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Upper School Division Director

Dr. Tila Hidalgo

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April 22, 2022

As the weather gets warmer and the days longer, we find ourselves in the final stretch of the 2021-2022 school year. This is a busy time of year; a time to celebrate. Based on the energy around our Experience-Centered Seminar (ECS) presentations, prom, and recent performing arts concerts, it’s apparent that we all – students, families, and faculty alike – have a lot to be proud of and grateful for this academic year. I look forward to continuing to recognize our students’ success at the various gatherings and events to come, beginning with the Upper School play, Rough Magic, next weekend

Though the spring, particularly the month of May, marks a season of celebration here at CSS, there is also much work to be done as students prepare for finals and Advanced Placement exams, compile research to be presented at the 6th Annual CSS Biological Research Conference on May 9, make important college decisions, and complete their Capstone presentations to ultimately end the year well. Often, each school year can feel similar to a marathon. 

As we approach the finish line, students may become distracted by common “illnesses” such as senioritis or spring fever, each brought on by the approach of summer break. For others, the end of the school year causes anxiety over the potential outcome. And, as we enter the final stage of academic year 2021-2022, it is not uncommon for stress and exhaustion to set in. Students may ask themselves if their efforts will be enough to be successful. Finally, there are students who face moments of both distraction and stress. No matter which track your student is on, we are here to offer our support; to help them find focus, or cheer them on whenever and wherever they need that extra push to believe in their abilities. 

The Upper School's rich and diverse academic curricula have equipped students with the knowledge and skills necessary to finish the year strong. Our teachers – the pacesetters in each student’s race to the finish – remain steadfast in their commitment to guiding them to success. We look forward to continuing to partner with families as they likewise provide support and encouragement at home.

Do not hesitate to reach out to your student’s teachers or me should you have any questions or concerns regarding how to help your child wrap up their year successfully and in the right frame of mind.


Dr. Hidalgo

Upper School Spotlight

Model United Nations

(Model UN)

Model UN_April 2022.png

Kudos to the Upper School students who recently participated in a Model UN conference, developing solutions for the Syrian Refugee Crisis and the Palestinian Refugee Crisis.

Finnegan T. '22 and Caleb P. '24 served as our Presiding Officers while Hannah M. '24 and Mulka B. '24 (The United States of America), Oliver P. '24 and Nathan G. '23 (The Russian Federation), Alexander H. '24 (Palestine), Imogen M. '24 (Ethiopia), Ahna W. '24 (The Arab Syrian Republic), and Chloe L. '22 (The Syrian National Army and Israel) acted as delegates.

Over the course of this council, peace treaties, ceasefires, and war were negotiated. And, perhaps most importantly, all had fun.

Mr. Johnson

US Science & Math Teacher

Angular Motion Formulas.png

Mr. Johnson took his class to a playground equipped with merry-go-rounds to help students understand one of the most challenging topics in physics, angular motion. These playground toys are ideal for teaching principles of angular motion and the conservation of angular momentum. Conservation of angular momentum is a bedrock physical principle whose total quantity in the universe remains unchanged while individual objects in the universe interact and exchange quantities such as angular momentum. This hands-on experience allowed students to immerse themselves in angular motion and momentum, and truly experience it in addition to performing calculations. Students were so immersed in the experience that no one even thought to take a photo, but they did use the above-pictured formulas!

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