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 September 2020 - news & updates
Market Updates
Listen to Wealth Matters Market Updates with CI Investments' top portfolio managers. Learn about the disciplined investment process & more about Constructing an effective portfolio on Oct. 13th. 1:00pm, Portfolio Construction

What is dollar cost averaging and would it work for you? Read more here.

Increased financial confidence leads to less risk aversion with financial decisions. Read this article to see how that can impact your returns.

Our society can shift on a dime, and Canadians want to reform capitalism, wealth inequality. Read more on the study here.

Many investors see the opportunity in a crisis but unfortunately, so do fraudsters. Learn the warning signs of identity theft to protect yourself.

The CERB benefit has increased interest in Guaranteed Basic Income, but how much would that cost? Read the findings from Fraser Institute here.

Watch an interview with the CEO of Marret giving a macro overview of Canadian fixed income market and how they are managing their fund in a low interest environment.
Small Business
Entrepreneurial confidence could be key to Canada's economic comeback. Read more here about how small business owners are able to navigate uncertain times.

Self employed and unincorporated? Statistics Canada completed a study to see how business owners have survived.
Estate Planning
Are you leaving money to a child who cannot manage money? Here are some options to consider.

Read this article to learn to prepare for contingencies as part of your estate plan.
In a world of virtual health care, it's important to understand if your extended healthcare benefits provide coverage. Read more about the risks here.

Avoiding financial hardship resulting from a serious illness requires in-depth planning. Read this article to see how insurance can help you.

Visits to see family, work commitments, and out-of-province adventures. Snowbirds hoping to fly south? Contact us to learn more about COVID 19 Pandemic Travel Plans.
Go Paperless!
We all know the importance of social distancing and we all have a part to play.

Email is a crucial means of communication between clients and advisors. We are always looking for a convenient and secure solution for sharing our confidential communications and documents. Assante InvestorOnline is designed to provide you with a secure and private communication gateway, and around-the-clock access to important information about your account.

Secure communication: You can communicate directly with your advisor knowing that your information will be kept private and safe.

Easy to use: Easily navigate through your account balances, transaction history and reporting details at your convenience.

Go paperless: Receive important documents and statements digitally, to help preserve the environment and protect both our postal workers and you.

Register for Assante InvestorOnline here.
“Without ambition, one starts nothing. Without work, one finishes nothing."

—Ralph Waldo Emerson
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