Bintelli Monthly Dealer Newsletter
Black Friday Is Approaching

The nation's largest day of retail sales is only a few short weeks away. Have you spent the necessary time and resources to make sure you've positioned your dealership and staff to take advantage of this HUGE sales opportunity? If not, don't delay! GET EXCITED! Spend this week ensuring that you are prepared to take advantage of the money being spent in your local market. In seven short weeks the holiday season will be over - be sure to capture the profits you and your staff deserve! Now is a great time to focus on:
  • Layaway Program - Create a simple layaway program that is advertised both in your online ads and in store. Make it clearly known that you allow customers to make weekly payments and pick up their product right before the holidays. Have a plan in place now! 
  • Inventory - Ensure that you have the inventory you need in stock or heading your way in time to put it in front of your customers. It's much easier to sell product that you have in stock to the holiday shoppers, don't assume they will just buy out of a catalog! Be sure you've ordered from your suppliers ahead of time to ensure you have plenty of time for it to arrive, be prepped, and advertised with time to spare! 
  • Advertising - Many customers have already started their shopping and throughout this month will figure out what big ticket items they will be purchasing on Black Friday or before the holidays. Start your increased advertising campaigns now so you're capturing the shoppers that are already out there. Don't assume people know you are "the guy" in town. Promote, advertise, and separate yourself from the competition.
Many of you have started early as we have noticed a major spike in sales in e-bikes and e-atvs over the last few weeks which is great to see - nice work! We brought these two products in because our dealer family was requesting items that sell well during the holiday season. There is still time to order and get product into your store ahead of the holiday and we currently have all model colors in stock. A few colors are running low, so don't delay. Give us a call or email today to make sure you have what you need to crush this Holiday Season!  


Prizes year will be calculated by the Bintelli Quality Index (BQI).  Click here for division mapHere's the current top 5 for each division. Please note that Bintelli and Adly Scooters, Bintelli Bicycles, and Bintelli ATVs will be grouped together for the BQI. Dealers who carry more of our product lines increase your chance of winning our top prizes. Good luck to everyone and keep up the great work!

Northern Region
Southern Region
1st - Kelly's Auto Center

1st - ScootTribe
2nd - Connecticut Scooter Pros
2nd - New Scooters 4 Less 
3rd - Ecofun

3rd - Scooter Stop
4th - Street Legal
4th - Hawg Scooters (GA)
5th - Southside Bike Shop
5th - Sarasota Mopeds

At the 2018 Dealer Summit, the top 3 in each region will win the prizes along with prizes for the most improved, rookie of the year, and a few others! This will be the last time this year that we post the standings. Everyone keep up the great work through the holiday season - we have some close races on both the North and South sides!
Holiday Advertisement Templates

Lindsay just finished making three advertising pictures that you can use on social media. To download them, click here. If you'd like any edits or customized advertisements, please contact her and she'd be happy to assist! Here's a sample of one of the pictures you can use:

Electric Bicycle Pro-Tips

Many dealers have asked for some tips and tricks into ramping up their E-Bike sales as they have seen how much success others have had. For many of the newest members in our dealer family E-Bikes are still a relatively new product and we want to help put everyone in a position to succeed. 

We have studied and reviewed the dealers who are doing extremely well with selling e-bikes this year and wanted to share some things all the successful dealers have in common. Doing the things below will help you focus this holiday season to boost your sales and profits while growing your e-bike market. 
  • Put e-bikes out by the road AND make sure passers by know they are electric bicycles and not just bicycles. Put out a small sign that says "ELECTRIC Bikes For Sale" or something similar. Draw attention to the fact they are electric! Do the same for your showroom, ensure you have signage to make it clear that your bikes are electric powered. We also have freestanding vertical banners available for your showroom, contact your rep to get one headed your way.

  • Post regularly on Craigslist, Letgo, and Facebook Marketplace. If you don't know how to use those services, now is the time to learn! Be sure to post several times each week. Keep the posts different and fresh while featuring all of your different models and price ranges. Throw a large net. Do not fall into the habit of simply "bumping" old posts. Your customers want new fresh content, make sure you're giving it to them. We are happy to assist with postings if you need!
  • Advertise to the 45-75 year old crowd. This is the big one! We are seeing a lot of sales to this age range. Be sure you're marketing to the retired and high income neighborhoods in your area! This may be a totally new demographic you have never marketed towards, but one with the biggest growth potential in your business.
citEcar Electric Vehicles - Features, News, & Highlights

Here is our current list of "Hot Shot" vehicles. These electric vehicles can all be ready for shipment within 1 week - allowing you to add inventory to your showroom faster than ever! Let us know if you would like to get any of these vehicles headed your way:

Standard Golf Carts

2pf 36v - Navy (long roof)

2pf 48v - Red (long roof), Black, (long roof)

4pf 48v - White

6pr 48v - Black


Premium Street Legal Carts

4pr - Silver, Burgundy

4pf - Royal, Navy

6pr - White, Black, Black

6pf - Red

4pr Sport - Orange, Red, White, Mint


You can always view inventory on (let us know if you need your login information).

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