February 2015

Reminder: RRSP Deadline for 2014 is Monday March 2, 2015.


Have you made your RRSP contribution?  Call us to ensure you make the right amount for your situation and income.  We can help.


Quick Tip:  RRSP Season is upon us!  Are you doing everything that you can to maximize your retirement savings?  By increasing your savings every year by inflation or salary increase, you will save substantially more in retirement than just sticking to the same game plan. 


In fact, if you saved an extra $50/each month, and increased it by 2% every year for 40 years.  (25-65), you would have an additional $100,000 saved for retirement  (at 5% rate of return). Who says small amounts can't make a difference?


RRSP Contribution Limits: 2014 Limit: $24,270
2015 RRSP Limit: $24,930, or 18% of prior year's income.


If you would like to schedule a meeting with Janine regarding RRSPs, Financial Planning, Insurance and Retirement, please give us a call and we will gladly accommodate.


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Tax Help Needed?


Check out our tax organizers to keep you on track.


2015 Personal Tax Calender

2014 Personal Income Tax Organizer


If you need an accountant, give me a call, I can refer accountants to you, as we hear what works from all our clients.  Happy to help!


If you do your own taxes, you can use the TurboTax program available through our website link here to save 20% on TurboTax.


Top things families should know about taxes:


There are many opportunities to benefits, credits and deductions available to reduce the tax owing at year end. Some options to consider are Working Income tax benefit, Family Tax cut and many more. For more information  click here.

Janine in the News:


Thanks to those of you that saw the Toronto Star this weekend, as the RRSP section featured, not 1, but 2 articles for which I was interviewed.  Check them out on Page B8-9, Sat. Feb. 14th. 


Insiders share their money-saving secrets


Common mistakes to avoid


We also have a recent interview and Financial Tips that are airing on 105.9 The Region radio. 

Tune into 105.9 The Region for useful tips to keep you on track. The information will be on the website shortly.

Scholarship Opportunity:

Know somebody that has a child in Grade 6? Interested in a Private School Education? 


Well, there's a great opportunity for a full 6-yr scholarship from Toronto Montessori School (TMS).  All that's required is that you or the company you work for is a member of the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce.  Deadline is Feb. 28th, so check it out here for more information.  Good Luck!

Richmond Hill Business Awards 2015



Date: March 10th, 2015
Time: 6:00pm to 9:30pm
Location: Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts
10268 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill


A great evening highlighting outstanding businesses in Richmond Hill.  If you need to make contacts, generate more business, and get started on a more successful business year, then attend this event. 


Click on link below to listen to Janine's 105.9 The Region interview for more information on the event and Early Bird Pricing. Dont miss out!

Richmond Hill Business Awards 2015 | 105.9 The Region
Richmond Hill Business Awards 2015 | 105.9 The Region



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