February 2015

Quick Tip:  RRSP Season is upon us!  Are you doing everything that you can to maximize your retirement savings?  By increasing your savings every year by inflation or salary increase, you will save substantially more in retirement than just sticking to the same game plan. 


In fact, if you saved an extra $50/each month, and increased it by 2% every year for 40 years,(25-65), you would have an additional $100,000 saved for retirement  (assuming a 5% rate of return). Who says small amounts can't make a difference?


RRSP Contribution Limits: 2014 Limit: $24,270
2015 RRSP Limit: $24,930, or 18% of prior year's income.



2015 has continued to see some volatility as experienced in the latter part of 2014.  However, the strong "non-resource" based companies have still shown strength.  This is because they may experience stronger growth with the lower Canadian dollar and cost of oil. 


Global markets are mixed with increased volatility in areas of political change such as Greece and in some other European countries.  Increased volatility is being experienced around the world as a result of increased currency fluctuation.  The strong US dollar is boding well for US stocks, but will hinder those that do a large part of business around the world as their earnings will be lower once converted to US dollar.  The real lesson is to ensure you are well invested globally to reduce our Canadian bias to materials and resources.  

Read the recent update of 2015 in a nutshell in Portfolio Construction.


The big picture still entails that a long-term responsible fiscal plan is in order.  To help keep you up to date on this beyond the headlines, read our "Big Picture", or "Playbook". 

These are updated regularly and help identify how these events can play out in the markets. 





Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) contribution limit for 2015:  $5,500 is the new limit effective January 2nd.

Remember, TFSAs are a great savings vehicle for both short and long term planning.  Depending on your priorities, you can invest in almost anything.  The key is you are not restricted to high interest options.  Consider any combination of GICs, stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds to help build the account over time.


To all our Clients: 

We have already processed many TFSA contributions!  If you have a special request, or want to make the contribution online, please call us and we'll ensure it's done now to get 2015 growth and dividend payments all TAX FREE! 

Join Me at the Business Achievement Awards: 


I want to personally invite you to attend the upcoming

Business Achievement Awards on March 10th.  A great evening highlighting outstanding businesses in Richmond Hill.  If you need to make contacts, generate more business, and get started on a more successful business year, you should attend this event. 




Are you an Executor?  Are you prepared for the new executor rules?


Are you an executor? If so, the rules just got stricter. Be aware your role now includes filing an Estate Information Return within 90 days after receipt of the Probate Certificate.

This includes providing proof of how you came to the values of assets for the estate, as submitted on the request for Probate. This is an additional step that has been put in place to ensure that Ontario gets it fair share of taxes owing on estates.   If you have already filed for probate prior to January 1, 2015, then this new rule doesn't apply to you.  If you would like to learn more:  New Executor Rules



If we can help, please give us a call to identify how this will impact your estate. 

My Favourite Websitewww.thefineartofretirement.com.  A blog that shares ideas on everything non-financial about retirement.  There are some great ideas, and critical things that must be considered when retiring.  We all want to do it right, preparing for it, beyond the finances is critical for success.


What Legacy do you Want to Leave?  If helping to make a difference is important to you, consider what options are available in retirement and through your estate.  Call to set up an appointment to discuss charitable giving and your options.


For more information on Legacy Planning please click here.

I look forward to working with you in 2015.


Our biggest compliment is your referral. It helps us to continue to focus on you, the client, and ensure we spend our time dealing with your needs.


A special thank you to all my clients that have referred business to me in 2014. I appreciate your business, and the confidence you place in me.


Every year we draw a name of all these clients, and this year, the winner is Ruth & David Halperin. They have won a gift certificate to the restaurant of their choice.


"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


Sincerely, Janine


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