Volume 26
Monthly MarketStats
MAY 2020
The Local Market Update MAY 2020
(Jackson County )
Local Market Updates are found in monthly, one-page market reports for
pre-defined geographic areas in the Jackson region for single family properties.

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The Monthly Indicators Report
MAY 2020 (Jackson County)
Monthly Indicators Report is a monthly, market-wide report that covers the Jackson area with written analysis, overview pages for single-family properties, and historical trends.
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Showings Report
MAY 2020

ShowingTime Showing Index®
Webinar: Using InfoSparks and FastStats to Understand Your Housing Market
Join us for a webinar on Wednesday, July 8 at 12:00 p.m. CDT for an in-depth look at the housing market! We’ll show you how you can use InfoSparks and FastStats to better understand local trends, provide market expertise to your clients and as a marketing tool. Already using these tools? Bring your questions and we’ll answer them live.
Using InfoSparks and FastStats to Understand Your Housing Market
Wednesday, July 8
12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. CDT

June is usually one of the biggest months for real estate and this year is no different. With business restrictions being lifted in communities throughout the country, showings are on the rise. 
During the busy season, agents get an influx of questions about local market trends. Thankfully, you have an ally in InfoSparks (available in select markets). InfoSparks gives agents helpful tools that can ease the burden of the many questions you are sure to receive by providing you with shareable, authoritative data. 
1.) How do I add my seller so they can receive feedback from showings?*
  • You must first add your seller to their listing by going to the contact section on the listing worksheet and clicking "Add Owner/Occupant." Then you'll need to configure the owner to receive feedback. See how.

2.) Can I email all agents who have shown my listing?*
  • First, navigate to the Listing Activity Report for the listing and click on the blue “Send Notification” button. This will open a window which will allow you to customize your email message, recipient(s) and message type. See how.

3.) What does Required/Suggested Lead Time mean?
  • Required Lead Time refers to the absolute minimum amount of notice your seller/occupant requires before all showings. The ShowingTime Appointment Center will not schedule a showing within the Required Lead Time.
  • Suggested Lead Time refers to the preferred amount of lead time your seller/occupant requests before a showing. Showing agents will be asked to accommodate the Suggested Lead Time, but will still be able to schedule an appointment within the suggested lead time.
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