerships best interest to keep your prices closer to our MSRP. We have had an increasing amount of retail customers call us directly to alert us of the pricing issues, with some dealership quoting as much as $2,000-$4,000 over MSRP. In every case, these customers all chose to go to a different dealership in their city and purchase from the competition who choose to properly price their vehicles. Not only are you losing the sale entirely, you're also pushing customers to your competition and allowing them to profit.

Massive amounts of time are spent researching the industry and competition prior to setting MSRPs and the dealers that are selling within $500 of the golf cart MSRPs (plus destination charges) are the dealers selling the most golf carts. We as a manufacturer spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year advertising our websites so we can provide free leads to our dealer network. Unfortunately, we've seen many of those leads go wasted as educated customers choose to spend their money with dealerships who have properly priced their products.  No matter what products you sell, please refrain from price gouging as it is losing your dealership business. 

We recommend staying within $500 of the MSRP on EVs and within $50 of the MSRP on Scooters, E-Bikes, Karts, and ATVs. Additionally, listing your prices on your website will provide your customers with the transparent pricing that they desire from their powersports provider.
Complimentary Website Assessments  

As a follow up to Coffee Talk #14, please contact us if you would like a FREE assessment of your website. Our team would be happy to provide you with a detailed report of which areas of your website should be improved to increase your sales and profitability. 

Additionally, we would be happy to provide you with a FREE new website ($5,000+ value) to assist your dealership in maximizing your earning potential. Please contact us for more information!
Bintelli Fun Facts

We currently have 196 of the top 200 requested parts in stock for Bintelli Scooters! Parts can be found at

We're in the last month of the year. End your year strong! Many of the top dealer prizes are still up for grabs... we have a very tight race in both the North and South regions! We're here to help make your holiday sales as strong as possible, please ask for assistance if you need any!
Holiday Advertisement Templates

Lindsay just finished making three advertising pictures that you can use on social media. To download them, click here. If you'd like any edits or customized advertisements, please contact her and she'd be happy to assist! 
citEcar Electric Vehicles News

Over the last few months, many of you have noticed that we've started re-branding our electric vehicle marketing materials as Bintelli instead of citEcar. With as strong of a name as Bintelli has become in the powersport industry, we are bringing the electric vehicles into the Bintelli family as well! We will be completing our transition over the next few weeks which will include a new website being released with a dealer locator! The vehicles themselves will remain unchanged except for the decals being changed to Bintelli. Be on the lookout for new materials and resources!


Remember you can always view our current in stock inventory on (let us know if you need your login information).

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