Bintelli Monthly Dealer Newsletter
Electric Bicycle Sales Strategy

Over the last two months, we've had several requests from dealers for us to put together a sales strategy on how to effectively sell Bintelli Electric Bicycles. We spent the majority of 2017 researching what is (and isn't) working within the dealer family and have put together a comprehensive sales strategy for your dealership to refer to.

The information and practices outlined within this sales strategy have been proven through our dealer family to be effective in increasing their electric bicycle sales. We welcome you to save and download the document below, and refer to it throughout the year within your dealership. Electric bicycles continue to grow in popularity and by following this sales strategy, you will ensure that you are profiting from this amazing new product line.

Bintelli Sales and Discounts

Over the last few months we've had some questions about products we put on sale from time to time and if we can offer the discounted price for orders already completed and paid for. Unfortunately, we are unable to do that, as discounting all previously ordered units would force our company into an unprofitable stance. We understand it may be frustrating to just miss out on a sale, but there are always going to be more in the future to take advantage of. Thank you for your support in this matter!
Complimentary Website Assessments  

As a follow up to Coffee Talk #14, please contact us if you would like a FREE assessment of your website. Our team would be happy to provide you with a detailed report of which areas of your website should be improved to increase your sales and profitability. 

Additionally, we would be happy to provide you with a FREE new website ($5,000+ value) to assist your dealership in maximizing your earning potential. Please contact us for more information!
Bintelli News

As a new addition for 2018, please be on the lookout for these thank you cards that should be included with all of your orders this year. Please be sure to pass these cards on to your customers for us!

2018 Price and Policy Changes

Each year, we review the our prices and policies and make a few minor changes based on feedback from you, our dealer family. This year we are excited to announce that we are able to keep the majority of our 2017 pricing for 2018 as well, which is great! For the few units that had a slight increase, no unit had a price increased by more than $5. Please keep in mind any price increases are used to improve the product line through component upgrades and improvements, resulting in a better product for you to offer.

In addition, we have the following changes and announcements to note for the 2018 model year:

- We are continuing the "Buy 10, get 1" special on e-bikes for 2018. As announced last year, all dealership tallies start at 0 on January 1st. Every 10 electric bicycles purchased throughout the year, will yield you one FREE Bintelli E1 E-Bike as a thank you from us!

- After evaluating the E-Bike industry for a year and listening to dealer feedback, we are slightly altering the warranty included with all Bintelli E-Bikes registered after 1/1/18. Our electric bicycles will still include a two year limited warranty. The change being made has the first year being bumper to bumper, while the second year covers the frame. Please be sure to include the new warranty terms ( click here for a copy) with all purchases.

- We have eliminated the 3 tier system for the Adly Scooters to make ordering easier and less confusing. As the majority of our dealers were on the highest price Tier, many dealers will now enjoy year round lower pricing!

Bintelli Electric Vehicles News

Over the last few months, many of you have noticed that we've started re-branding our electric vehicle marketing materials as Bintelli instead of citEcar. With as strong of a name as Bintelli has become in the powersport industry, we are bringing the electric vehicles into the Bintelli family as well! We have completed the transition and you can view our new website by clicking Let us know what you think!

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