November 2018
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          Comprehensive Financial Planning: What It Is, Why It Matters?
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Comprehensive financial planning is about building wealth through a process, not a product.

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Time Sensitive!!

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority invites you to attend a brief conference call regarding the OHCA 2020 Budget Request at 1:00pm on Tuesday 11/20/2018 OHCA staff will provide a short overview and would appreciate hearing your comments.  The audio conference call can be accessed at 866-238-8396.  We thank you for taking time to provide this important feedback to our agency. 
Additionally, on a separate issue please read about changes related to SB1446 and SoonerCare  Here.
Meet Our Lobbying Team!     
Many of you who attended District Meeting were able to meet members of our new lobbying team, Edwards Capitol Partners. We believe this collaboration will help enhance and enrich our presence at the Capitol. 

Steve Edwards, Mike Maxwell, and Dan Patten have, between them, over 40 years experience around the Capitol.  Edwards Capitol Partners represents clients with charitable, energy, insurance, tax, trade, regulatory and legislative issues, and thus stays active and engaged with all health-related issues.
If you haven't met your new or incumbent legislator please invite them out for coffee.  Let them know that you can be a resource to them when they have healthcare legislative issues.  If you want OPhA to assist in making contact with your legislator let us know.  We and the Edwards Group will help you any way we can.   We have already heard from some of you that you have had your meeting.  We appreciate hearing from you and we are keeping notes on who you have a relationship with.   We have also  been working on our legislative agenda and will be sharing all details soon!

                                   Steve Edwards         Mike Maxwell     Dan Patten



OPhA Files Complaint with OSBP and Dept of Health
OPhA filed complaints last week with the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy and with the Oklahoma Department of Health against several entities that are using terms, words, or symbols that are a classification of the pharmacy profession. These words are of import and can legally be used only by those who have met the licensing requirements of the Oklahoma statutes and the Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy.
Specifically, OPhA objected to Medical Marijuana Dispensaries using designations or terms implying that the location is a pharmacy. We believe that it could create unwarranted confusion to the public and is being used by these businesses to elevate their status to the public.
We also submitted a request to the Senate and House leadership that they strengthen the law by clarifying in the Medical Marijuana rules that Dispensaries are prohibited from using these terms.  
Congratulations T.J. Marti, PharmD

Oklahoma pharmacist, T.J. Marti of Broken Arrow was sworn in this week as one of the freshman legislators in the House of Representatives.  T.J. is a member of OPhA and we were proud to support him in this endeavor.  Please continue supporting Representative TJ Marti and Senator Rob Standridge when you can.  It is a huge expense to run for office and we need to support both of our pharmacist legislators.  They can accept money until the Session begins.
Potential OBN Change to PMP

Many states require a dispenser that dispenses no controlled substances to submit a report documenting that zero covered substances were dispensed during that twenty-four (24) hour reporting period.

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs is reviewing whether to require all Oklahoma pharmacies to submit a zero report. Please let OPhA know if you think that this would be a problem for your pharmacy so that we can discuss further with OBN. Contact Debra Billingsley at if you have questions or concerns.


                       Emergency OSMA Rules

Upon the passage of SB 1446 with the effective date of November 1, the new law places a 7-day limit for a prescription of opioids or Class II narcotics for acute pain associated with post-surgery, post-injury or disease. A second 7-day prescription may be written, but cannot be filled until after the first prescription expires. Subsequently, if deemed necessary by the physician, prescriptions associated with a pain management plan need to be reviewed and a three-month "course of treatment" must be established.
To help doctors better navigate the intricacies of this new law, the OSMA spearheaded a coalition of medical groups and state entities including the Oklahoma Osteopathic Association (OOA), the Oklahoma State Medical Licensure Board, the Oklahoma State Board of Osteopathic Examiners, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, Attorney General Mike Hunter and the Governor's office in creating guidelines for this program.

The following documents have been created with input from these entities, physicians and medical specialty groups. We will continue to keep you updated as new developments arise.


Are You Looking For Continuing Education?  We have it here for you!

Sunday, December 2, 2018 
 8:00am - 4:30pm
The University Oklahoma  College of Pharmacy
1110 N Stonewall, Oklahoma City, OK 73117
8 Hours of Continuing Education
Approved by the Oklahoma  Board of Pharmacy

House Republicans Elect Leadership for 57th Legislature
The House Republican Caucus today elected its leadership for the 57th Legislature and re-affirmed state Rep. Charles A. McCall as their choice for House Speaker-elect.
Stitt announces transition team members  
Governor-elect Kevin Stitt announced the members Tuesday of his transition team, naming them Oklahoma's Turnaround.
"I am grateful for the talented Oklahomans who are rolling up their sleeves and already getting to work on making our state top 10. The transition team will be focused on recruiting fresh, new leadership to assist in Oklahoma's turnaround," said Stitt. "Over the next week, we will be expanding the team to include committees focused on policy priorities for the first Legislative session."   Read More Here
 The CDC has provided the annual guide to "How Medicare Drug Plans Use Pharmacies, Formularies, & Common Coverage Rules." 
Click Here

  Pharmacy Quality Commitment 
Safety Tip
Designate a distraction free zone for taking telephone prescriptions and transfer prescriptions.

Protect the pharmacist taking the call by prohibiting any and all interruptions to a person in the Red Zone, including cell calls and texts.  A successful Red Zone policy requires both appropriate space/resources an a culture of safety among employees.

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NCPA to host free Part D webinar on Nov. 28 @ 1:00 PM CST
Review recent regulatory changes.  Click here to register.

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