1 in 88 children is 
diagnosed with autism. 
Milestones is here to help.

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1. 3/1 Making Pizza at Pizza Roma, Mayfield Village Adaptive Rec

2. 3/2 Bowling with ASPIES, Akron

3. 3/2 Broadway Buddies Adaptive Musical Theatre Program, Stagecrafters, Pepper Pike

4. 3/3 Social Club, Brandon's Place, Oakwood Village

5. 3/3 What's Cooking! Solon Blue Ribbon Program

6. 3/6 Music, Drum & Movement, Mayfield Village Adaptive Rec

7. 3/6 Table Games, Solon Blue Ribbon Program

8. 3/7 Night Out at the Movies, Mayfield Village Adaptive Rec, Beachwood

9. 3/8 Art Therapy | Clover Fest, Brandon's Place, Oakwood Village

10. 3/8 Making Pizza at Pizza Roma, Mayfield Village Adaptive Rec

11. 3/8 Solon Blue Ribbon Fun Fest

12. 3/12 Special Olympic Bocce, Solon Blue Ribbon Program

13. 3/14 Music Therapy and More with MTEC, Connecting for Kids, Westlake

14. 3/14 Everybody Dance Now, Mayfield Village Adaptive Rec, Shaker Heights

15. 3/14 Pizza Bowl, Mayfield Village Adaptive Rec, Oakwood Village

16. 3/15 VIP Power Kids and Capernaum, Young Life, Akron

17. 3/16 Omnimax Theater Outing, Solon Blue Ribbon Program, Cleveland

18. 3/20 Blue & Gold Buddies Social Group, Milestones, University Heights

19. 3/21 Respite Camp for Children and Adults, Achievement Centers for Children, Strongsville

20. 3/21 Game Night, Mayfield Village Adaptive Rec

21. 3/23 Asperger's Adult Group, Autism Personal Coach, Beachwood

22. 3/24 Pizza & Play, Family Connections, Cleveland Heights

23. 3/25 Rock Climbing Wall, Solon Blue Ribbon Program

24. 3/26 Social Connections, Autism Society of Ohio, Youngstown

25. 3/29 Muppets Most Wanted | Sensory Friendly Film, AMC Cinema, Brooklyn

26. 3/30 Cleveland Cavaliers Autism Awareness Night




High Aspirations Social Group, REM Opportunities, Canton


Social Club & Art Therapy Class, Brandon's Place, Oakwood Village  


Mondays & Thursdays

Social Butterflies Group, ABA Outreach Services, Independence


Tuesday & Saturday
Yoga class, Brandon's Place, Oakwood Village


High Aspirations Social Group, REM Opportunities, Akron


Commanders of Communication Group, ABA Outreach Services, Independence


Every Other Friday & Sunday

Buddy Building Group, ABA Outreach Services, Independence



Family Fun Fridays, Family Connections, Shaker Heights


Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays

Little Language Learners Group, ABA Outreach Services, Independence






1. 3/1 Family to Family Education Program, NAMI, North Canton

2. 3/1 YMCA West Side Autism Support Group, Avon

3. 3/2 Your Home-Your Way | Getting to Know You, Autism Personal Coach, Pepper Pike

4. 3/4 Positive Behavior Support Training, Achievement Centers for Children, Highland Hills

5. 3/4 Special Education Legal Update Series, SST9, Massillon

6. 3/4 Using Social Stories to Support Preschoolers, SST9, Canton

7. 3/4 Life Skills at Any Age, Out of the Box Behavioral Solutions, Canton

8. 3/5 ASD Support Group for Dads, Independence

9. 3/5 Visual Schedules with Children with ASD Webinar, Monarch

10. 3/5 Medusa Salon Sensory Night, Canton

11. 3/5 ETR/IEP 101, SST9, Massillon

12. 3/5 Independent Leisure Skills parent night, Milestones, Shaker Heights

13. 3/6 Parent's Coffee Hour, SST9, Canton

14. 3/6 ASPIES Adults Meet & Greet, Akron

15. 3/7 Supporting Individuals with Autism in Crisis, Elijah Glen Center, Columbus

