April 2020
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The 2020 year has already become a year that has changed the world as we know it and we have many challenges yet to tackle. Even in these hard times we can see some good things coming out of this crisis and will make all of stronger going forward.

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Gary Zumstein
Current Track Conditions
Down Hill Turn 1
Turn 2 to the Back Stretch
President's Corner

What a beautiful day it would have been for the Steeplechase last Saturday!  If not for this virus, that’s what many of us would have been doing.  I have kidded with the Board that I am the only president in the history of the Club to have served in this position for two years and not yet presided over a Steeplechase.  Last year, of course, we did not run because of the track turf issues.  I’ve offered to resign so that we will have one next year, but so far, no one has been in favor of that.  Not sure what that really means!  Last week’s cancelled Races weekend would have been even more awesome because we were planning on making the Friday night Pre-Race Party just like old times.  We had booked the Super 60’s, a really “super” oldies band, to play for us and we had a beautiful painting by Joan McIntire to auction.  My wife and I heard the band in Saluda last summer and people were literally dancing in the street!  Regarding Joan’s painting, we have not yet decided what to do with it and it may just wait until next year.  It’s available for viewing in the office; call before stopping by if you want to see it. 

I did take the occasion last week to go out and look at the track and it looks gorgeous.  Grass is lush, a combination of very favorable Spring growing conditions and the irrigation installed by TIEC last year.  I’m going out on a limb and saying we WILL run the Block House next year—Races, Party, Auction and all.  (I desperately hope we will be clear of the virus by then.)  Please bear with us and make your plans now for April 10, 2021.  I’m guessing I will be serving my last year as President then!

Terry Lynch

Board Member Profile
Name:  Colleen Torsney, TR&HC Board Secretary

Year she joined the TR&HC:  2017

Why did you join? 

I’m from a family in Rumson, N.J., who was in the Thoroughbred racing and breeding business. I’ve always been around horses and used to show. I joined the Tryon Riding & Hunt Club because I was doing a lot of volunteer work, especially with the TR&HC horse trials. Later I was asked to join the board, and I now serve as secretary.

Any favorite projects during your years on the board?

Probably the horse trials. I do volunteer check-in at Horse Trials and floating steward the rest of the day. I’ve done the warm-up, where I enjoy meeting the horses and riders.  
I also love working with Angie Millon at the horse shows, helping with the Charity I and Charity II shows at the Tryon International Equestrian Center. And I run Schooling Days in September with Beth Perkins.
I also went through a time when I was polishing the club’s trophies, including the Carter Brown trophy. I was so pleased to find my father’s name, Dr. Jerome Torsney, on it when he won it in 1973.
I like to volunteer and to be involved … tell me what to do and I’ll do it!

Anything else you’d like to mention?

Before I retired, I was a psychotherapist who worked with foster kids and horses. It gives me hope to see that people feel the same way I do, with youthful memories of a life with horses. 
I also think the Tryon Riding & Hunt Club has a really good board right now. I like the whole board and how open they are to new support. Come join us!
Our membership renewals this year have been painfully slow.  The last two years we have run a number of our usual (Charity Horse Shows, Horse Trials, Dog Show) and new (Spring Harmon Field Horse Show, Carter Brown BBQ) events as well as contributing about $50,000 each year in donations to “community-helping” organizations (FENCE, PEER, FETA, FHS, etc.)  This year, more than ever, we need folks to re-connect with us via your memberships as well as any additional donations to our causes so that we can continue with all of these efforts.  Please help keep the Club alive and vibrant in a difficult (so far) year.
CARES Act Increases Tax-Deductibility of Charitable Donations
Good news for Tryon Riding & Hunt Club Donors! The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act has created two new tax benefits for donors on their 2020 federal tax returns. The biggest is a universal deduction that will allow the majority of those who take the standard deduction to also deduct donations to charity of up t0 $300. It also raises the charitable giving deduction cap to 100% of AGI for those who are able to itemize their deductions.
Foothills Equine Rescue Association (FERA) has started to receive calls for help in feeding and caring for horses owned by distressed/displaced folks from the virus.  At our Board meeting last week, Angie Millon via Joann Loheac suggested the Club look for a way to do “Community Support through Equestrian Sport” and help virus-affected horse people.  Rather than implement a program on our own, we quickly hit on FERA as the existing organization already prepared to do exactly what we wanted to do ourselves.  Despite our own very scaled-back income this year, we had $2,500 set aside for charitable causes.  The Board decided to maximize its effectiveness by offering this sum as a Matching Grant to the community to benefit FERA.  Any amount donated to FERA up to $2,500 will be matched by TR&HC.  Your donations should be sent to FERA at PO Box 14, Columbus, NC 28722 and designated “Matching Grant.”  We’ll let you know how the program plays out. 
Amanda Fisher
2019 Scholarship Recipient
We are continuing this traditional program in 2020 in the face of constrained funds because it is an important element of community support for our young equestrians.  The deadline is April 17, although readers of this newsletter (if they have graduating HS seniors going to college or ones in college) may take an extra week to submit an application which can be found on our website.  We have three excellent applications so far and would love to consider others.

The 2020 Carolinas Show Hunter Hall of Fame induction ceremony originally scheduled for June 5 at Tryon International Equestrian Center has been postponed indefinitely. Stay tuned! We hope to reschedule later this year. We are looking forward to a time when we can comfortably gather together again to celebrate!

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