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Employee Wellness Newsletter
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Stress Relievers 101 in 2021
Everyone feels stress from time to time; stressors or demands such as work, school, major life events, or traumatic events can be stressful. Some stress is healthy, but constant stress can affect all aspects of your well-being including your physical health & mental health. It is important to recognize the signs of your body’s response to stress so that you can take the steps to resiliently manage stress in the new year. 
Eat Well:
To combat our stress response we can emphasize the inclusion of certain nutrients in our diet. When we are in a relaxed, parasympathetic “rest and digest” state we can properly break down our food to actually absorb the nutrients in them. This is so important as undigested food can exacerbate any gastrointestinal symptoms. Look to include the following nutrients in your diet and focus on eating slowly and mindfully.

  • Magnesium foods - Produce a calming effect on our mind and muscles
  • Leafy greens, cacao, nuts and seeds, avocados, beans, bananas

  • B Vitamins - Support our energy levels *chronic stress depletes these crucial vitamins*
  • Egg yolk, liver, fish, beef, poultry, oysters, legumes, leafy greens, seeds, beets, sweet potato

  • Probiotics - Support our gut microbiome which is the production center of many calming neurotransmitters like GABA. And we also need a healthy gut to produce B vitamins listed above!­­
  • Kimchi, kefir, sauerkraut, yogurt, kombucha, pickled vegetables (onions, asparagus, salsa, garlic, jicama)
  • Anything pickled or fermented is your friend!

5-minute Protein Peanut Butter Energy Bites – mix of chia and flaxseeds supply our body and brain with nourishing fats to help balance our hormones

Live Well:
Signs of stress include: difficulty sleeping, increased alcohol and substance abuse, being easily angered, feeling depressed, withdrawn socially, and having low energy. Try these helpful tips to help cope with stress:

  • Exercise Regularly – just 30 minutes per day of walking can help boost your mood and reduce stress
  • Try a Relaxing Activity – incorporate meditation, tai chi and other gentle exercises
  • Set Goals & Priorities – this can help you prioritize your projects and end each day with a celebration of what you achieved
  • Stay Connected – help from friends, family, and the community
  • Don’t Forget to Laugh – laughing can help improve your immune system and mood

Resources to Thrive:

Be Well:
Connect with Nature! Exposure to nature can do incredible things for our body and mind such as reducing our stress (cortisol) hormone, reducing high blood pressure and boosting our happy hormones. Even if you only have five minutes, strive to connect with nature each day in the month of January.
Virtual Wellness Fair
The CGO Wellness Team will be providing a virtual wellness fair the weeks of February 15th and 22nd all at no cost to you, your employees and family. Below outlines the fair schedule with links to register for as many events as you’d like. If you have any questions please reach out to the CGO Wellness Team. We hope you can attend an event that interests you!

Connor & Gallagher OneSource Virtual Wellness Fair Schedule: Revitalize Your Wellbeing in 2021
Planning for Retirement
Tuesday, February 16 @ 11am CST
Sleep is Your Superpower
Wednesday, February 17 @ 1pm CST
Compassion Fatigue
Thursday, February 18 @ 12pm CST
Weighing Your Cardiac Risk
Friday, February 19 @ 11am CST
Stress Management During a Pandemic & Beyond
Tuesday, February 23 @ 11am CST
Total Body Strength-Exercise Class
Thursday, February 25 @ 11am CST
Healthy Eating on a Budget-Cooking Demo
Friday, February 26 @ 1pm CST
In Good Health,
Looking for Additional Well-Being Tools to Thrive?
Check out our Wellness Page which features Wellness Seminars, Mindful Moments, and much more!

Kayla Isaacs, CHES, CWWS 630.737.9383 |

Madeline Engelking, MBA, RDN 630.737.9356 | 
About the Monthly Wellness Newsletter
The everyday choices we make can help us live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives. The CGO Employee Wellness Newsletter provides monthly resources and education on a variety of topics like nutrition, exercise, emotional health and resilience, prevention and more. Our hope is that this information empowers you to incorporate sustainable healthy habits for a lifetime of good health and well-being.

Always consult with your physician before beginning any wellness program. This general information is not intended to replace your healthcare professional.  

Sources: Brain Maker David Perlmutter, MD, National Institute of Mental Health, Zywave

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