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November 2020 - news & updates
Market Updates
Listen to Wealth Matters Market Updates with CI Investments' top portfolio managers.

U.S. Election got you concerned? Hear from the Portfolio Managers.
Nick Griffin of Munroe, a specialty managers interviewed about the U.S. election. Learn more here.

In fact, most analysts believe the markets will fair better no matter who the winner. The key is to ensure there is a winner. The volatility picks up with the uncertainty, and the certainty will reduce it. Let's hope the winner is determined soon, and the uncertainty is put to rest.

Outcome of the U.S. Presidential Election – a Likely and not so Likely Scenario. Read more on their perspective here. (prepared a few days ago, so let's test this as votes are being counted.)

Dec 1 Webinar: How do bonds help the portfolio. Overcoming low rates with active management. To register, click here.

Have you considered the ownership structure of the companies you are investing in? For the best performance, look to those that keep it in the family.

Investing in equities for income: Pros and Cons.
Tax Planning
Charitable Donations! There's no time like today to help contribute to the causes you care about. The Non Profit industry is hurting! How can you help?

An Individual’s Tax Saving Strategies in Uncertain Times. Click Here

Your COVID Emergency Response Benefit may be taxable, so ensure you have a plan to pay.
Are You an Essential Worker? Need Disability Insurance? Right now, we can help save 20% off. Essential Workers are eligible for a 20% discount on disability insurance. This includes but not limited to paramedics, construction workers, nurses, plumbers, police officers, and physicians. Contact us for a complimentary quote to see how much you can save! Disability insurance is important to consider as it provides income when most needed. Insurance Calculator

Visits to see family, work commitments, and out-of-province adventures. Snowbirds hoping to fly south? Contact us to learn more about COVID 19 Pandemic Travel Plans.
Go Paperless!
We all know the importance of social distancing and we all have a part to play.

Email is a crucial means of communication between clients and advisors. We are always looking for a convenient and secure solution for sharing our confidential communications and documents. Assante InvestorOnline is designed to provide you with a secure and private communication gateway, and around-the-clock access to important information about your account.

Secure communication: You can communicate directly with your advisor knowing that your information will be kept private and safe.

Easy to use: Easily navigate through your account balances, transaction history and reporting details at your convenience.

Go paperless: Receive important documents and statements digitally, to help preserve the environment and protect both our postal workers and you.

Register for Assante InvestorOnline here.
“What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our attitude toward it. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity.”

– J. Sidlow Baxter
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