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June 2020: Hydrate in the Heat
Did you know that being well-hydrated is essential for your well-being? Hydration is especially important to remember during the summer months which bring on warmer temperatures and higher humidity.
This month鈥檚 Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well Newsletter provides ways to stay hydrated, benefits of water, the signs of dehydration and a variety of tangible resources; feel free to share with your family and friends. We hope you and your family are well. Stay Safe and Healthy!
Eat Well
A well hydrated body will play a big role in ensuring we are energized and feel well throughout our day. Quite often, our body鈥檚 signaling of thirst is actually misinterpreted as a sign of hunger. Here's our top five reasons why water is so important :

1)       Helps excrete toxins out of our body 鈥揺specially through bowel regularity
2)       Keeps our skin youthful
3)       Carries oxygen to our organs to function properly 鈥揺specially our brain!
4)       Increases our energy levels
5)       Maintains proper electrolyte balance- especially by adding a sprinkle of Pink Himalayan sea salt
Rule of thumb: Drink 陆 of your body weight in ounces of water each day
  • Example 160# person: Drinks 80 ounces of water each day. Split it up! Aim to drink 2-20oz bottles of water before lunch, and 2 bottles after lunch.
Recipe: Check out this link for a guide on making infused water and the best pairing combinations. As plain water can get a little boring, adding fruits, vegetables, and herbs are a great way to enhance the flavor.
Live Well
In order to live well and thrive, you may need resources to help you sustain or get you there. Refer to the resources below which focus on ways to rethink your drink and keep hydrated!
If you feel thirsty, your body needs fluids. Always remember to listen to your body and drink water throughout the day to avoid dehydration. Watch for these signs of mild dehydration: Feeling thirsty Headache or lightheadedness Fatigue or sleepiness (for children, being less active than usual) Less frequent urination or decreased urine output Dark yellow or amber-colored urine (urine that is clear or pale yellow indicates you are well hydrated) Constipation Few or no tears when crying For infants, no wet diapers for three hours . . . Think you need to drink more water each day?

Be Well
The goal is to Hydrate Our Way to Health in the month of June! Look out for the days that focus on high water content foods as a bonus way to increase your hydration. Start anywhere on the wheel to start your challenge and try to make it around twice in June. 
Looking for Additional Well-Being Tools to Thrive?
Check out our Wellness Page which features Wellness Seminars, Mindful Moments, and much more!
In Good Health,
Kayla Isaacs, CHES, CWWS 630.737.9383 |

Madeline Engelking, MBA, RDN 630.737.9356 |  
About the Monthly Wellness Newsletter
The everyday choices we make can help us live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives. The CGO Employee Wellness Newsletter provides monthly resources and education on a variety of topics like nutrition, exercise, emotional health and resilience, prevention and more. Our hope is that this information empowers you to incorporate sustainable healthy habits for a lifetime of good health and well-being.

Always consult with your physician before beginning any wellness program. This general information is not intended to replace your healthcare professional.  
Sources: Zywave, American Council on Exercise, American Heart Association, Veggie Society, CDC.

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