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Columbus Torah Academy Monthly Dateline
Message from Head of School
by Rabbi Avrohom Drandoff

When describing the seven years that Yaakov worked for Lavan in order to earn the right to marry Rachel, the Torah makes a striking comment.  The possuk says "So Yaakov worked seven years for Rachel and they seemed to him a few days because of his love for her."  The description of Yaakov's feelings about the length of time seems backwards.  Typically, if one is eagerly awaiting something because they are looking forward to the end result, even a short period of time can feel like an eternity.  How could the seven years seem short to Yaakov because of his love for Rachel?
The Malbim offers a powerful and insightful answer to this question.   He explains that Yaakov loved Rachel so much that he felt she was worth many more years of work than seven. Therefore, having to only work seven years was really a bargain.  The essential point that the Malbim is making is that when one realizes the benefit or purpose of the end result, the journey becomes lighter.  Similarly, in education, it is critical that the student always understands and appreciates the relevance of the subject matter being studied.  The more they feel that they can connect to the subject matter and understand it's significance the more exhilarating the learning process becomes.  This is our goal at CTA.  We want our students to have a deep appreciation for what they are learning, in all areas of the curriculum, to the point that the learning process is viewed as a short journey to a world of critical knowledge.  

Scholarship Dinner Recap

Sunday, December 4 was a marvelous day at CTA.  Although the weather was a bit rainy, more than 450 people attended a Gala to benefit the Scholarship Fund.  Held at CTA, the building was teeming with community members, alumni, parents, faculty, students and more.  Local caterer, Chani Capland, outdid herself with beautiful displays of delectable meats, vegetables and fish in displays beyond comparison.
A well planned program featured the angelic voices of the CTA Lower School Choir as well as thoughtfully inspired words from 4 current CTA High School students in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the High School.  Mr. Steve Guinan and his Film Studies class debuted their newest production, Draw My Life and Mr. Guinan also led the crowd in a rowdy game of Kahoot!  (Congratulations to Valery Eskin on winning the CTA trivia game.)
A special part of the evening was the tribute to Irving A. Baker, z"l who was the founder of the high school and his generous support help pay for the school and fund tuition for the first 5 years.  In attendance was his wife, Marcia and children,  Stephen and Samantha who accepted the tribute on his behalf as well as grandchildren in attendance.
The Silent and Student Auction was enhanced this year by a Raffle of some of the items and the event was extremely successful in meeting its goal and raising funds to cover one full tuition.  Thank you to Joni Schottenstein and Devorah Weprin.
A more complete recap will come in a separate email report, but a big yasher koach goes to co-chairs Beth Binsky, Lara Blumberg, and Stacy Leeman for their leadership.

Sponsor a Day of Learning

Opportunities to sponsor A Day of Learning are now available at CTA.  For a $180 donation, you can make a donation, in honor, in memory, in appreciation, for a speedy recovery or in celebration of a person, a birthday or an event.  To schedule a day, contact or 
The sponsorship will be listed in the CTA Weekly Communicator, the monthly CTA Dateline, posted on the monitor in the school lobby, and announced to the students.
Thank you to our first two sponsors:  Henry and Candis Schwarz and Elad and Abby Cnan.  Details of their sponsorship in the Tzedakah section of this issue of Dateline.

Grant Received for New Writing Curriculum

CTAis the recipient of a generous grant given by in memory of Saul Schottenstein and in honor of Sonia Modes Schottenstein for the Collins Writing Program.  The Collins Writing Program is a unified curriculum that can be used within all classrooms and in all subject areas.  It is not an add-on but rather a program that offers teachers the Five Type of Writing assignments which develop students' essential writing and thinking skills in the context of their everyday classroom learning.  This program emphasizes writing across the curriculum and builds upon itself through each grade level.  It will be instituted in grades 1-6. 
The program includes in-school, hands-on training and continuous program support for teachers.  Collins Writing Program mentors will travel to CTA in Spring 2017 and train teachers in the classrooms in which the program will be used.  We are appreciative for this generous donation which will benefit our students and enhance our curriculum in the long term.  We look forward to offering more updates as we implement the program.

