Tricks of the Trade from Ann & Sarah
Don't wait for your annual meeting/conference to get the show specials you hold out for!
Holding out for a bargain definitely makes sense, especially if you're well stocked up on supplies. Plus, we all know that vendors are more willing to provide awesome discounts when a conference is in session.

However, with the current meeting climate where vendors are having a harder and harder time finding ROI with lack of meetings (even with virtual options available), there are two issues we're dealing with:

  1. There aren't as many meetings to get your favorite discounts
  2. Vendors are facing major challenges right now, which makes it even more risky to provide large discounts.

So what can you do? Well.... has provided an ongoing virtual exhibit hall so that our vendor family is able to not only share their latest products and services with DPMs all year long, but so you can also take advantage of incredible show specials throughout the year as well!

Our ongoing virtual exhibit hall currently houses some of the industry's most trusted suppliers - and they are all offering discounts for you!

TIP FOR: Vendors
Realizing the value of DPM data (vs. only closing sales)
Experienced exhibitors know one thing to be true - closing at a conference is seriously tough!

Why then, do we keep coming back to the same conferences year after year? Well, there are a few reasons:

  • Conferences give us face time with our current customers we don't normally get
  • Conferences give us face time with prospects we don't normally get
  • Conferences provide a strong amount of leads - even if they don't close on the spot
Something our team is finding, however, is that in the current virtual exhibiting world, sales leads acquired are seemingly having less appeal than they would on a live exhibit floor.

There are several reasons why this may be the case, but one of our thoughts is that we are missing and yearning for that face--to-face connection (or simply a real-time conversation), which is making even strong leads feel empty.

Having been in your shoes as exhibitors, we would like to share our thoughts as to why the leads that come to you via web forms (vs. chat tools or real-time conversations) actually hold a ton of value. 

As you know, conference organizers often don’t provide email addresses.  We all know how difficult it is to call a DPM office and get stopped by the gatekeeper at the front desk. Now you have a handful of email addresses so you/your sales reps can contact leads DIRECTLY (getting around the gatekeeper) and begin a relationship.

Additionally, if you have an email drip program as a part of your marketing program/plans, you now have the tools allowing you to reach out for years to come.

If you are unsure how to utilize the email addresses you received from a virtual exhibit hall, allow us to provide you some verbiage that may help:

Dear Dr. InsertNameHere,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our virtual booth page during the ConferenceName last week! I would love the opportunity to learn more about what your needs are regarding (insert product/service here).

Don’t forget – we offered a great show special! (provide your unique show special here). We want to extend this offer to you until the end of the month!

Additionally, our resources/downloads and videos are still available for viewing on the virtual exhibit hall site. If you want to circle back and check them out again, you can do so here: (insert your booth link here).

The resource you might find particularly useful is (insert which resource you think is the best/engaging). I've actually attached it to this email to make it easier for you.

I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your practice.

Thank you,

Insert signature here.
P.S. - Stay Tuned for more tips specifically for Exhibitors in our new Feature Email: The Experienced Exhibitor, coming soon to an inbox near you!
TIP FOR: Meeting Planners
Our calendar is not just for them... it's a huge resource for you! was originally created to provide podiatric physicians and meeting exhibitors access to critical information to help choose and plan for which podiatric meetings, conferences, and seminars to attend.

BUT, we also strive to provide meeting planners/organizers with vital information. With an extensive meeting calendar, we can help you navigate when the best timing would be to schedule your next meeting.

Traditionally, meetings copy/paste their event dates from year to year, but it's not always 100% the case and given the last year of constant cancellations and rescheduling - it's been harder than ever to keep up with who is doing what and when.

Ann and Sarah work tirelessly to stay up-to-date on all the recurring and new meeting dates, schedules, cancellations, and updates. Utilize our countless hours to make your life simpler!

Also, we can't count the amount of times physicians have reached out to us personally to gain information about YOUR meetings... dates, costs, CECH information, etc. Obviously we always refer them to your official websites - but the point is.... be sure to keep our team updated so we can have the most accurate information on our website for you!

Guess what else you can do.... advertise! The home page and our meeting calendar are the two most popular webpages at - and BOTH of your target audiences are the ones going there.

Advertise to both DPMs for increased meeting attendance, as well as vendors who provide huge value by exhibiting and sponsoring.

Voice of the DPM
November QUICK POLLS Results
Last month we asked our DPM readers:

What's For Dinner?
Do corporate dinners truly help your vendor relationship - AND - does it impact your product/service selection?
Yes to both parts of the question
(relationship & purchasing habits).
No to both parts of the question
(relationship & purchasing habits).
It may help the relationship,
but not my inclination to buy.
It may help my inclination to buy,
but not the relationship.
Vendors Take Note!
DPM Quick Polll
Cat Got Your Tongue... or Rather Your Typing Fingers?
Over the last year - especially in the last 6 months - we've gotten a lot of feedback regarding virtual exhibit halls and DPM-to-Vendor interaction.

One of the constants we've noticed (and experienced ourselves) is the lack of engagement with CHAT FEATURES (i.e. Live Chat, Olark, Tidio, and other custom chat tools).

We want to know... why do you feel you are hesitant to use these
Virtual Exhibit Hall Chat Tools?
I'm not hesitant - I actually love using the chat tools.
I only want to chat with vendors I already know and/or do business with.
I find the chat tools - overall - difficult to use.
There's not enough time during education breaks to use the chat tools.
Vendor Quick Poll
Moving Forward - Hybrid Meetings & Virtual Halls
As we get closer and closer to having on-site exhibit halls back in action, we may come to find that hybrid meetings (part live and part virtual) will be a common trend - at least for another year.

We want to know... if you have the option to participate virtually when you are also signed up for an on-site booth space, will you likely partake?
Yes, I have enjoyed the virtual exhibit hall experience
No, I only want to exhibit on-site moving forward
Yes, but only if the virtual exhibit hall is included in the on-site exhibit fee
90-Day Meeting Outlook
Click below to see events calendar for the given month:
The following meetings for February - April, 2021 have been reviewed/rated by either a fellow DPM or Exhibitor on the survey pages of

Check out ratings below and provide your own feedback for these meetings and others you have attended in the last year!
Help us share more feedback!
Take a survey and participate in podiatry meeting progress!
Check out the meeting list below which, according to their official websites, provide 10+ CECH.

The meetings listed below take place from February - April 2021.

NOTE: Details regarding podiatric meetings listed in this newsletter and on may not be complete nor are they guaranteed accuracy. Please visit each meeting’s official website or contact each meeting’s organizer for official, complete details and registration rates.
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