August 2020
Streamline Drive-Thru COVID-19 Testing 
While Corona virus continues to spread across the world, a number of health authorities worldwide have set up drive-through testing facilities for medical staff collect samples from drivers and passengers who display relevant symptoms. It provides a safer way for both health staff and patients to test for the virus, and prevents cross infection between suspected patients in other settings.

BIXOLON printing solutions can help front-line workforce to expedite the test process and reduce the risk of manual errors, see below to learn how they can make the drive-thru testing even faster and safer.
Mobile Specimen Labelling
Mobile label printers help staff apply barcode labels onto test samples at the point of collection and save time to walk back and forth from the test car to the nearest station to print a label. They also reduce the critical errors of handwritten labels for specimens and improve the accuracy of testing.
Mobile Label Printers

  • Compatible with SLCS, BPL-Z™, BPL-C™, alongside all major operating systems
  • Wireless and wired connectivity options
  • Ergonomic and rugged design
  • Various accessories and connectivity ports
Linerless Specimen Labelling
BIXOLON’s unmatched linerless solution eliminates the stress of peeling the liner while wearing medical gloves. With zero slippery silicone backing paper on the floor to clean or dispose of, and reduced media roll changes, workers can use the time wisely and manage the fast-paced testing centre more safely.
Linerless Desktop Label Printer 

  • The world's fastest printing speed of up to 6ips (Linerless)
  • Guillotine cutting system with a peel-off sensor, Taken Sensor™
  • Anti-jamming, anti-curling and two long-lasting platen rollers
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