Corrections to CTA Tribute Journal

Apologies for the following errors in the CTA Gala's Tribute Journal.  Missing from the Faculty and staff section, was Inbal Hazut, a new Hebrew Language teacher.

Inbal Hazut
Teacher, Upper School Hebrew Language
First Year at CTA
Bachelor of Arts in Education from Hebrew University in Jerusalem; Bachelor or Arts in Hebrew Language and the History of the People of Israel from Hebrew University; currently working towards her Master's Degree in Education; she has vast experience as a Hebrew Language and Writing teacher and as coordinator for Hebrew Language and Literature and a Social Activities Advisor in the Israeli school system; she is an independent editor for several publishers and has edited children's books, poetry books and text books; editor of the newspaper V'dibarta Bam of Congregation Keshet in Mazkeret Batya; served in the IDF as a captain in Tanks Division; currently resides in Columbus as a shlicha from the state of Israel with her husband and 4 children

In the photo composites, for 8th grade, students, Dov and Saul Myers names were inadvertently switched.

News from the Hebrew Department

Shirly Benatar, Hebrew Department Chair
Learning, Creativity and Collaboration :  The Hebrew department has been busy with lotsof learning, creativity and teamwork. Here are a few examples:
CREATIVITY : Morah Ester's classes have been studying Hebrew and  integrating the Israeli flag into their learning. Upper School groups  studied texts about the Israeli flag and the Flag symbols. Then the students were asked to create their own flag for Am Israel, adding elements that are important to them, and explaining it in Hebrew. Students added doves, roses, the Kotel, rainbows, etc. Jane wrote "A Magen David with bonded triangles because the people of Israel are bonded together, and Roses because Eretz Israel is so beautiful". Hannah explained" There is a Kotel in my flag because that is a central thing in Jewish history, and a Magen David because this is the symbol of the Jewish people". You can see the entire creative flag collection on our bulletin board in the Upper School.
And, speaking about flags, our CTA Israeli flag was damaged in the wind and needed to be changed properly. Morah Ester's 11th-12th grade group took responsibility for taking the flag down and putting a new one up.  They did it on a beautiful fall day, and added respect and meaning to the occasion.
While 8th graders enjoyed the Washington Trip, 7th grade Hebrew students were engaged in a special group project. The 7th graders were divided into small groups for a research-project about cities in Israel. They researched their designated city's location, history, landscape, geography, tourist-attractions and more; then they created a presentation to share with their class.  We are proud of our students for their leadership, hard work, and deep thinking!

COLLABORATION AND INTEGRATION: Earlier this month, the Hebrew and Judaic Departments of the Lower School collaborated together with the Jewish Federation to host teens from our sister-city K'far Saba in third grade. Our third graders welcomed the teens by telling them about themselves IN HEBREW, and impressed the Israeli visitors with their high level of skills in this second language. Then the K'far Saba teen-visitors read to small groups of students a Tal-Am storybook about friendship; and everyone sang a song together that was dedicated to the students in 'Shiloh' school in Israel. Many thanks to Moreh Dror for his partnership and leadership of this wonderful program!


LEARNING: Much learning is happening in our Hebrew Department, and not just in the classrooms; our teachers are engaged in professional development and study as well.  Mordechai and Ester Bar Asher represented CTA at the annual Conference for Shlichim and Hebrew Teachers of North America in New Jersey. They have learned a lot and are sharing materials and insight with the entire Hebrew Team in scheduled departmental sessions.
The Hebrew staff is brainstorming and strategizing about Hebrew language instruction in these regularly scheduled sessions and we are all learning from each other; which translates into better instruction in the classroom for our students. Todah Rabah to all of our Hebrew teachers for their teamwork and collaboration!

News from Lower School Judaic Studies Department
Dror Karavani, LS Judaic Studies Coordinator

Chanukah is Just Around the Corner:     Throughout the grades, the students are starting to review and prepare for Chanukah. When walking through the hallways, one can hear, see, and touch various things such as songs, projects, chanukiot and more. Everyone is invited to participate in the Hanukkah Hop this Sunday, December 11th   at the the JCC from 11:30-1:30 pm.  The event is a partnership with CJDS and PJ Library and includes a Family Concert.    On Thursday, December 22nd , the students will celebrate Chanukah in school and attend the Lower School Student Council's Chanukah Carnival. More details to come.

