Volume 27
Monthly MarketStats
JUNE 2020
The Local Market Update JUNE 2020
(Jackson County )
Local Market Updates are found in monthly, one-page market reports for
pre-defined geographic areas in the Jackson region for single family properties.

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The Monthly Indicators Report
JUNE 2020 (Jackson County)
Monthly Indicators Report is a monthly, market-wide report that covers the Jackson area with written analysis, overview pages for single-family properties, and historical trends.
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Showings Report
JUNE 2020

ShowingTime Showing Index®
1.) How do I add my seller so they can receive feedback from showings?*
  • You must first add your seller to their listing by going to the contact section on the listing worksheet and clicking "Add Owner/Occupant." Then you'll need to configure the owner to receive feedback. See how.

2.) Can I email all agents who have shown my listing?*
  • First, navigate to the Listing Activity Report for the listing and click on the blue “Send Notification” button. This will open a window which will allow you to customize your email message, recipient(s) and message type. See how.

3.) What does Required/Suggested Lead Time mean?
  • Required Lead Time refers to the absolute minimum amount of notice your seller/occupant requires before all showings. The ShowingTime Appointment Center will not schedule a showing within the Required Lead Time.
  • Suggested Lead Time refers to the preferred amount of lead time your seller/occupant requests before a showing. Showing agents will be asked to accommodate the Suggested Lead Time, but will still be able to schedule an appointment within the suggested lead time.
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