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As we work our way into the fourth quarter of the 2017-2018 school year, it is sometimes hard to hold students' attention as they see the sun shining and the trees and flowers blooming.  This year, I can't say that has been a problem so far! Hopefully, the weather will improve soon, if for nothing else than our spring sports teams to be able to play their games, events, and matches!

On March 26, we held a community meeting in which our architect, TDA, showed the progress of the elementary and high school design.  It is rewarding to see all the time and effort that has been put into the bond issue and subsequent planning finally coming to fruition in a design.  While this is not a completed design, c lick here to find information on the projects and take virtual tours through the initial designs of the North Royalton High School and North Royalton Elementary School. These links also can be found below.

I hope that you take a moment to read this newsletter and stay informed about what is happening in our schools and with the Board of Education. I encourage you to also read the latest edition of the Bear Way , the District's digital magazine, by clicking here .  I welcome your thoughts and comments.  Please call me at 440-582-9030 or email me at


Greg Gurka
North Royalton City Schools

  April 2018 UPDATE

Click here for slides from ThenDesign Architecture/Community Presentation on March 26, 2018.

Click here for a 3D look at the initial design of North Royalton Elementary School.

Click here for a 3D look at the initial design of North Royalton High School.

Designs are not finalized and still being reviewed.

Graph 1 compares our monthly operating receipts to the prior year actual for the first eight months of our fiscal year (July 2017 through June 2018). It further estimates our collection through our fiscal year end. You will notice two large collection points in our fiscal year which are August and February. These two months are considerably higher than the others due to real estate collection which represents over 70% of our revenues.
Graph 2 compares our monthly operating expenditures to the prior year actual for the first nine months of our fiscal year (July 2017 through June 2018). It further estimates our expenditures through our fiscal year end. You will notice a consistent expenditure pattern throughout our fiscal year due to salaries and wages being evenly distributed throughout our fiscal year.
Graph 3 illustrates the current actual cumulative monthly operating revenues and expenditures for the first nine months of our fiscal year (July 2017 through June 2018). It further estimates our cumulative revenues and expenditures through our fiscal year end. You will notice a gradual increase in both revenues and expenditures as we approach our fiscal year end where revenues and expenditures eventually meet.
Graph 4 illustrates our fiscal year to date operating expenditures by category for the first nine months of our fiscal year (July 2017 through June 2018). Salaries & Wages represent approximately 59%, Fringe Benefits 24%, Purchased Services 12%, Materials Supplies &  Textbooks 3%, and the combination of Capital Outlay and Operational Fees 2%.


Click here for the North Royalton City Schools' five-year forecast.

Interested in reading more?  District financial information such as our annual financial reports, forecasts, tax rates, etc., can be found by  clicking here.

Biagio Sidoti, Treasurer
North Royalton City Schools

North Royalton City Schools Recognize Students at April 9
Board of Education Meeting

Albion Elementary

During March, Albion Elementary began a before-school program called "Mindful Mornings."  More than 50 third and fourth-graders dedicated to empowering themselves arrived early to school every Tuesday and Thursday to participate. They showed up ready and eager to engage in a different type of test preparation organized and led by English Language Teacher Shannon Kincaid.  Students who attended learned how mindful practices such as breathing, meditation, yoga, and the growth mindset can help them not only before an AIR test but also help them in life.

Students in attendance at the North Royalton Board of Education meeting on April 9 included Leah Thompson, Stefanie Tsybulya, Angela Armbruster, Alyssa Buffa, Naisha Chopra, Morgan Felice, Ava Grugle, Madeline Holloran, Aidan Moroney, and Elizabeth Nuzzo.

Royal View Elementary

Brianna Jacin, a second-grader at Royal View Elementary, was recognized by the North Royalton Board of Education at the April 9 meeting. "Brianna is an awesome kid and a fantastic student in Mrs. Michelle Fozio's class," said Principal Kirk Pavelich.  "Also, as an eight-year-old, she already has developed strong compassion and caring for others, which are qualities we love and appreciate in all of our elementary students."

Brianna recently cut eight inches of her hair to donate to an organization called Children With Hair Loss. This was the second time Brianna donated to the cause. Children With Hair Loss' mission is to empower children to become whole again by making hair available to those who may be financially challenged and might otherwise not have a means of obtaining the hair they want and need. Their goal is to assist as many of these children as possible in changing their lives by improving their outlook and empowering them with a degree of self-confidence that will allow them to face the world with renewed self-esteem. 

"Brianna represents herself beautifully in the classroom and at Royal View Elementary," said Brianna's teacher, Mrs. Fozio. "Her latest report card is a reflection of her academic ability and performance, earning all "S+'s" and "S's" this quarter, with the highest possible marks across the board in work habits. More importantly, Brianna goes out of her way to include other children and show kindness, making sure nobody is ever left out. She always comes to school smiling and ready to start the new day, which always makes me smile."