Creating the World:  Morah Leah's 2nd grade has been learning sefer Breishit and  recently studied about the Tree of Knowledge of good and bad. This was an opportunity to reflect on what good and bad is.  As a class, they talked about what types of things they can each do which is good and not so good. Then, the students picked middot (character traits) that felt they were good at and those they felt they could improve on. They created tree posters demonstrating these traits. We were able to relate this the the American holiday of Thanksgiving by thanking Hashem for giving us  strengths and weaknesses in our lives as we are always trying to be the best person we can be in 2nd grade!
From the words of the Torah into our life:
Morah Shira's 3rd grade recently completed Perek 18 of Parshat Vayera, learning many skills and valuable lessons along the way! Morah Shira explains, "In our class, we constantly review the essential Torah-learning skill of finding and translating the shoresh (root work) of Biblical text. The students have opportunities to express Torah values through writing and artwork. For example, our third grade bulletin board is filled with beautiful pictures of Avraham Avinu inviting guests into his home (demonstrating the mitzvah of Hachnasat Orchim), serving them a meal, and learning that his wife Sarah will have a child."
Middot Program:  As part of the middot program of our school, the value of chessed andbeing aware of the needs of others, led to a student project of designing tzedakah boxes.  We shared the project with our friends in Kfar Saba and they chose the winning designs. Congratulations to fifth grader Roni Delman, fourth grader Sam Bernzweig , third grader Talya Weisband and second grader Asenat Bar Asher  for winning first place.
Hachnassat Orchim in kindergarten: 
As part of their study of the parshat hashavua, kindergarteners learned about Hachnassat Orchim, welcoming guests, as an important Torah value.  They had the opportunity to put their learning into action and they arranged a special hospitality event in their classroom. The students created and sent invitations to faculty, staff and the first graders.  They escorted their guests to preset tables and served them special refreshments that they had made. They entertained their guests with parsha songs and cleaned up afterwards.  "Avraham Avinu" (Moreh Dror) came to visit and was very impressed with their knowledge of story of the parsha.  He, of course, invited them to visit his tent and promised to come and visit again. Yasher koach  and thank you to Morah Jamie and Morah Naomi  for immersing the students in these Jewish values in such a fun and meaningful way.
Thanksgiving Celebration Brings Guests & Great Program
The Thanksgiving Show is always a great school programming and this year was no different with a shul full of proud parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, community members and more, enjoying the presentations from the students in grades K-4.  Morah Cheri Friedman, music teacher, led the students in song and teachers added poetry readings to showcase a student body steeped in gratitude and thanks for our country, our community, our school, and our families.  A full recording can be viewed at or by clicking on image below .
Thanksgiving Show Recording
Thanksgiving Show Recording
Separately, in the ESL classes at CTA, Thanksgiving was celebrated a few days early w ith a Thanksgiving Feast and a unit on the themes of the holiday.  These students were spending their 1st Thanksgiving in the United States and the preparation feast was a practice for the real thing.  Pictured from the Thanksgiving Feast included traditional "sides" one might have at Thanksgiving: sweet potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie (and cool whip) and turkey shaped cookies. The feast including sharing what we are thankful for.  Thank you to teachers for their involvement:  Linda Daniel, Allison Mast, Kim Stock, Helen Miller and Karan Tanenbaum.
Mannequin Challenge
Not to be left out on the latest trends, CTA's Upper School (grades 7-12), under the direction of Steve Guinan, Film Studies Teacher, took 10 minutes out of their day to freeze some moments in time of a CTA day as they took the "Mannequin Challenge".  View at or click on image below .

