Bintelli Monthly Dealer Newsletter


Prizes year will be calculated by the Bintelli Quality Index (BQI).  Click here for division mapHere's the current top 5 for each division. Please note that Bintelli and Adly Scooters, Bintelli Bicycles, and Bintelli ATVs will be grouped together for the BQI, so carrying all lines gives you a much better chance of winning some of our top prizes! Good luck!

Northern Region
Southern Region
1st - Kelly's Auto Center

1st - ScootTribe
2nd - Connecticut Scooter Pros
2nd - New Scooters 4 Less
3rd - Street Legal

3rd - Hawg Scooters (GA)
4th - Ecofun
4th - Fusion Cycles
5th - Southside Bike Shop
5th - Scooter Stop

At the end of the year, the top 3 in each region will win the prizes!
We're mixing it up this month. Here's a quick video newsletter to watch - enjoy!