16. 3/7 Connecting for Kids Fundraiser at Panini's, Westlake

17. 3/7 Special Needs Parent Night Out, Christ Community Chapel, Hudson

18. 3/8 Family to Family Education Program, NAMI, North Canton

19. 3/9 Tolerance Fair, Honor Good Deeds, Cleveland

20. 3/11 Family Dynamics when Caring for Someone with Disabilities, ASGC, Independence

21. 3/11 Parent's Night Out, Upside of Downs, Canton

22. 3/12 Parent Access Collaborative (PAC) Meeting, SST 8, Cuyahoga Falls

23. 3/13 Working with Gifted Children, SST8, Cuyahoga Falls

24. 3/14 Parent's Night Out, Upside of Downs, Independence

25. 3/15 Family to Family Education Program, NAMI, North Canton

26. 3/15 Why is My Smart Child Struggling in School? Connecting for Kids, Westlake

27. 3/18 Toilet Training Children with Developmental Disabilities, BIIO, Westlake

28. 3/19 IEP Basics for Parents, ESC Cuyahoga, Independence

29. 3/19 Coffee, Tea and Cupcakes Autism Group, SWAN, Kent

30. 3/19 Employment for Persons with Developmental Disabilities, Mayfield

31. 3/20 Connecting for Kids Meet and Greet, Rocky River

32. 3/21 Eden Autism Services Princeton Lecture Series, New Jersey

33. 3/21 & 3/22 Family to Family Education Program, NAMI, North Canton

34. 3/25 Coffee Hour, SST9, Alliance

35. 3/26 UH Autism Seminar Series: Transition to Adulthood, Westlake

36. 3/27 Independent Leisure Skills parent night, Milestones, Middleburg Hts.

37. 3/29 Family to Family Education Program, NAMI, North Canton

38. 4/2 Transition at Every Stage parent night, Milestones, Shaker Heights 


It's that time of year when we're all feeling cooped up and ready for spring.


Redirect your child or student's extra energy through exercise to help with sleeping, focusing and emotional well being.


For younger children, make an obstacle course in your house over pillows and chairs and under tables. Encourage social interaction by sitting in the middle for a high five. 


For older children, download free apps like Daily Workouts FREE or visit your local library for exercise DVDs. 


In the classroom, try stretching between tasks to release tension and to refocus.


If you need help or more ideas, call us at 216.464.7600 or come to our Creating & Sustaining Independent Leisure Skills workshop this month.


Ilana & Mia

Milestones Autism Organization

Co-Founders and Parents

March 2014 Newsletter 
Milestones Annual Autism Spectrum Disorder Conference
 June 18-19, 2014Cleveland I-X Center
Peter Gerhardt, EdD
National Autism Consultant
Brittany Lauber & Justin Rooney
Self Advocates, The Ohio State University
Full Conference information and registration will be available soon at milestones.org!
Now accepting Corporate Leadership Award entries!
Nominate a large, mid-size or small company that has created a supportive place of employment, encouraging individuals of all disabilities to be included as part of the overall staff community. Awards will be presented on June 19 at our Conference. 
Click here to download the Nomination Form. 
*Deadline is March 11.
Thank you
to everyone who participated in our 2nd Annual  
STRIKE IT BIG for Milestones


The bowling event, held Sunday at both Solon Freeway Lanes and Buckeye Lanes in North Olmsted, had more than 300 in attendance and was a success 


It's NOT TOO LATE to participate!

All proceeds will directly support our free referral support and free continually updated online resources and tool kits for Northeast Ohio families and 
individuals impacted by autism.
Milestones Parent 
Empowerment Network (MPEN) 
Creating & Sustaining 
Independent Leisure Skills

 Assessing your child's interests
Finding social/recreational resources
Structuring "down time"
Developing supports to increase independence

 Click here to register today!

$10 for an individual session, $5 additional for walk-ins. Scholarships available!


Two Convenient Locations!


Wednesday, March 5

6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Shaker Family Center (the old Sussex School)

19824 Sussex Road, Shaker Heights, OH



Tuesday, March 18

6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Grace Church

7393 Pearl Road, Middleburg Heights, OH



Bring the kids! 

Social/Rec program run by trained autism staff. 

Children ages 3 and up and typical peers welcome, $10 per child (advanced registration required).


For more information, please contact 

Nicole Herrera at  register@milestones.org 

or by phone at  216-464-7600 x106.

