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Are your employees at their full health potential?
Healthy employees are more productive than their sick counterparts. Our agency can provide targeted educational materials aimed at emphasizing safety and well being, adopting positive lifestyle changes and preventing and managing chronic diseases.
Do you communicate regularly with your employees about wellness?
Frequent encouragement is key to bringing about the kind of lifestyles changes that make great employees. Our agency will be distributing to you a monthly newsletter that discusses interesting seasonal topics in employee health, wellness, safety, personal finance and nutrition.
Do you have a thoroughly implemented wellness program?
Prevent costly health care expenses and lost productivity by implementing or boosting an employee wellness program. AccesseHR Insurance Services offers several campaigns targeting specific health goals and has all the flyers, posters and emails needed to start or supplement your wellness initiative. Materials are also available in Spanish.

Please reach out to your Account Manager with any questions.
Cheers to Wellness!