January 2015

Happy New Year!  What does 2015 mean to you?  Did you know that over half of all Canadians have attributed New Year's Resolutions to improving life?  In fact, just making a small change can lead to big results over time.   Recent studies have indicated that our success is not so much about the resolutions we make, but the steps we take in trying to meet them. Small steps make a bigger difference because we are more likely to stick to them.


So, I share with you a great idea, think of the 1 thing that will make the biggest difference in meeting your financial goals and add 1 step towards that to your regular routine

  • Saving more, then add $100/month to your savings, but set it up automatically.
  • Better budgeting, then for 30 days, just spend cash and don't use a credit card.  This ensures you know what you're spending and don't over do it. 
  • Paying more attention to your investments, then put an appointment in your calendar.  It's harder to ignore when it's scheduled in. 

In fact, we can help if you wish.  By providing tools, websites, or just reminders for certain tasks, we can ensure that you stay on track. 


What is Your Money Personality? Also, how does it fit with your Spouse?  Have some fun and determine your money personality by taking this quizMoney Personality Quiz.  In fact, click here to listen to the interview with Janine Purves speaking about "money personalities" on "What She Said"  Since many relationships suffer stress due to finances, this is a great place to start when considering your New Year's Resolutions.  Keep this one bookmarked for future use!




2014 continued to bring strong Global markets, but volatility is more prominent in Canada.  It's important to be globally invested. In the December Portfolio Construction, which highlights effects in 2015 on the bond markets and interest rate increases. Watch for more updates on the new year and what experts are saying.  Some of these will be provided with our updates provided in the next few weeks.


The big picture still entails that a long-term responsible fiscal plan is in order.  To help keep you up to date on this beyond the headlines, read our "Big Picture", or "Playbook". 

These are updated regularly and help identify how these events can play out on the markets. 




Tax Free Savings Account Contribution Limits for 2015:  $5,500 is the new limit effective January 2nd.
Remember, TFSAs are a great savings vehicle for both short and long term planning.  Depending on your priorities, you can invest in almost anything.  The key is you are not restricted to high interest options.  Consider any combination of GIC's, stocks, bonds, ETF's and mutual funds to help build the accounts over time.


To all our Clients:  We have already processed many TFSA contributions!  If you have a special request, or want to make the contribution online, please call us and we'll ensure it's done now to get 2015 growth and dividend payments all TAX FREE!


RRSP Contribution Limits:  2014 Limit: $24,270 
2015 RRSP Limit:  $24,930, or 18% of prior year's income.  


For more information on TFSAs, click the video below
for Janine's appearance on RogersTv




Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce: 


I want to personally invite you to attend the upcoming

Business Achievement Awards on March 10th.  A great evening highlighting outstanding businesses in Richmond Hill.  If you need to make contacts, generate more business, and get started on a more successful business year, then attend this event.  I can authorize the "early bird special" on tickets until Jan. 16th, by going to the event page and entering code



Also, as there is a big focus on improving business opportunity, now is a great time to join and meet more business owners!  Join now and enjoy the benefits.  Call the Chamber to join on Jan. 22nd and receive special incentives.  905-884-1961.  Too many benefits to mention here, but well worth it!  Check it out at www.rhcoc.com



How can I help?


Each year, we work hard to help you achieve your financial goals.  While many people think it's all about investing, most of my clients find it's the many things beyond the investing that keep them on track. 


We focus on ensuring our clients do 3 things:

It doesn't matter our background or experience, when it comes to our money, it's incredible difficult to remain objective. Therefore, we focus on 3 KEY areas:


1. Helping you clarify your goals

2. Reminding you of these goals when you get emotional

3. Ensuring I stop you from making The Big Mistake.


How do we do that:



Maximizing your savings

Minimizing taxes

Helping you establish & meet Your goals


Dealing with the "unexpected" financial challenges - such as layoffs, death, divorce,

retirement & cashflow planning

Estate planning


Every step you take, we take with you. Truly it's the customized service and individual approach we take that really makes the difference for our clients.


In fact, I wish to thank, Ingrid Ruhrmann for the recent testimonial.   Your satisfaction is our key reason for serving you.  Testimonials


I thank you for the privilege of working with you, and look forward to continuing to help meet your goals in 2015 and beyond.


Our biggest compliment is your referral.  It helps us to continue to focus on you, the client, and ensure we spend our time dealing with your needs.  So, as a Thank you to all our clients, I will send a gift certificate to all who refer a client, and at year end, draw a name for a special ticketed event.  We will announce the winner for 2014 shortly!

Corporate Money to Invest:  Looking for a safe place to hold your corporate cash?  Hard to find income?  Always put that needed for cashflow in a safe, guaranteed place.  If there is more than you need, there are options that can provide some income, and offer tax efficiency better than GICs.  If you are interested, let us know and we can help. 

Need a good accountant?  Have a good accountant?  I frequently refer accountants, and I'm always interested in learning of good accountants who specialize in different areas, or who are located in different areas of the GTA.  If you know one who you would like to refer, please tell us. 


Or if you need a good accountant, just ask.  We are happy to refer you to one.


Bookkeepers anyone?  I am also in need of good bookkeepers, as I have clientswho need one.  Please pass along the names of those that you have been happy with . 


Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter! Social media is everywhere, even at Assante.  As we are becoming more frequent users of social media, I invite all clients and contacts to go to our sites and connect with me.  If you use any of the following and would like to stay in touch, please click on the following links to keep updated with our sites. 

We're sending out articles, links to other helpful websites and often involved in online conversations which may prove helpful.  I look forward to keeping in contact with more of you through these media sites.





I look forward to working with you in 2015.


A special warm welcome back to Janice Smith, my assistant of over 14 years.  Many of you know her well, and she is returning from maternity leave, and happy to be back to speak with all of you again. 



"All great beginnings start in the dark, when the moon greets you to a new day at midnight."       Shannon L. Alder 


Sincerely, Janine


Please feel free to pass these e-mails on to contacts, friends & family who may find them helpful.

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Dates to Remember 


Jan 2, 2015 - 1st business day of New Year.  TFSA contributions now at $5,500.

Jan. 5 - RRIF minimum withdrawal calculations made
Jan. 22 - Join the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce today.

Feb. 16 - Family Day in Ontario.  Office and Markets closed.
Mar 2 - RRSP Deadlines for 2014
Mar 10 - Business Achievement Awards -Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce
Mar 15 - 1st tax installment

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