September 6th, 2022
Hello Trio church family,

Something that I have been trying to do more regularly with my wife and kids is reading the Bible and praying together. It sounds funny to say as a pastor, but the reality is that most of us live pretty full lives and growing in our relationship with God together takes intentionality.

We have really enjoyed an app that helps us gather called, 'Lectio for families'.
The time takes about 10 minutes. The acronym is PRAY. Maybe you've heard of it before. P is for Pause. R is for Read. A is for ask. Y is for yes to God. All of the parts have really helped us connect with God together. The part that I want to highlight is the ending prayer.

Hand on your heart
- Father God, help us to love You and everything You've made.
Point to your eyes
- Lord Jesus help us to see You and others the way that You see them too.
Point to our ears
- Holy Spirit, help us to hear You and give us courage to do what You say.

I want this to be a help and encouragement to keep praying and asking for God to do all He wants to do in and through Trio Community Church. I've created a link below if you would like to check out the resource!

As always, here are some ways to get in touch with me if needed...

Office: (320) 225-8746 Cell: (763)310-1487 Email:

Trio will be having a baptism and worship gathering

Sunday, September 25th, 2022 at 11am

@ Leif and Becky Ulstrom's
1600 Ivory Street
Ogilvie MN 56368

Stay for BBQ Lunch ~ 12 - 1pm

*following worship and baptism
We live in a selfie-filled world. In public and in private, people often try to get that “perfect” selfie pose that will present the best version of themselves on social media. Why does this quest for self and social approval often leave us feeling empty inside? What if our “best version of ourselves” shows up when we zoom in on God and others? Zoom in for our fall kick-off series!

Fusion Youth Fall Kick-Off & September gatherings:

Wednesdays 14th, 21st, 28th
@ Trio Community Center
7 - 8:15pm.

Meets on Sunday mornings during streaming of Eaglebrook messages.

Some things the kids have been doing:

*thinking of creative ways to love others
*hearing about the usefulness of God's word & putting it into practice
*challenge to read the Bible for 10 days
*learning to pray and praying for others

Here is the current series that we have been streaming on Sunday mornings. Click the button below to listen in case you missed it!
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