Bintelli Monthly Dealer Newsletter
Inventory Stocking

As Spring is now here, dealerships across the country are seeing an increase in store traffic, which is great! Unfortunately for many retail customers, their local dealerships were caught short on inventory to allow for a quick purchase to take advantage of easy sales! Keep in mind that many of the products you offer are impulse buys, so it's crucial that your customer can leave with the product shortly after purchasing. Don't let your customers down, keep your dealership stocked so they can get riding today.
With that said, there has been a noticeable uptick in dealerships only "special ordering" vehicles to start the season. What we mean by that, is dealers are not stocking the level of inventory they need to keep pace with customer demand. Not only does it worsen the customer experience, it hurts your pocket book. Keep in mind this is the busy season for our production team as well, with lead times on special order units currently averaging 2-4 weeks. By having more vehicles on hand you will not only be able to maximize your profits by not losing sales (and trust us, you are losing sales), you'll improve your customer experience. Start the purchase on the right foot by having the inventory you need to deliver the products your customers want so you can make more money this year.
We hate to see our dealers lose sales to local competition due to a lack of inventory available for sale. If funds are an issue, please reach out to us to look into inventory floor-planning through one of our vendors. There is a direct correlation with the dealers selling the most vehicles are also stocking the most units. We have months of warm weather ahead of us, so do what needs to be done and stock those showrooms and start maximizing your profit (while minimizing stress as well). If you need any assistance in determining how many units you should be stocking, current lead times, or help forecasting your sales based on our data from last year, please reach out!


Top dealers each year will be calculated by the Bintelli Quality Index (BQI).  Click here for division mapHere's the current top 5 for each division. Please note that Bintelli and Adly Scooters, Bintelli Bicycles, and Bintelli Off-road products will be grouped together for the BQI. Dealers who carry more of our product lines increase your chance of winning top dealer awards. Good luck to everyone and keep up the great work!

Northern Region
Southern Region
1st - Kelly's Auto Center

1st - New Scooters 4 Less
2nd - Ecofun
2nd - Fusion Cycles
3rd - Connecticut Scooter Pros

3rd - Hawg Scooters (GA)
4th - Redskin Auto Sales
4th - Scooter Station
5th - Four Acres
5th - Tire Max

2018 Bintelli Dealer Retreat & AIMExpo

Invitations have been mailed to all dealerships for the 2018 Dealer Retreat! If you can, please RSVP prior to May 31st. 

If you do not receive your invitation within the next week, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find the details here
Special Edition Electric Bikes

We have a handful of Glitter Gold and Hot Pink B1 E-Bikes left from the shipment arriving June 5th. If you'd like to grab the last few, please let us know!

Electric Vehicle Shipping

Some dealerships have asked us to explain how the EV shipping works. Generally speaking, shippers these days are charging approximately $1.50 per mile traveled, regardless of how empty or full the trailer is. Every shipper has their own preference, so sometimes it's a bit lower, sometimes it's a bit higher (especially to the extreme northeast, areas with tolls, remote locations). We recommend that all dealers charge a flat "destination fee" to their customers that will give them some wiggle room in the shipping price they will accept. For example, if you are 400 miles from us, that equates to $600 per trailer load. If you usually order 4 units at a time, that's $150 a unit. We would suggest that you charge a $395 destination charge, so just in case you ship less than 4 units or just in case we have an available shipper that costs a bit more, you still profit on the shipping price you charged. Many times, we must give an available shipper an answer within 5-10 minutes or we lose them to another customer who books them quickly. The shipping market is extremely competitive, and we hate seeing available shippers be passed on due to an expectation of a much lower shipping price. Build the shipping into the sales price, set proper expectations with customers and let us know if you have any questions regarding EV shipping by contacting your rep directly.
I've Bintelli'n Ya

While visiting the factories in February, we made several improvements to Bintelli Scooters that will be starting to be seen on units arriving in the next few weeks/months. Some of these improvements include added welding on all mufflers and heat shields, upgraded flasher relays, and improved axle bolts and hardware. Thank you for your feedback that has led to these improvements!

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