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RAMADAN | 2024

Assalaamu 'Alaykum,

As Ramadan approaches, Rabata invites you to an elevated experience focused on creating positive cultural change through spiritual community rooted in the teachings of our beloved faith. Throughout the month, we offer special Ramadan programming designed with the Muslim woman in mind. We invite you to share this newsletter with your family and friends and allow us all to experience the best Ramadan yet, together.


Daily Quran Recitations

Masjid Rabata invites you to a daily session of Quran recitations with female reciters. There will be two speeds: regular and slow pace.

Muslim women around the world have found these sessions to be a transformative factor in their Ramadan experience, many completing a khitma for the first time due to the program.

Zoom links will be emailed daily to all Masjid Rabata subscribers. If you haven't already, sign up below.


Daily Ramadan Instagram Live

Join Anse Dr. Tamara Gray for a daily opportunity to be inspired by Ramadan teachings and gain spiritual guidance. We welcome you to join with your family and friends on Instagram at 5:30pm CST starting 1st of Ramadan.

Traditional Islamic learning awaits during this blessed month!

Join Anse Dr. Tamara Gray on Instagram @tamaralgray.


Khitma Dua

Masjid Rabata and Anse Dr. Tamara Gray invite you to join in dua for the commemoration of the first completion of Quran (khitma) by Rabata community on Sunday, March 17th. and for the second commemoration on Tuesday, April 9th at 1:30PM CST. 

The Khitma Dua programs are gatherings where Anse Dr. Tamara Gray supplicates with verses from the Quran and Hadith and dua requests from attendees.

Zoom link will be emailed to all Masjid Rabata subscribers. If you haven't already, sign up below.


Badr Commemoration

On the 17th of Ramadan, our Muslim army outnumbered stood before a formidable enemy. Fortified by their unwavering faith and determination, this small army returned victorious and changed the course of history.

At a time when we feel we face insurmountable odds, come hear what lessons we can extrapolate from this momentous occasion to bring comfort and inspiration to our hearts.

Zoom link will be emailed to all Masjid Rabata subscribers. If you haven't already, sign up below.


I'tikāf - Last 10 Nights

Rabata designs spaces around the modern Muslim woman — providing uplifting spirituality and heartwarming community in the digital world.

During the last 10 nights of Ramadan, Masjid Rabata opens its doors to offer a space for Muslim women to worship in community. The program will include salawāt, recommended personal worship practice, nasheed, dhikr, and inspirational reminders.

Zoom link will be emailed to all Masjid Rabata subscribers. If you haven't already, sign up below.



Mark your calendar to attend the Masjid Rabata Laylatul-Eid programming to finish off the month of Ramadan in the most beautiful way. This special night will include learning, dhikr, and nasheed.

Our scholars have taught us that the end of our deeds represents the acceptance of our deeds. Let us spend this night in worship to reflect a Ramadan well-spent.

Zoom link will be emailed to all Masjid Rabata subscribers. If you haven't already, sign up below.



Ramadan at Rabata Cultural Center

Rabata Cultural Center is hosting a variety of spiritually enriching experiences throughout the month of Ramadan. The RCC will offer daily Quran recitations, tarawih, i'tikāf.

Check out the RCC calendar of events below. Local, out-of-state, and international guests are welcome to join!

Non-locals can email [email protected] to learn more about visiting.


Auction Gifts

For the annual Ramadan Auction, positive cultural change agents around the world donate items to support Rabata's Ramadan fundraiser.

If you would like to gift a special item for the Ramadan auction, email [email protected].

Gifts offered in the past have included jewelry, art pieces, workshops, and other creative items.


Ramadan Fundraiser & Ambassadors

This Ramadan, support Rabata as it takes flight in its current program offerings and expands its endeavors to propel forward Islamic knowledge in the modern era.

This Ramadan, consider becoming a Rabata community Ambassador and add to your acts of worship. Community ambassadors are individuals who help raise funds for Rabata via their networks through their own personal LaunchGood page.



RabataCare is Rabata's program with the sole focus in collecting and distributing zakat funds to women in need. Rabata does not use zakat funds for operational expenses.

RabataCare helps women by alleviating the difficult circumstances they face with the hope to elevate them. You can give with comfort knowing that all of your zakat goes directly to those in need.



Ramadan Ready Workshop

Sometimes that excitement can come with trepidation. Unsure of rules or worried you won't make the most of the month? Ribaat will offer this special Ramadan Ready Workshop to prepare us all for this most blessed month.

Register today to make the most of the month ahead.


Ribaat Immersion Retreat

Mark your calendars: Ribaat Immersion Retreat 2024 will run August 7th to 11th in Sandstone, Minnesota.

The Ribaat Immersion Retreat is a space to connect with teachers face-to-face, recharge, and propel forward on the path of knowledge and ibāda. Application is open and spots are limited.


Arabic Spring Module 2

Deepening your relationship with the Qur'an and your faith comes with studying the Arabic language.

Ribaat's revamped Arabic program helps students develop skills in reading, writing, and understanding texts through research-proven methods.

Registration for Module 2 opens March 25th and closes when classes begin on April 9th.


Dragonflies Spring Term

The unique Dragonflies 8-week program focuses on belief, character development, and value systems.

Students, boys and girls ages 6-12, learn about forgiveness, mercy, compassion, the Oneness of God, and spiritual development through stories and engagies activities.

Register your children today for a joyful faith-fortifying experience. Session begins shortly after Eid.


Ready for Ramadan now by exploring all of Rabata Bookshop's worship essentials. From newly stocked Qurans and stylish and comfortable prayer clothes to prayer mats and a wonderful variety of prayer beads, we have all of your needs covered.

Explore the Rabata Bookshop.


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