June 6, 2014
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Sheridan Quick Facts
Sheridan Educational Attainment
Did you know? Sheridan's residents place a high emphasis on education. More than 94% of our adult population are high school graduates -- more than 8% higher than the national average.
Sheridan Workforce Availability
Tax Climate Snapshot
State Personal Income Tax
State Corporate Income Tax
Inventory Tax
Estate Tax
Sheridan County Sales Tax

Wyoming's Business Tax Climate Ranked #1 Nationally
The Tax Foundation ranked Wyoming's Business Tax Climate 1st among all states for the 4th year in a row.
Wyoming's Tax Burden Lowest Percent of Income in Nation 


According to a recent ranking by the Tax Foundation, Wyoming's 2011 state and local tax burden was the lowest of all 50 states, accounting for only 6.9% of per capita income.

Sheridan's Property Tax Rate Almost Half of National Average


Sheridan's effective property tax rate of $6.09/$1,000 of home value is barely over half of the national average of $11.20/$1,000.

Want Monthly Updates?

In Sheridan, we are continuously working to improve this wonderful place we call home. Whether building the community, creating jobs, or enhancing our quality of life, it is measurable results that count. 

By monitoring a wide range of economic indicators and information about Sheridan, we are able to determine what generates results, what does not, and where we have opportunity to guide our future. The purpose of this monthly publication is to provide resources and information to help local entrepreneurs, developers, existing businesses, and community leaders in their own economic development efforts.
Each issue will feature a snapshot of key indicators of Sheridan's economic health. Future issues will take an in-depth look at topics such as target industries for our community, resources available to new and existing businesses, housing availability, and our local labor force.

I urge you to to others in the community who might find it useful, and encourage them to use the links provided to join the mailing list for future issues.
- Mayor Dave Kinskey
2014 Sales Tax Revenue Outperforms 2013

By any measure, Sheridan's sales tax revenues show continued growth over the previous year. The April 2014 sales tax numbers posted 8.3% higher than April 2013, continuing the precedent set by every other month in the fiscal year. This trend is evidenced by the fact that aggregate sales tax collections for Fiscal Year 2014 to date are nearly 11% higher than at this time the previous year. The continued strong performance in Sheridan's retail sector shows that consumers are well acquainted with Sheridan's private businesses.

City Sales Tax Revenue by Sector April 2014
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City Sales Tax By Month FY2013-2014
City Aggregate Sales Tax Revenue FY2013-2014
New Construction Growing in Sheridan

There's a recent and exciting trend in the building permits issued by the City of Sheridan: the balance is shifting from remodels to new construction. When times are hard, residents and businesses tend to invest money into remodels rather than new construction due to a variety of factors, including either lack of funds for new construction or the desire to be conservative with money and invest it into existing assets.


New construction is a significant economic indicator, demonstrating an increase in consumer confidence and pointing to growth for the community.

Building Permit Valuation - YTD Comparison
Building Permits Issued March-April 2013/2014
Sheridan Real Estate On the Move

The majority of Sheridan's residential real estate availability falls at or below the $250,000 mark, meaning there is affordable availability for both first-time homebuyers and persons considering Sheridan for relocation.

Residential Real Estate Listings April 2014
Courtesy of ERA Carroll Realty
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