CTA's Mannequin Challenge
CTA's Mannequin Challenge

Lower School Student Council

Congratulations to the leaders of tomorrow with the slate of officers and representatives announced for the Lower School Student Council.  Their first group initiative is the Chanukah Carnival and they have created a calendar of the Lower School dress down days for the rest of the year.  Advisor is Mrs. Allison Mast.
Student Council 2016-2017
President: Dovid Deitsch
Vice President: Avigdor Steinberg
Treasurer: Emilia Wolff
Secretaries: Esthy Wolfson & Bina Newman
3rd grade: Esther Kohn, Yonah Liebesman & Yitzy Cooper
4th grade: Brooklyn Binsky, Sarah Kira & Chayim Deitsch
5th grade: Rachel Bornstein & Lila Gisser
6th Grade: Talia Sukienik & Anna Bornstein

8th Grade Takes Washington DC & Photo Contest
Submitted by Talia Delman

We had a great time last week in Washington, DC! We visited many different cool sites and museums, including the Washington Monument, and the Holocaust Museum. We were even featured in a JetBlue commercial, with all of us dancing in our DC sweatshirts! We had a lot of fun in the hotel rooms, on the bus rides, and ate a lot of great food! It was an amazing learning and bonding experience that we will never forget!
Thank you to chaperones Rabbi Avrohom Drandoff and Norma Whitmyre.

Enjoy some of their photos in montages made by the students.  Links here:
CTA in DC Part I
CTA in DC Part II
CTA in DC Part III  

7th Grade Begins Shakespeare

The seventh graders have begun preparations for the annual Shakespeare program. Angela Barch, Artist in Residence, met with the students recently.  They played theatre games to get warmed up, learned Shakespearean curses, and got an introduction to stage combat techniques. The program will be in full force beginning in mid-January and the annual Shakespeare production at the JCC theater on College evening will be held on Thursday evening, January 19 at 7:30 pm.  All are invited.  Tickets available from
Presidential Election as a Tool for Teaching

Election years are educational moments for teaching high school civics. Before the election, in Mr. Pray's social studies classes, the students got a solid understanding of the electoral college versus the popular vote. The eleventh graders each had to research the candidates' positions and then write a five paragraph essay stating who they preferred to become next US President and why. The students were only permitted to use reputable sources, and their decision had to be based
 on the candidate's positions on issues, not on rhetoric seen in TV ads.
The third graders also learned about the election process and its history.  They learned about thehistory of voting in the United States and what is required in order to be eligible to vote.  The students registered to vote and cast their ballots in our own third grade elections.  They documented the election results with a line plot.
The kindergarteners engaged in the election process by casting their vote for their favorite book.
Film Studies Field Trip Follows Fall Video Debut

After debuting their short film "Draw My Life" at the Gala Dinner, the intrepid Film Studies Class took a field trip to visit a professional video and audio production studio. Thanks to Jeremy Kalef, who hosted the class at his studio at the offices of Schottenstein Stores Corporation. The students were given a primer on using a sound booth, the 3 point lighting system, teleprompter basics, and a history of video production over the last generation. Jeremy then turned on the camera, and the shotgun mic, and the students shot a short bit called "Because of Film Studies," that you can see on CTA's YouTube page. Thanks, Jeremy for hosting!  By the way, lunch at the Signature Cafe wasn't too shabby!   Caption: Jeremy Kalef directs Dani in a shoot at his studio.  Enjoy the Draw My Life at 

Draw My Life CTA
Draw My Life CTA

A treasury of Film Studies Productions can be viewed at

Stem Nutrition Misson!
Lily Friedman, an CTA alumni parent and a trained chef, led the 5th and 6th graders in a sessionabout food selection and product labels as part of their unit on studying nutrition, researching macro nutrients and micro nutrients, and discovering how the human body processes macro and micro nutrients. They are researching how much of each nutrient is needed for children ages 5-18, identifying the amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats needed to create a nutritious meal, and how to meet nutritional needs for people with food allergies. They will will using the information to work in teams to create a dairy, meat, and pareve lunch menu. The end goal is to create 3 new lunches - one dairy, one meat, and one pareve - that will be permanently added to the school lunch menu. This is an exciting! We plan to have our taste testing by the end of February and present a school-wide taste test of the final 3 lunch items during the second week of March. 
Third Grade Learns About Natural Resources

The third graders are learning about natural resources.  They have read about resources and categorized items that are renewable and nonrenewable while learning the importance of saving our Earth.  They have been experimenting with biodegradable and non-biodegradable objects found in their classroom.  The students selected items found around the room and buried them outside and plan to dig their items up in a couple of months to test the impact on the material.  Also, they are focusing on renewable energy and one of the most important crops for energy, corn.  They will welcome a guest speaker from the Franklin Park Conservatory, who will speak to them about corn in the Native American culture, the "three sisters" philosophy of complimentary agriculture, and the many uses of corn today. 
Yarok Together Fall Harvest Report

