E-News - November 2018
We have much for which we can be thankful at National Heights! The generosity of the congregation at NHBC never ceases to amaze me. Your giving has exceeded our budget requirements while at the same time you have given $429,188.56 towards our Envision project. What a blessing! Continue to pray as we move forward in our remodeling effort.

Your giving abounds during this season of the year as we prepare for our annual Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets. We continue to receive notes of thanks from those who have been blessed through our Blessing Box ministry. We will finish the month with our annual kickoff for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering to help support our IMB missionaries. It is a joy to serve such a ministry and mission-minded church!

I can’t wait to see what God is going to do through you! ~Vaughn Weatherford
Thanksgiving Baskets
Items needed for Thanksgiving Baskets
During the month of November our church will be collecting the following items to be used in the 20 to 25 Thanksgiving baskets, serving 100 to 110 people, that we will be assembling for families of our church community. Please bring the items to the tubs at the church entrances. If you prefer to give funds, that is just fine! Just designate your envelop by writing, BASKETS, on it. We always need money for the turkeys, eggs, milk, and produce items that must be purchased. Bless you for your generosity!
Items Needed: tuna, chicken (canned), stuffing/dressing, cake mixes, soup & chili (canned), spaghetti, noodles, cake icing, vegetables & fruit (canned, macaroni & cheese, crackers, cereal, peanut butter & jelly, paper products
Helpers needed to assemble Thanksgiving Baskets
On Monday morning, November 19, we will be assembling the Thanksgiving baskets for 20 to 25 families from our church and community area. This includes several families from our partnership school, Robberson Elementary.  BOTH MEN AND WOMEN are needed to help with this process. PLEASE COME AT 9:00 to fellowship hall. We should be finished in about two hours, depending on the number of volunteers. The baskets will be picked up by the designated families from noon to 1:00 that same day. You will be blessed by sharing this time together.
Angel Tree Bibles
Each of the Angel Tree children will also receive an age-appropriate Bible with their other gifts. If you would like to give for this, please mark your envelope, Angel Tree Bibles. Thank you!
Stepping Out Testimonies
Many of our membership are “stepping out” into the community. This focus each month will allow you to hear from them, know how you can pray for that outreach and perhaps be inspired to join in as well.

 It’s Monday morning again, and I’m at my first stop of eleven clients. I knock on the door and a friendly voice yells out, “come in”. Such a pleasant man and so humble. He always says how appreciative he is of our service and thanks me, always. This from a man, I learned, who flew 25 missions in B-17 bombers over Germany during WW2. And he’s thanking me??
  I meet so many interesting and kind people during my visits. The seasoned seniors, the assisted living, or the recent medical patients who have a hard time getting around, they all have a common response to my visit for the morning, “Thank you and God bless you. You people do such good work”,
  When I volunteered for this program, my wish was to lift up those who are in need of help and assistance. Instead, they lift me up. For some of them, I might be the only person they get to see for the day, and yet they have the time to be so grateful and thankful. It’s the best feeling in the world to know that my volunteering really helps someone immediately. I love it.
  ~Lloyd Cunningham, Meals on Wheels Volunteer
November Door Greeters
Patti Crocker
Jerry McCall
Belle Bass
Phyllis Sanford
Barbara Fisher
Pat Welch
Men’s Prayer Breakfast
All men of National Heights are invited to a prayer breakfast on November 5 @ 6:30 am at Ziggy’s on North Glenstone. Join us for a time of prayer before you start your day. 
September Income Report
YTD Budgeted    $353,250.00
YTD Received     $392,747.51
over budget $39,497.51
Newsletter deadline
November 19 is the deadline to have articles in for the December newsletter.
Email to Judy at: jfoley@nationalheights.org

International Missions
Season of Prayer
begins Sunday,
November 25
Women On Mission to study refugees
   On Tuesday, November 13, the Women on Mission will gather in fellowship hall at 9:30 a.m. for the study of International Missions. This year the study addresses the problem of refugees around the world and the crisis situations often involved. The study will be led by Ruth Scott and begins about 10:50. Our study will focus on both the incredible challenges and the extraordinary opportunities the refugee crisis presents to missionaries and all followers of Christ. Our prayer is that this study will inspire us to learn more about refugees in our own community, in our country, and around the world and then to share the truth about the refugee crisis with others in our families and our community.  We will see how our giving can help bring others around the world to know Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Our Gifts Do Transform Lives. Our National Heights Lottie Moon Christmas Offering Goal for International Missions this year is $19,000. Our national goal is $160 Million. All money given goes directly for missionaries and mission needs;  none is used for administrative costs.
  The business and reporting session of the morning begins at 9:30 led by Presidents Doris Whitcher and Judy Divine. This will be followed by the informal coffee/snack/chat  time at from 10:15 until 10:45. Hostesses for this meeting are Barbara Fisher and Sue Hale. Men and women of the church are invited to attend any or all of the morning’s activities. Come, learn and enjoy the time together.
Prime Timers
Prime Timers - Combined Holidays
    Prime Timers will meet on November 15. This will be our combined Thanksgiving and Christmas Meetings. Our program will be Rev. David Jackson, Director of Grand Oak Mission. Please bring extra canned food and paper products for David to take back to Grand Oak. After the program we will have a carry in luncheon, bring a dish of you own choosing. We will have Ham provided. Hostesses will be Delores Thompson and
Phyllis Sanford. ~Carl Rose
Care & Share
Care and Share Ministry - Holiday Gathering
   Care and Share Ministry to widows of the church community will gather at Golden Corral North on Thursday, December 6, at 11:15. This will be our combined November and December meeting. This is an informal time of sharing and praying together. Be sure to inform the cashier that you are with a this group for a small courtesy discount. For more information, contact Mildred Burns or Phyllis Sanford. Guests are welcome. 
Thank you to the church family for all you did for Mary’s service. Thanks to all that helped with the meal, it was delicious. The plant was just beautiful ~The family of Mary Farris

Thank you for the cards, flower, and visits. ~Mary Wise

We try to do everything possible to make each guest feel more at home with special touches. Magazines are appreciated in our living areas for a family member to pick up and relax for a moment. And sweet treats on the kitchen counter are always popular with big and little guests alike. On behalf of the Ronald McDonald House and the families and children we support, please know that even after 30 years, we never take our friends for grated. We celebrate you for strengthening the spirits of so many!

Notes from the Blessing Boxes:
- Springfield needs smiles and prayer. Thank you from all of us.
- Thanks!
- Thank you so much, without this my family would starve.
- Thank you all for all that is you.
- Hungry. Thank you kindly. God bless you.
- Thank you sooo...very much. God bless people like you all.
- Thank the Lord for the blessing he gives us through you and the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Just please pray I find steady work and a place to live.
- Huge, huge, huge thanks to the Lord for the blessings we have been getting the last few weeks. We will now be able to get a roof over our heads and off the streets! We’ve also met some great, encouraging people! Amen! Also, thanks a ton for the food you provide! It’s kept us semi fed when there is food in it.