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Monthly Snapshot:

The latest  unemployment rate  is  3.9% , compared to 4.1% at the same time last year.

The latest  size of labor force is 664,566 , compared to 639,897 at the same time last year.
The latest number of monthly online job postings is 8,872 , with 2,508 of those requiring an Associate's degree or higher and 2,096 of those requiring a Bachelor's degree or higher.
The latest number of quarterly (January - March) online job postings is 27,620, with 7,541 of those requiring an Associate's degree or higher and 6,324 of those requiring a Bachelor's degree or higher. 

*All above data refers to the Louisville Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).
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This new web-app by our Labor Market Intelligence team gives you up-to-date data on the role credentials are playing in Greater Louisville. You can even see which credentials specific companies are asking for in their job postings!

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