Start Planning!
Summer is closer than you think.


A Capacity Building Training for Your Entire Team
August 4-8, 2014
Cleveland, OH

Participate in a week-long, hands-on professional development opportunity focused on evidence-based classroom techniques to teach students with autism in preschool through high school. 



To register or learn more, click here





An awesome summer camp for children with autism



July 31- August 1 & August 4-8, 2014

Half Days (Mornings)

Cleveland, OH




Camp Milestones offers:

Individualized program from student's IEP

1:1 trial teaching, music, art & motor activities

Fun activities with peer mentors

Behavior intervention specialists



Click here for more information.



Questions about Milestones' summer programs? Contact Leslie Rotsky at  lrotsky@milestones.org or 216.464.7600.  

Connecting with the Community
A new section of Monthly Milestones 


Front Row: Panelists Aaron 
Danielpour and AJ Germani 
Back Row: Steven Rox, panelist; Beth Thompson, Milestones staff; Aaron Schatzman, panelist
At our last 
Milestones Consortium for Autism Professionals (MCAP)we were fortunate to hear from a panel of adults on the spectrum.


Here are highlights that will change the way you think about autism:
Q: What was most difficult about school? What would you want teachers to know about students with autism?
A: For me it was the disconnect between students and staff.  There is a certain way you act with students and a certain way you act with teachers. I was very high functioning academically, so I would talk to teachers because we were reading the same stuff, but having social difficulties kept me alienated from peers.  Teachers couldn't be my friends -there was a disconnect, but I couldn't be friends with the kids - there was a disconnect.  Try to be more sensitive about helping kids find a middle ground.  Answered by Aaron Schatzman
Q: How do you think your parents helped you most in terms of your autism?
A: They really helped me by trying to teach me things when I was younger.  Scheduling all those things for me like therapy or Playmakers and giving me choices really helped me to develop myself as an individual.  They also really helped me learn to advocate for myself by giving me choices in my teens, and helping me make good decisions.  They are very understanding people, very loving; they did so much for me. 
Answered by Aaron Danielpour


Q: When do you first remember knowing about your autism? Do you recall what it meant to you to know that you have autism?
A: I was 60. Every few months I took the online test, and each time I fell on the spectrum. Now I think more before I talk, and I tend to look people in the eye more than I did before. It has been eye opening. I am sorry I did not find out sooner - I could have changed my behavior sooner. My life has been difficult in my interactions with people, so finding out even late in life has made a difference in my life. I asked someone who knew me in grade school, "do you see a difference in me?". She said, "if you were the same way you were in grade school, we wouldn't be friends now." 
Answered by Steven Fox


Q: What would you share with people with autism? What advice would you give them about how they should view themselves?
A: Just be yourself. Find people that share common interests and be friends with them. Remember: nothing ventured, nothing gained. Don't be afraid to go out there and mess it up! We are humans, no one is perfect - that's part of life and the experience is making mistakes. That doesn't mean you don't work hard and prepare, but it means you give yourself permission to make mistakes and still go on. Lastly, disability doesn't matter. 
There are people everywhere that are special and will like you for you. Everyone has quirks, find the people like 
you and make friends with them. 
Answered by AJ Germani
New to Milestones.org:
Legal Resources Tool Kit

Parents and caregivers often have questions about their legal rights when caring for a person with autism. 
Our new Legal Resources Tool Kit offers answers from special needs attorneys to frequently asked questions. We will continue adding to this tool kit over the next several months. Please let us know if there are topics you would like us to address! 
Milestones ABA Professional Group
Topic: Ethics Challenges

If you are a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or BCaBA, or studying towards this, please join our group at the next meeting on Thursday, March 6 from 7:00 - 8:45 p.m.


We will discuss 2-3 case scenarios highlighted from past Association of Professional Behavior Analysts (APBA) newsletters. Please join us and be prepared to express your opinion and share some of the ethical dilemmas you may have encountered in your work.

The meeting will fulfill 2 hours of type 4 CEU credits for BCBA.

Cost: Free   
Location: Milestones Autism Organization
*Deadline March 3


For more information, contact ABAGroup Co-Chairs:
Rachel Avner Torrance, MEd,
Aletta Sinoff, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCBA-D