June 2014

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Financial Tip of the Month:

Take 30 min. and review your Protection against emergencies and accidents.

Rate the following between 1 and 5. 

1 = "minor inconvenience"

5 =  "serious life-altering"


* Dent in the car door in a parking lot.

* Kitchen fire, caught before it spreads.

* Accident where you cannot return to work indefinitely.


Most of us are insured for the first two, and want to be.  Many of us do not have proper insurance for the 3rd event, yet not earning any income for 5 years or more will impact you the most.


Take 30 min. and ensure you have a gameplan if something happens and you cannot go to work for more than 60 days or ever.  Will your assets provide the income you need?  Will you have the protection you need? 

Make sure you take care of this now, so you can get on with "living". 

Have a great summer.  Take 30 min. now to plan for the emergencies, and then enjoy your summer holidays without worry!  Scroll down & check out our Favourite website this month to help you with this.


Insurance:  Is it Really the Bad Apple of Financial Planning? 


For most of us, insurance is the one piece of planning we don't want to think about.  But it has it's place and without it all your other efforts could be wasted.  Read my most recent article to find out what insurance issues must be considered.  INSURANCE - THE BAD APPLE! 


Want to Set Financial Goals  for Yourself?  Send me an

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Portfolio Construction. Are we really past all the worry?  Read on to find out how Canada is performing and what it means to you. "Are we there yet?"
Big Picture. Is a stronger Canadian Dollar prosperous for the Canadian economy on the world stage? Click here to read  Richard Wylie's article about the ups and downs of the Canadian Dollar. 
Market Commentaries and Webcasts to Keep You Informed:
Wealth Matters:  Financial updates, most recently on Travel Insurance and Global Real Estate.  Check into these informative tools.
A New Manager to Watch:  1  year ago, I wrote up about John Wilson of Sprott.  I felt he offered a unique take on the markets, and provided some equity exposure, while trying to manage downside risk in a more active way than many.  Over the past year, the returns have been solid with 11.7% for 1 yr. as of April 30th.  We haven't seen true downside tests yet, however I still believe this will prove beneficial when we do test the downside of the market. 



Resolute holders Annual Meeting is being held with Tom Stanley on June 5th. If you cannot attend, I am happy to review the position of the fund & the direction going forward.




This website provides a quick calculator to help identify your biggest risks.  It can look at Life, Disability and Critical Illness insurance protection and provide helpful tips. 


Quick Reminder:  Travelling Soon Anyone?  If you need Travel Insurance, we now offer a quick and easy solution. Just go to this link on our website and sign up right away. Travel Insurance. Any questions, please give us a call to help.





Attend an All Candidates Meeting:  Learn more about your local candidates. There are 2 meetings coming up to allow you to meet the Provincial Candidates.


Monday, June 2:  Langstaff Community Centre 7:00pm. Richmond Hill Riding. Come with questions, and here what about the key issues right from the candidates.


Thursday, June 5:  Holy Trinity School, 6:30pm.  Oak Ridges Riding.


For more information, please go to www.rhcoc.com.  Also, live debates will be televised by Rogers TV, and aired Monday, Jun 2nd, through to Sunday Jun 8.


I encourage each of you to get out and vote on June 12th. 


REFERRALS: Thank you for your referrals. We really appreciate you passing along our name.  If you know somebody who needs a 2nd opinion on their portfolio, or who really needs to focus on planning for the future and setting some objectives, I can help.  Ensuring you have the retirement income you need and paying the least amount of tax along the way is how I enable you to meet your personal financial objectives.  



Quote of the Month:  Summer is the season where a man thinks he can cook better on an outdoor grill than a woman can on an indoor stove!



I'm hoping my husband is thinking this way, and I get to enjoy some fabulous BBQ's.  He definitely outdoes me on the outdoor grill!

Wishing you all lots of fun, laughs and excitement over the summer, as the beautiful weather has finally arrived!

Janine Purves, CFP, CPCA

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Dates to Remember 
June 2,
Richmond Hill All Candidates Meeting - Langstaff Community Centre
June 3:
Women & Money Workshop
Invitation Only
June 5:
Resolute Unitholder Meeting

June 5: Oak Ridges All Candidates Meeting. 
Holy Trinity School

June 7:  Trustee Fees Due

June 15: Business Taxes Due, 2nd Personal Installment Due
July 1: Canada Day. National Holiday.
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