January 2017
In the Spotlight
Happy New Year! It's a special one for re:Mind, as 2018 marks our 15th anniversary providing you with free and confidential support groups. No one should have to walk their mental health journey alone. We believe that people are better together and we're committed to remaining a constant in your lives amid life's daily changes and uncertainty. Over the last 15 years, we've experienced tremendous growth expanding the reach of our support groups throughout Greater Houston and breaking down the stigma of mental illness.

Throughout the year, we plan on sharing more on how far we've come together and our vision for supporting you even better in the future.Thank you for being a part of re:MIND and sharing in our journey. We look forward to walking along side you for many years to come. 


Jennifer Strich, LPC-S, NCC, RPT
President (interim) & VP of Programs

What's Happening
8th Annual  7's for 7  Lacrosse Tournament
On January 6, The Friends of Drew Webb held its 8th Annual 7's for 7 Lacrosse Tournament in memory of Drew Webb. A huge and heartfelt thank you to all players, spectators, volunteers, and 
The Friends of Drew Webb for raising awareness of depression and mental disorders in athletes, as well as supporting the re:MIND mission.  
Music therapy may help ease depression
acoustic-guitar.jpg Traditional depression treatments like psychotherapy or medication might work better for some patients when doctors add a dose of music therapy, a research review suggests... Read More
Can we please stop labeling ourselves with our mental illnesses?
You are not OCD. You have OCD. That's an important distinction. I really wish people would stop labelling themselves - and others - with their mental illness . .. Read More
Here's how you can connect to friends who are depressed
When I lived with severe depression and social anxiety, I found it extremely difficult to talk to strangers. Yet the one conversation that uplifted me more than any other occurred in the dining hall of the mental health wing of a mountain-town hospital... Read More
When Bipolar Disorder Keeps You Unemployed
laptop-glasses-girl.jpg I was browsing my Facebook "on this day" app and it said I left my job one year ago today. I was at that job for two years before my mental health took a turn for the worse. Seeing "one year ago" made me realize how quickly time passed when I was taking care of myself... Read More
The Best Question To Ask Someone About Their Bipolar Disorder-How Is Your Sleep?
bedroom.jpg Asking yourself, or loved ones with bipolar disorder, about current sleep patterns can give you direct information about your or their bipolar disorder symptoms... Read More
I Have Bipolar Disorder, and Here's How I Talk To My Kids About Mental Health
Teaching my children empathy is one of the most important priorities for me as a mom, because I have bipolar disorder. While I don't feel the need (yet) to explain the specifics of my disorder to my 3-year-old and 6-month-old, I want them to know... Read More
Group Room Change
Clear Lake Saturday will meet in Student Room 220.
Heights group will meet in Worship Arts Room temporarily. 

Group Closure
Baytown  group is closed. We apologize for the inconvenience..
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Why Teens Die By Suicide

Learn more about suicidal behavior in teenagers, focusing on three factors that mark teens most at risk on February 7, 2018 with Thomas Joiner, PhD, author of several books including Why People Die By Suicide and Myths About Suicide.
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