January 2020
A HappyNew Year
Newsletter Articles
TR&HC has begun preparations for a busy 2020 season that begins in March and goes through the end of the year. This newsletter will focus on several topics including:

  • President's Corner
  • Minutes of 2019 Annual Meeting
  • Donations given by TR&HC for 2019
  • 2019 TR&HC Philanthropy
  • 2019 Scholarship Awards
  • 2020 Steeplechase Original Poster Artwork
  • Horse Parade leader needed
  • Green Creek Hounds Annual Hunt Ball
  • Carolina Show Jumper Hall of Fame
  • Guiding Reins Gift of Giving
Thank you for your continued support and welcome any feedback you may have.
Gary Zumstein
President's Corner

On Dec. 10, TR&HC held its 94 th  Annual Meeting.  Details are found elsewhere in this month’s letter, but I wanted to especially highlight the three new members joining the Board.  

Angie Millon  returns to the Board after a year’s hiatus and has agreed to assume the vice president role.  Angie, an accomplished hunter jumper competitor, is known and respected by everyone as a dedicated TR&HC Board representative in her previous three-year term. She also has chaired our activities at the Charity Horse Shows at TIEC for the past couple years. Last year, she led the exhaustive effort to provide the historical documentation that led to the TR&HC Charity Horse Show receiving the U.S. Equestrian Federation’s National Heritage Award, one of only 27 in the country! Welcome back, Angie!

Sybil Jones  is a relative newcomer to Horse Country but brings outstanding marketing expertise to the Board.  She stays busy running a marketing communications company with three regional clients yet finds time to ride and train with Gerald Pack. Sybil is going to partner with volunteer Martha Woodham, who is a public relations expert by way of Atlanta. I learned about Martha’s expertise when she became a lead volunteer at our Horse Trials last fall. Together Sybil and Martha are going to revitalize TR&HC’s communications strategy promoting all the positive things we are doing in the community.

Finally,  Karl Alexander  joins us following his recent retirement as the 20-year owner of Camp Highlander in Mills River. Karl knows kids and he knows fun. He’ll be taking over leadership of our Any and All Dog Show this year, among other roles.  Karl foxhunts with both Tryon Hounds and Green Creek Hounds. He also has a very rich set of experiences including finance and capital fundraising leadership with his church. Karl is an enthusiastic quail hunter so be sure to ask him about his new German shorthair pointer.

As President, I am absolutely thrilled with these new folks, and I think the Club is in for a fantastic year.

Terry Lynch
TR&HC Annual Membership
Meeting Minutes

Minutes Of The Annual Board Meeting Of the Directors
Tryon Riding & Hunt Club

December 10, 2019

VENUE: Tryon Depot


Terry Lynch, President, Gary Zumstein, Treasurer, Colleen Torsney, Secretary, Leigh Borreson, Betsy Pack, Kent Holden, Beth Perkins.
Potential Board Members : Angie Millon, Sybil Jones, Karl Alexander
25 TRHC members were counted on the floor.
Not in attendance: Jamie Dunn, Vice President

Meeting called to order by Terry at 6 pm. Fellow Board Members and staff were introduced.

Motion made to suspend with the reading of last year's minutes made by Bruce Bromburg, seconded by Kent. Motion approved by consensus.

Presentation and approval of the 2019 Treasurer's Report by Gary. Gary explained how the club has moved into a more budget oriented approach as shown by his slide presentation of the numbers. TRHC is in good financial shape and congratulations were given from the floor.
Motion made by Bruce Bromburg to approve the Treasurer's Report, seconded Jim Sumeral.                            

Terry presented his vision and our mission of where we want to go as a Club, especially concerning increasing the value of our memberships. Our hope is with some of our new Board members and associates being experts in PR and Marketing our visibility will grow within the Tryon Community. TRHC intends to keep strengthening our ties to the Town of Tryon, FENCE, and TIEC. Our three guiding pillars are Philanthropy, Tradition and Fun that steer our commitments to the community. Next year we hope to make inroads in the equestrian side of Harmon Field.

