Promote Appropriate Home Dialysis
Quality Improvement Activity (QIA)
For questions or technical assistance, please contact:
Sarah Keehner,
Quality Improvement Director
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Heather Camilleri, CCHT
Quality Improvement Coordinator
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Complete: Download and Complete the PDSA form. Complete the "P" portion and please submit to if you have not already done so.
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During the month of April the facility will be responsible for initiating the plan into practice.


Below are partner agreement forms that can help  to educate potential care partners on all the responsibilities that they are agreeing to. 

    * Home Hemodialysis 

    * Peritoneal Dialysis   


Provided is an article for providers on the challenges and opportunities for home modality education.

   * Click Here for Article 

Dear Provider,
Thank you to all the facilities that have completed  and returned your facility PDSA form. In March, the Network asked facilities to review their root cause analysis for identified barriers and develop an action plan to overcome identified barriers.
One common identified barrier was patient care partner burn out.  Although, peritoneal dialysis does not require a care partner, having assistance at home can contribute to the long term success of home dialysis.
Often, family members or close friends offer to be care partner for a dialysis patient, but do not fully understand the commitment that it requires. Both patient and care providers need to receive very thorough education on what is expected of them while utilizing a home modality. The care partners role need to be well defined prior to agreeing to help share the patient burden of:
*Counting and ordering supplies
*Moving supplies around the house
*Setting up and breaking down cycle daily
*Agreeing to provide transportation
*Track medication, weights and blood pressure daily
*Monitoring access sites for signs of infection
*Assisting in cannulating home hemo patients

Far to often, patients will eventually become in center hemo dialysis patients because their care partner is unaware of all responsibilities of utilizing a home modality therapy.
Project Activities
* Implement the "D" of the PDSA plan submitted
* Appoint a Home Therapy Patient Ambassador
* Promote peer-to-peer mentoring
We Want to Hear from YOU!
Please contact the Quality Improvement Department if you have questions, comments, or specific barriers that you would like to address.  Let us know if you have identified any best practices that you would like to share with the community.
                                Resource Assessment
Please take a moment to give us feedback regarding the resources below. Let us know if you believe these will be helpful in the facility and if patients utilize them.