Brianna also recently won a contest at the school's annual Jump Yard Fundraiser, allowing her to choose a subject for Mr. Pavelich to teach to her fellow students. After weeks of thought and deliberation, Brianna revealed at the Board meeting that she would like Mr. Pavelich to teach math because she thought her classmates would enjoy a lesson in that subject from the principal.

Valley Vista Elementary

After Valley Vista Elementary's Veterans Day assembly, the school gave fourth-grade students an opportunity to learn more about the brave men and women who serve the United States.  The students learned about the qualifications and training required to become a member of the Special Operations branch of the military. They also wrote letters of support during lunch recess to one of those units at Fort Bragg.  "Recess is a lot to give up when you're in the fourth grade," said Principal Jeff Hill, Valley Vista Elementary. "We were so happy that 37 students chose to join the group under the supervision and direction of Kathy Jayjack."

Letters were mailed to the unit, and a few weeks later, the students received a letter from the Captain. It began: "On behalf of our entire unit, I'd like to thank you for all your kind words.  I know you sacrificed valuable recess time to learn about our profession and to write all those wonderful letters. Lately, all of the men on my team have been through some difficult times, and it means the world that you are thinking about us." Then, one by one, the Captain addressed the questions the students had asked in their letters.      

The Captain concluded by writing, "Thank you again for taking the time to write all those letters.  Everyone on the detachment is very grateful for the time and sacrifice you put into learning about our profession.  Keep up the work and study hard. Special Forces isn't for everyone, but you're all capable of being great, no matter what profession you choose."

Special recognition also was given to the teachers for their genuine passion and dedication in making this program a success. "Congratulations to our wonderful students for their effort and all their hard work in working together and striving for personal growth and academic excellence at Valley Vista," said Hill.  

The Board of Education recognized the following students at the April 9 board meeting: Lucee Adkins, Arianna Bokman, Kira Caram, Ema Ciric, Jayden Costanzo, Avery Keitlen, Rocco Laurie, Cooper McCarthy, Logan Miller, Thomas Perkins, Olivia Podlogar, Camryn Supelak, and Jackie Yaacoub.

North Royalton Middle School

Each year, all eighth-grade students have the opportunity to commemorate the legacy of Sergeant John Shepherd, a veteran of George Washington's army in the Revolutionary War. On April 9 at the North Royalton Board of Education meeting, North Royalton Middle School eighth-grader Julia Lam was recognized as the recipient of the John Shepherd Scholarship. She will have her entire Washington, D.C. field trip paid for by the generous donations of many people from across the country who want to help commemorate Sgt. Shepherd's legacy.

To be considered for this scholarship, students were required to write an essay relating to the story of Sgt. John Shepherd and what life was like serving under George Washington. Shepherd was born near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and passed away at the age of 117 in North Royalton. He is buried in the North Royalton Cemetery.

The conclusion of Lam's essay reads, "Sergeant John Shepherd lived a remarkable life and is seen as a local hero and a strong man. He survived both the French and Indian War and persevered through hardships of the Revolutionary War. Sergeant John Shepherd took part in the early settlement of North Royalton, and he will be with the city to the end."

North Royalton High School

On April 9, the North Royalton Board of Education recognized nine students from North Royalton High School who attend Cuyahoga Valley Career Center (CVCC).

CVCC offers 27 programs available in 13 career fields.  Every year, dozens of students from North Royalton High School attend CVCC with students from seven other area schools.  Of the 27 programs offered, nine programs have named a North Royalton High School student as their "Outstanding Student" for the 2017-18 school year.  Of these students, six are officers of their classes and one, Mike Gilbert, is the President of the National Technical Honor Society.

These students include:
Timothy Deutsch - Programming and Software Developing II
Valerie Garrett - Media Technology II
Michael Gilbert - Construction Trades II
Matt Griffie - Graphic Imaging II
Jessica Harsoulas - Dental Assisting II
Madelyn Jablonsky - Health Careers II
Cameron Kuruc - Heating and Air Conditioning II
Michael Kufner - Sales and Service II
Jacob Maskovich - Power Equipment Technology II

"These students are just another representation of what is great about our school and community," said Principal Sean Osborne, North Royalton High School.  "These students definitely 'Inspire Great.'"
North Royalton Students Move on to States in PTA Reflection Contest

Students from all levels of North Royalton Schools have moved on to the state level in the Ohio PTA "Reflections" contest. Each year, the PTA decides on a theme for students to reflect upon and create something based on that theme under one of 16 categories. This year's theme was "Within Reach."

The categories cover literature, music composition, photography, visual arts, special artist, film/video production, and dance choreography. North Royalton schools had 70 students participate in all grade levels. First, second, and third place winners received Amazon gift cards.