Our 2019 Community Investment at the time of the meeting was over $45,000.00.

Don Borreson was interested in how we get the word out about our Philanthropy. Terry discussed it was an active topic with the Board.

The 73 rd  Block House Steeplechase was not run this year, but we are assured it will be run in the Spring. There were no questions from the floor concerning the Steeplechase. The Board is thinking about doing a new social event for the Steeplechase to generate excitement for our members. TRHC is not only keeping the old tradition alive but starting new ones.

Gerald suggested that TRHC get the word out about Steeplechase using media, covering the Aiken Horse Country.

The 91st Charity Heritage Horse Show presentation was addressed by Angie as she is a returning Board Member and has run it for years. The Heritage designation awarded by the USEF is a true honor and last year Charity I Donations were a great success. This year we hope to give donations at Charity II as well.

The new ’Bit of Heritage' video was played and praised.

The 44th Horse Trials and schooling days were a success, though the number of eventers was less than next year. Next year we will be branding the event "Morris the Horse" Trials to increase the fun and recognition factor.

The 86th Any and All Dog Show had more dogs than ever and 200 people in attendance.

JoAnn Loheac presented The 3rd Annual Carolinas Show Hunter Hall of Fame Celebration slide. Last year the event was held at Aiken Horse Park and this year we will bring it back to TIEC. Don Borresen suggested that the voting for the Hall of Fame be extended to March.

The 2nd Annual Carter Brown BBQ was a huge success as we served over 340 meals. Next year we will be better prepared as the crowd grows. This is a very historic event that TRHC is taking pride in resurrecting. 

Terry explained the new TRHC by-laws so that Board Members can take on a second rollover term so that continuity can be extended beyond a single 3 year term. Also we have increased the number of members to 11, as we are a working Board and need more board members to support Club programs.

New Board Members were introduced to the floor.

Motion to approve the Board Members Terry Lynch and Gary Zumstein returning for a second term and the new TRHC Board Members, Angie Millon, Sybil Jones and Karl Alexander made by Terry, seconded by Gerald. Unanimously approved by consensus.

The Annual Meeting was adjourned at 715pm.

Per the Club By Laws, a short meeting of the new Board was held immediately after the Annual Meeting and there was a motion to approve the new Board Member Officers slate made by Terry, seconded by Kent.

Terry Lynch - President
Angie Millon- Vice President
Gary Zumstein- Treasurer
Colleen Torsney- Secretary

The slate of officers was unanimously approved and a motion to adjourn the special meeting was made by Betsy Pack, seconded by Beth Perkins and approved unanimously. 

Respectively submitted by Colleen Torsney
TR&HC Philanthropy
"Community Support Through
Equestrian Sport"

T he Tryon Riding & Hunt Club continued its support of the community with a number of contributions made to various organizations this year.

Support NEW TR&HC Spring Fling Horse Show @ Harmon Field   $12,000  
Carter Brown BBQ (340 Meals!) $8,000
New XC Fences Purchased for FENCE   $3,000
Foothills Humane Society    $3,000
Polk Equine Emergency Rescue - PEER         $3,500
Foothills Equine Rescue Assistance – FERA   $4,500   
Tryon Downtown Development Association – “Parade” Morris   $3,159
College Scholarships     $6,500
Equestrian Grant Program   $1,000
Foothills Equestrian Trails Association (FETA)          $1,000 
Aiken Horse Park HOF Celebration Host Appreciation          $500 
Lanier Library M. A. Monroe “The Summer Guests” Book Launch   $750
Lennie’s Kids (AAADS Profits)            $1,350  
Pet Tender Angels (AAADS Profits)   $1,350
Harmon Field Equestrian Project (TBD)   $3,429
FENCE Equestrian Project (TBD)   $5,000
Guiding Reins Veterans Equestrian Therapy   $2,500