Yarok Together coordinators, Diana Jo D'Angelo-Wolff of CTA and Gina Freeman of CJDS, received certificates after their completion of The Ohio State University Extention course, Project Green Teacher, in its inaugural semester. The course was designed specifically to train educators developing outstanding environmental educational programs and gardens.
The Yarok Together partnership is now in its second year of operation. The joint project teaches our students about the environment, helps them develop gardening skills, provides them outdoor educational opportunities; and, opportunities to enrich their lives by giving to others.  Together, students from both schools deliver needed fresh produce to community members living below the poverty line. Harvest and delivery occurs five to six times during the academic year from both school locations. Students then come together at the deliver site, fill bags, share experiences, learn; and, deliver the packages door to door to all recipients. This communal project is made possible by a grant from Education and Literacy Fund of The Columbus Jewish Foundation.
On the grounds of CTA, it looks as if most of the trees have entered their dormat stages of late fall and winter. However, in our greenhouse and low tunnels, we still have mint, aramanth, sage, sweet potatoes, cabbage, peas and broccoli trying to get the most out of the growing season.
This fall quite a few goals were met at the CTA site:  An eight foot by ten foot shed was built with sliding doors within the enclosed garden structure. This will allow us easier access to our tools, as well as some storage space; two garden beds which formerly were located where the new shed is were moved to the area right next to the kindergarten and first grade playground. Students in the kindergarten and first grades as well as students in third through sixth grade will enjoy watching our winter cover crop (rye) come up through the next few months. Kindergarten and first grade will get an extra special treat as they watch something else blossoming around the rye this spring! 
A Big Thank You...
From Mrs. Miller,  CTA Librarian

To everyone who came to CTA's Book Fair, and to all who helped make it another successful
experience, a big thank you.  Your love of books and how important reading is for every child's success is appreciated.  Many CTA children are now enjoying their new books at home and at school.  Your generous support has enhanced our library with new books for all CTA students to enjoy.  Thank you, too, for the thoughtful classroom gifts of reading bought from Teacher Wish Lists. 
Thank you to volunteers Alina and Yuri Shevkin, Rebecca Schwartz and Robin Garvin for their help.  And extra special thanks to Shari Herszage for stepping up when most needed. Happy Reading, everyone!  See you at our Spring Book Fair!
Kindergarten Preview Day Scheduled

Kindergarten Preview Day for children entering kindergarten in Fall 2017 is scheduled for Monday, January 23, 2017 at Columbus Torah Academy.  Prospective kindergarteners are invited to join our current Kindergarteners from 9:15 am - 12:00 noon for fun activities and a chance to see what kindergarten is all about. A hot lunch will be served.  Reservations are required by calling Shari at 864-0299, ext 218 or
Photos Around Campus

Middle School Boy's Basketball, led by Avior Hazan, junior at CTA, join together in support of the girls' baskeball team as they battle the final moments of a game.  They won!
7th Graders get the chance to head out to the creek with Mrs. Delman.
Seniors, Shahar Razker and Sivan Import represent CTA at the AIPAC leadership conference.

PTO Directory

Thank you for patiently waiting for the PTO Directory. They have arrived and were handed out to all paid PTO members.  Didn't know you were waiting?  Want to order one? Make sure to sign up for PTO if you haven't already done so as it is a perk of membership. Let's make this year a great one together.

