December 2020
Newsletter Articles

This will be my last newsletter that I will be writing as I step down from the board after serving three years. It has been an honor and fulfilling to volunteer for such a great organization and I will continue to work on various programs going forward.

The newsletter will certainly continue and if anyone reading this would like to volunteer to manage it, the Board would be very grateful.

— Gary Zumstein
President’s Corner

Everywhere I go I hear people saying, “what a year 2020 was” and it certainly has been a difficult year for the Riding & Hunt Club. Nevertheless, we were able to accomplish a great many things this year and I have summarized these in an Annual Report about to go out to Members in the next few days. This Annual Report will take the place of our 2020 Annual Meeting which we have cancelled for obvious reasons related to the pandemic. If you are not a Member and would like to read the Annual Report, please send an email request to me at the Club at the address below.

We say goodbye in December to two of our Board Members: Gary Zumstein and Colleen Torsney. Both of these folks have been wonderful contributors to the Club over their term. Gary has been Treasurer for two years and a leader for our Steeplechase planning and has attended the past two National Steeplechase Association annual meetings in Baltimore for us. Colleen has been Secretary, despite her claim not to be a good writer(!), but has done a great job with that. Colleen also has been our Trophy Manager for the past three years and they have been organized and kept highly polished all year. Colleen also volunteers to help with everything the Club does. We greatly hope both will continue their support of our activities.

Terry Lynch
2021 Block House Steeplechase
TIEC and TR&HC are definitely planning to run the 2021 Block House Steeplechase Races on Saturday April 10th, 2021. They will be conducted under revised conditions due to COVID–19. These details are still being worked out.

We are also working with TIEC to be sure TR&HC members will have the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance of the general public. This will be announced shortly.
The 87th Any & All Dog Show
Even though getting together as a pack this year was not possible, the 87th Any and All Dog Show still managed to illicit lots of wags and smiles by moving to an online event. Every dog still had his day!

Despite the unusual circumstances of 2020, Tryon Riding & Hunt Club was committed to ensuring the show would go on. Pivoting to a virtual format allowed this treasured community tradition to continue to unite neighbors and four-legged friends as it has for over eight decades.

Thanks to the electronic entries of dog-lovers across the foothills, this year’s event did not disappoint. Participants submitted entries in five classes – Waggiest Tail, Best Trick, Best Costume, Dog That Looks Most Like Its Owner, and Any and All Adopted Dog Class.  As always, the dogs and their human companions put on a great show. This year’s judges made some tough decisions but after careful deliberation, the following emerged victorious:

Waggiest Tail – 1st – Casey Butler & Theo, Charlotte NC;  2nd – Genevieve Ard & Benjamin, Tryon NC;  and 3rd – Matt Laughridge & Charlie, Tryon NC

Best Trick – 1st Susan Wallahora & Daisy, Columbus NC;  2nd Elle Baughman & Noah, Tryon NC; and 3rdCampbell Dobson & Mickey, Spartanburg SC

Best Costume – 1st – “Game of Bones” by the Laughridge Family, Campobello SC;  2nd – “The Dynamic Duo” by Chris Belt & Grady, Campobello SC; 3rd – Jana (aka Best Dressed) by Paula and Michael Jordan, Tryon NC

Dog that Looks Most like its Owner – 1st – Chappell Lewis & Tuck – Nashville TN;  2nd - Casey Butler & Theo – Charlotte NC; 3rd - Cindy Caldwell & Scout – Tryon NC

Winners were awarded gift cards from Purrrfect Bark in Columbus, NC. TR&HC is grateful to Purrrfect Bark for their continued sponsorship and support of the Any and All Dog Show.
In the fifth and final category, Any and All Adopted Dog, all entries were awarded a ribbon. These dogs and their owners are all winners because they have managed to find each other and TR&HC is proud to celebrate these special connections.

Visit, Facebook, or Instagram to see all of the winning entries. 
  92nd Annual TR&HC Charity Horse Show
The 2020 editions of the TR&HC’s Charity Horse Shows were almost added to the list of sporting events that were cancelled due to the pandemic.

When the virus shut down the country last March, USEF suspended all sanctioned horse shows. When Tryon International Equestrian Center called us with the green light to go ahead with our historic show we were thrilled, however, we were also concerned as the list of precautions to be in compliance with was daunting.
No spectators, masks and mandatory social distancing, and temperature scans all made their official debut at our June show. The show was a success, paving a way for the rest of the country and other sports find a way forward.

Over 700 horses showed up for the five day show, there were horse and rider combinations from nine countries present to compete in the $75,000 Grand Prix.

Being a charity show, three local charities were chosen to receive donations this year. PEER, Guiding Reins, and Thermal Belt Outreach Ministry each received a check for $2,000. The charities chosen change each year but the TR&HC tradition of giving back to the community has never wavered.

Although this year didn’t have its trademark hospitality and personal touch that our horse show is known for, it survived, and we all l look forward to a “return to normal” sometime in the near future.
Board Members’ Dogs
Each month we’re trying to share some personal background on our Board Members. Here’s a bit about some of our dogs!
Kent Holden

"Well the last eight months has flown by at times and been like walking in deep mud other times. In late May I had surgery that when I got out of the hospital, time passing was like walking in deep mud! By mid July through early November, time was flying by! Linda and I established a daily routine (walking our young golden retriever, Savannah, for 3-4 miles daily, doing water aerobics for a hour 3-4 times a week, yard work and binge watching TV series on Netflix and Prime Video). 

Like most people, Linda and I are COVID fatigued, but find that walks with Savannah plus weekly visits to Overmountain Vineyard ☺ help to relieve COVID stress. I became addicted to following the Presidential election and was very proud of our election process and systems, especially the Secretaries' of State and the election officials. 

Thankfully, though the election is over and the "noise" surrounding the post election will subside and the country can get back to...
The picture is Savannah snorkeling for golf balls in the stream on the 15th hole at Cleghorn...she has snorkeled 80 golf balls since July!!!"
Beth Perkins

I passed my ‘R’ in cross country course design exam in October. I’m now a USEF licensed recognized course designer and can now design up through the Intermediate level.

Pictured are Beth and
her dog Bean who
she found beside the highway
near her home and rescued.
Gary Zumstein
Bogie "Here's looking at you Kid" has just returned from his favorite place to watch Georgia Bulldog Football — The Ugly Dog Pub in Highlands, NC.

Bogie is a 2 1/2 year old, 62-pound gray standard poodle who is not happy today as his Georgia Bulldogs lost to Alabama.
Jody Gill: A Winning Calculation
Jody Gill, who is TR&HC's accountant, does more than crunch numbers. She’s also an accomplished equestrian as proven by her recent pins at the Blue Ridge Hunter Jumper Assn. Classic at FENCE in later October. Riding Annie, owned by Elizabeth Etzel and trained by Betsy Pack, she claimed Champion in the Green Hunter Division and a blue in the Green Hunter Classic.
Jamie Corn: A Winning Hip Replacement
Congratulations TRHC board member Jamie Corn and MTM Mr. Grace for winning the Adult Hunter Circuit Championship last month at TIEC! 

This was a six week series and was broken in three age groups: 18-35, 36-49 and 50+. Jamie rode in the most seasoned division and showed those younger riders how to get it done. 
This accomplishment was highlighted as Jamie had experienced a fall last November, and had a full hip replacement just a year ago. 

Take that 2020!! Good things come out of patience and perseverance. Keep on keeping on everyone!!
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