Bintelli Monthly Dealer Newsletter
New Branding

After six years we felt it was time to give our logo and update and boy are we pleased with the results! We will be slowly phasing this new logo in throughout the rest of 2018 on all products, swag, and printed material. Head over to the Slack channel and let us know what you think!

Parts Packing Slips

While visiting a Bintelli dealer last week, we realized that not every dealership knew that packing lists for part shipments are included on the bottom half of the shipping label. Please make sure your staff knows to remove the shipping label from the box so they have records of what was shipped - thanks!


Top dealers each year will be calculated by the Bintelli Quality Index (BQI).  Click here for division mapHere's the current top 5 for each division. Please note that Bintelli and Adly Scooters, Bintelli Bicycles, and Bintelli Off-road products will be grouped together for the BQI. Dealers who carry more of our product lines increase your chance of winning top dealer awards. Good luck to everyone and keep up the great work!

Northern Region
Southern Region
1st - Kelly's Auto Center

1st - Sarasota Mopeds
2nd - Ecofun
2nd - Hawg Scooters (GA)
3rd - Connecticut Scooter Pros

3rd - Fusion Cycles
4th - Lakeside Auto
4th - New Scooters 4 Less
5th - Rock Road Scooter Co.
5th - Tire Max

2018 Bintelli Dealer Retreat & AIMExpo

Invitations have been mailed to all dealerships for the 2018 Dealer Retreat! If you can, please RSVP this week as time is running out!

If you did not receive your invitation, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find the details here
Bintelli Slack Channel

There has been some great information shared lately on the Bintelli Slack channel. We love seeing dealers helping dealers! Over the last month though, it has only been averaging 12 weekly active users out of 150+ dealers and those active users include Bintelli employees. If you would like us to invite other employees of your dealership to ensure you are able to reap the befits, please let us know!
Electric Vehicle Upgrade

Many have you have already seen our most recent upgrade, but for those that have not, take a look at our new and improved rear view mirror. This new mirror is larger and provides greater visibility, and also is bolted to the frame, thus avoiding a common issue of the mirror falling off the windshield! This improvement was implemented with no additional increase in prices to our dealer family. Thank you all who provided feedback that led to this improvement!

I've Bintelli'n Ya

For anyone keeping an eye on China you've probably noticed over the last five months the US to China exchange rate has taken a dive, which has caused factories to begin to increase their prices until the exchange rate recovers. Thus far, we have seen our scooter and e-bike prices increased by $30/unit over the last 3 months. We have been resisting increasing prices but if the exchange rate does not improve soon, anyone bringing in products from China (including us) will begin raising their wholesale prices. This is an important thing as business owners to keep an eye on. By keeping you informed you can start stocking up on all product lines prior to prices going up in the next month or two. If we are forced to raise prices at any point this year, we would do so only until the factories are able to once again offer our standard pricing. Raising rates is never something we want to do as we know how price sensitive the market is, but with as small as our margins are, eating the $30/unit is not something we can continue to do if you guys want us to be around for the long haul. The chart below shows the exchange rate for the last year:

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