PTO Dues are $25 yearly
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tzedakah box
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Condolences To:
Ana Echevarria-Morales on loss of her father

Julye Shore and Roston Shore (Class of 2015) on the loss of father and grandfather William Shore

Marvin and Barbara Vinar, Judy (Vinar) Kahn (8th Grade Class of 1978), Sherri (Vinar) Cohen (8th Grade Class of 1980), Michelle (Vinar) Schlanger (8th Grade Class of 1986), Dina Vinar (8th Grade Class of 1991) and Debbie (Vinar) Hellman (Class of 2000) on the loss of brother and uncle Hyman Vinar

Thank You To:
The following people for their sponsorship of the November/Cheshvan Rosh Hodesh Teacher Appreciation Luncheon: Bob and Betsey Lane, Bob and Patti Wolf, Seth and Lisa Stavsky, Tali Preisler, Arie and Shana Hazan, Moshe and Malka Makias.  To sponsor, contact PTO President,
Mazel Tov To:
Joey Nutis (Class of 2005) on his engagement to Falen Rauchwerger of Roslyn, NY and to parents Ira (8th Grade cCass of 1971) and Laura Nutis
Avigayil (Ginsburg) Rapp (Class of 2008) on the birth of a son and to grandparents Rabbi David and Shulamit Ginsburg

Lawrence and Kim Binsky on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter Molly and the Bar Mitzvah of their son Isaac

Dr. Rochel and Rabbi Henoch Millen on the engagement of their granddaughter, Esti Talansky to Netanel Schreiber

Sam Schmelzer (Class of 2006) on the birth of a son and to grandparents Dr. Victor and Susan Schmelzer

Daniel Zwelling (Class of 2006) on the birth of a daughter and to grandparents Helene (Goldmeier) (8th grade Class of 1976) and Mo Azose and Rick and Sheila Zwelling and to great grandparents Dr. Maynard and Miriam Goldmeier

School Events

School Links for Parents (

December 11:  Hanukkah Hop at JCC, 11:30 am-1:30 pm
December 18:  Basketball Parent Meeting at CTA, 3:00 pm
December 19-22:  High School Mid Terms
December 20:  Executive Board Meeting at CTA, 7:30 pm
December 21:  Jr. High Spelling Bee in Shul, 10 am
December 22:  2 pm Dismissal
December 23 - January 2:  Winter Break - NO SCHOOL
January 3:  School Resumes

CTA Lions Basketball Season Underway:  Check out the sports schedule at

For questions about any of these programs,  contact to be directed to the correct coordinator.
Community Events

School Links for Parents (

December 22:  JCC 16th Annual Chinese Dinner, 5-7 pm
December 25-January 1:  Chanukah (1st candle on the eve of December 24)
December 25:  JCC Community Brunch, 11 am - 1 pm
December 27:  Chanukah with the Blue Jackets, 7 pm
December 28:  Chanukah Wildlights at the Zoo, 6-8 pm
January 11-March 15:  Mamanet League

CTA Lions Basketball Season Underway:  Check out the sports schedule at

For questions about any of these programs,  contact to be directed to the correct coordinator.
Shabbat Candlelighting Times for December

December 9,  4:47 pm
December 16, 4:48 pm
December 23, 4:51 pm
December 30, 4:56 pm
January 6, 5:02 pm

It has been a time-honored Jewish tradition to give tzedakah in recognition of important events. Todah Rabah to the following for their donation:

Day of Learning:
On the 22nd of Cheshvan, Candis and Henry Schwarz in honor of the 5th yarzheit of Larry Pollak, Shlomo Zalman ben Yisrael
On the 8th of Kislev, Abby (CTA High School Class of 2001) & Elad Cnaan in memory of their close friend, Meira Bresler Riemer - Meira Mindel Bat Moshe on what would have been her 34th Birthday
To the Annual Giving Fund:
Michele Zwillinger in honor of the Berger sisters - Tovah, Avital, Eliana, and Nili
Nathan R. Mellman in memory of Hyman Vinar
Andrew and Heidi Schwartz in memory of Jodi Spatt Margolies
Gary Liebesman and Stacy Leeman and family in memory of Dr. Ana Echevarria-Morales' father
Burton Hirsch in honor of Hyman Vinar
Marsha Gayl in honor of Asher Reitman
Eric and Anny Hoffman in honor of Jeanie and Jay Schottenstein with their sincerest appreciation
To the Scholarship Fund:
Andrew and Michele Bernstein extending Kol HaChavod to Lara Blumberg and Beth Binsky on a job well done
Theodore and Mildred Blumenfeld in honor of their granddaughters Hannah, Zoe, and Tovah
To the Library Fund:
Cheryl Miller in memory of Dr. Ana Echevarria-Morales' father

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