March 2018
YPWeek 2018 Events Open!

April 20-28, 2018

What is YPWeek? YPWeek Infographic

Young Professionals Week (YPWeek) is an annual statewide talent attraction and retention initiative. Coastal YPN is proud to represent Sheboygan County since the statewide initiative began in 2015. Today, YPWeek is represented by 28 different communities and continues to grow each year! During the week of April 20 to April 28, 2018, every YPWeek community partner will host events and programs to engage their young talent and get them excited about their community.

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Registration is open!
April 20, 2018

Come one, come all, and show some love and support for the young professionals of Sheboygan County. Help Coastal YPN celebrate the hard work and talent of Sheboygan County's young professionals!

With more than 22,000 young professionals putting their talents to work across Sheboygan County, the next wave of movers, shakers, gurus and leaders is crashing our shores.
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Meet the Coastal Committee
Nikki Kiss - Coastal YPN Leadership Team Committee Member

Why did you wish to be a part of Coastal YPN?  I wanted to join Coastal YPN to help develop ways to encourage our local high school students to engage in our community and learn about their options.  Read more here .
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Joe 2.0 - A Motion Picture

Experience one of the most powerful and unique bands in the world, Joe 2.0, in a one of a kind live “Motion Picture” show at the gorgeous Weill Center in Sheboygan for FREE.

Featuring the world-class vocals of original Cheap Trick lead singer, Xeno, Joe 2.0 is everything you always wanted in a band, but were afraid to ask.

Imagine an electrified string quartet, plus drums and vocals, performing the greatest rock music of all time and innovative original music in a way only they can. The world’s original “Rockestra”, Joe 2.0 works with a self-crafted, limitless palette of vintage rock and pop sounds from electric guitar, to bass, to organ and adds the might and majesty of the symphonic sound, seamlessly blending both sonic worlds into a galaxy of sights and sounds that once experienced will never be forgotten. The evening will open with the introspection infused pop of singer songwriter, William Darling. The music will come alive with a cutting edge “motion picture” stage spectacle featuring original art and video projected on to multiple giant screens in the theater. Purchase tickets here and use promo code:
2018 Coastal Cares Nonprofit Program
Meet Heathstone of Wisconsin

Sheboygan, WI - In October of 1995, a small group of families in the Sheboygan area were drawn together for a common concern they shared about how we as a society were caring for disabled individuals in our community. The initial focus of this group was on residential care facilities, but soon broadened its scope to include educational, employment and social opportunities for the disabled. 

HearthStone focused its efforts on providing support for self-help and advocacy for people with disabilities and their families. Its mission is to make our communities a welcoming place for people with disabilities and to support and encourage positive life experiences. Members are people with developmental and/or physical disabilities, their families, friends and people within our communities who care about them. HearthStone is funded by private donations and is an all volunteer organization. HearthStone offers assistance, guidance, advocacy and support in transition to and in perpetuation of community-based living. 

HearthStone continues to be a strong advocacy voice for the disabled in our community and throughout the state attempting to influence legislative policies that improve services and promote greater independence for individuals with disabilities.       

They are in need of board members for the 2018 year. If you are interested in learning more please contact them   here
The purpose of  Coastal Cares  is for Coastal YPN to partner with a nonprofit organization in co-creating a unique event --- an event that is tailored to the missions of each organization and provides opportunities for young professionals to serve as community stewards. 

Throughout year, we have been working integrally with the following Sheboygan County-area nonprofit organizations in hopes that by connecting to a mission that resonates, we can join with other great people, create even more ways to get involved, and truly make a difference in our community:
The Friends of the Senior Activity Center is looking to fill a few board positions.
If you have an interest in Sheboygan’s very vibrant over 50 age population, this is a unique opportunity to collaborate with the City of Sheboygan and help in sustaining the Senior Center’s members valuable quality of life. Talents we are looking for include: accounting, legal advice for a nonprofit organization, marketing and fundraising. Time commitment is 1-1.5 hours monthly Board meetings at 8 a.m., fourth Wednesday of each month, attendance at the Annual Meeting in the evening in May and occasional fundraising or small committee meetings.

If interested, email Wendy Schmitz here !
It all starts with a LITTLE… and it makes a BIG difference.
It’s estimated over 5000 kids in Sheboygan County live in homes falling just above the federal poverty level. With parents struggling to provide basics like housing, food, and health care, there often isn’t time left to provide kids guidance to build healthy relationships, attend school regularly and think about the future. That’s where you come in! Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sheboygan County invites you to do something BIG today and become a volunteer mentor. Visit to get started today! 
Warm Your Heart, and the Hearts of Our Patients as a Hospice Volunteer

Volunteers are the  HEART  of Aurora Hospice. We are looking for caring individuals to provide companionship to patients and respite for caregivers. 
Volunteers visit with patients at least once a week, 1-2 hours at time. Training provided to give loving care, and comfort to patients in their final days.
Fill out an application  HERE

Contact Jackie -  Email
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Member Mondays!
Each Monday we hope to share something about each of you during 2018! (Our Coastal Members). Who you are, why you live here, and even more. Please take the time to fill out our questionnaire form  HERE.  
Coastal Young Professionals Network provides opportunities for young professionals to design their social culture, serve as civic innovators and community stewards, and develop into the next generation of leaders for Sheboygan County. Coastal YPN is open to all young professionals in Sheboygan County.

Interested in getting more involved with Coastal YPN rather than just attending events?

Please fill out our Coastal Volunteer Form Here:
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