October 2020
Charitable Danish Retail Chain NEYE Improves
In-Store Efficiency with BIXOLON’s Mobile Printers
With growing customer expectations and market competition, the Danish Retail chain NEYE embraced mobile printing solutions in their stores to deliver real time stock management and product labelling on-the-go.
The retail brand adopted BIXOLON’s SPP-R200III and SPP-R200IIIplus 2-inch (58mm) Mobile Label and Receipt Printers alongside the Delfi Nova handheld computers to integrate within their existing ERP system. The new hardware enhanced the customer experience as employees could give real-time stock management feedback directly from the shop floor. While improving employee efficiency, by providing important product information and the ability to print product labels in the palm of their hand.    
“At NEYE, we have a philosophy that employees must be customer-oriented. Therefore, it is an advantage if you can use IT and technology that supports that strategy – among other things by making employees’ work more mobile.”

- Bent Pauduro, IT manager at NEYE
To learn more about how BIXOLON mobile printing solution improved inventory accuracy and stock management click on the link below. 
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