Grand Total   $60,538 

TR&HC Scholarship Awards

Our Five Recipients
Joan MacIntyre

“We are pleased to announce that Joan MacIntyre, Tryon, NC is the 2020 Blockhouse Steeplechase artist of the year,” says Karl Alexander, TR&HC board member. MacIntyre specializes in painting horses, dogs and other animals in the traditional style. 
“Joan is a treasure in the world of equine art throughout the United States, a gem amongst us, truly!”  Alexander continues. “We are so very blessed to have her right here in our very own community.”
This will be Joan's 9th Block House Steeplechase commissioned painting steeplechase poster–– which is unprecedented in our history of artists who have been selected and honored to paint this prestigious work of art. The original artwork will be auctioned off, stay tuned for the auction details which will be announced shortly.
MacIntyre attended Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Phoenix School of Art and numerous workshops throughout her career. She is a past member of the American Academy of Equine Art, Inc.

 Her paintings have been published in The Thoroughbred of California, Chronicle of the Horse, Western Horseman, Horse Illustrated and Equine Images as featured articles and covers. Clients include the late George Getty III, Jacqueline Getty, P.K. Wrigley, Howard Koch, Telly Savalas and many other high-profile horse owners and celebrities! 
“We extend a hearty welcome and congratulations to Joan as the chosen artist of the year once again,” Alexander says.  “The honor is certainly ours!”

Karl Alexander
Tryon Week of the Horse Parade
Needs A Leader
Do you LOVE a parade?  
Would you be interested in helping plan one?

The Tryon Downtown Development Association is seeking someone to help plan a Week of the Horse parade in April. If a suitable planner is not found, it’s possible the parade will not happen this year. This person would help decide parade participants and then extend invitations to those organizations and individuals. Logistics for the parade itself would be planned with help from TDDA. 
If you’ve always wanted to “lead a parade,” please contact the TH&RC Office to volunteer.
Green Creek Hounds Invites TR&HC Members to Annual Hunt Ball 

Ever been to a Hunt Ball?  Here’s your chance!  The Masters of the Green Creek Hounds have invited TR&HC members to their Annual Hunt Ball on Saturday, March 7, at a Drayton Mills in Spartanburg. 
Your TR&HC Board is always looking for FUN and SOCIAL activities for our membership, and this event certainly qualifies. It’s a black-tie evening with cocktails, dinner, and dancing for $135 per person. Live music by the Boomers, silent and live auctions, whip cracking and horn blowing contests—how fun is that? 

If you are interested in receiving a personal invitation, please call the TR&HC Office with your name and mailing address. We’ll pass your info along so GCH can send you a formal invitation.  
Carolinas Show Hunter Hall of Fame
Help Determine the
2020 Class of Inductees

Begins: January 1, 2020
Closes: February, 29, 2020 

Go to cshhfonline.com for additional photos, bios, info & to join/vote.

The Gift of Giving
Guiding Reins is an equine-assisted therapy program dedicated to improving the quality of life for military personnel, their families, veterans, first responders, special need individuals, or others who are affected by mental, physical, emotional trauma and/or challenges.  
We are offering both ground and mounted therapy in individual sessions as well as group events throughout the year with PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) certified instructors leading the sessions.  

Our farm-based center provides a safe and centrally located environment with kind and gentle horses, some of whom themselves have been rescued.
The success of equine assisted therapies and riding programs has been proven time and again, not only with physical challenges but also to enhance emotional connections and relieve mental stress among veterans.  

Most programs in the Upstate area offer services to a wide array of individuals, but do not specifically address target trauma-induced illnesses among veteran populations.  Guiding Reins aims to fill that void.

We are very pleased to be partnering with the Roger C. Peace Center Recreational Therapy Program in Greenville, SC to to offer Equine Therapy to any veteran or military personnel who express an interest in this proven alternative approach to wellness.  

Telephone: 828-863-0480