First place entries at each school were sent on to be judged at the council level, and North Royalton's PTA Council received 23 entries. From these entries, the Council announced 16 winners who will be advancing to the state level. These winners received an extra prize from Council PTA. Students are judged in grade ranges of K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

In the primary grades, first-grader Thomas Visocky from Royal View Elementary won in the Visual Arts category, second-grader Jackson Brihn from Royal View Elementary won in literature, photography, and dance choreography.

In the intermediate grades, fifth-grader Lily Postma of NRMS won in the visual arts category; fourth-grader from Albion Elementary, Naisha Chopra, won in literature; fourth-grader from Valley Vista Elementary, Milin Mathur, won in photography; and Madeline Holloran, fourth-grader from Albion Elementary, won in dance choreography.

In the middle school grade levels, Amulya Tiralapuram won in visual arts, Gabrielle Brihn won in literature, Alexander Brihn won in photography, and Jude Carver won in the special artist category.

Finally, at the high school level, Joseph Krzywicki won in visual arts and photography, Rachel Pavelich won in literature, and Elaine Slaby won in music composition.

The North Royalton Board of Education recognized the students who are moving on to states at the April 9 board meeting. Winners from states will be announced in April.

North Royalton Student-Athletes Recognized at April Board Meeting

The North Royalton High School Varsity Gymnastics team was recognized for their outstanding season at the April 9 North Royalton Board of Education meeting.  They took sixth place as a team in the state tournament, achieving their highest team score of the season with a 140.625.  Freshman Mya Costello achieved her personal best of 9.075 on bars and 9.15 on floor. Sophomore Avery Keller achieved a personal best on vault, scoring a huge 9.325. Freshman Hannah Haffner also achieved a personal best on bars, scoring an 8.525.  Mya and Avery also hit their best all-arounds of the season. Mya scored a 36.75 and Avery scored a 36.1. The team hit their season high on bars, scoring a 34.625. They also hit their season high on vault, scoring a 36.375. The Lady Bears were ranked third on the vault out of all of the teams in the state.

The second day of the state tournament was individual competitions.  Freshman Mya Costello was vying for vault, bars and all-around and Sophomore Avery Keller was on bars, floor and all-around.  "We started on the vault where Mya put up a huge 9.45," said Coach NAME. "This was her second highest score of the season. The score ended up holding throughout the competition, and she wound up placing sixth in the State on this event."  Avery had a solid routine on bars scoring a 9.1, placing sixth in the State. "Both girls had solid beam and floor performances as well. Mya achieved a personal best beam with a 9.2. Both girls hit their second highest all-arounds of the season: Mya (36.525) and Avery (36.0).  Mya narrowly missed the podium, taking seventh place all-around. Avery ended up fourteenth in the all-around, only 0.175 out of tenth. Out of 36 girls on each event and in the all-around, these finishes are huge," said Head Coach Jessica Kaiser. Assistant Coach of the team is Jodi Napier.

The North Royalton High School Varsity Swimming team
was recognized for their outstanding season at the April 9 North Royalton Board of Education meeting.  Highlights of their season include:
  • 17 new team records
  • Winning record for the boys and girls in Suburban Conference meets
  • 2 District Champions (Colton Phelps, Sarah Turchanik)
  • 8 State Qualifiers (Phelps, Turchanik, Anna Martin, Mason Romstadt, Anna Weber, Andrew Vance, Bobby Bottomley, Rachel Weber)
  • 5 State Finalists (Phelps - 2 events, Turchanik, Martin, Girls Medley Relay)
  • 23 All-Ohio recognitions
  • A High School All-American (Anna Martin - 100 Breaststroke)
  • Girls Medley Relay (Turchanik, Martin, A. Weber, R. Weber) up for All-American consideration
  • 13th place finish for girls at State Championship Meet, boys were 15th
  • In excess of 20 Suburban League Scholar-Athletes (criteria is 3.5 grade point average or above)
  • 4 swimmers who will compete at the collegiate level next season (Colton Phelps - Oakland University, Mason Romstadt - Cleveland State University, Anna Martin - Miami (OH) University and Anna Weber -- Calvin College)
Head Coach Mike Milliken is especially proud of his seniors and grateful for the fun they brought to swimming every day, even at 5:30 am in the middle of January.  "The talent is there with our entire team, and with continued commitment to year-round training and a belief in each other and the process, the Bears have a program that is built to last."


North Royalton Middle School Physical Education Teachers Named Innovative Educators by Ideastream

The Ideastream Education Advisory Council recently named the North Royalton Middle School physical education staff as Innovative Educators.  The team of Dean Chuppa, Mario Francescone, Joe Vadini, Anna Koncius, and Karen Whitely will present their best practices on April 10 at the IDEA Center in downtown, Cleveland.  They will share examples of how they integrate technology into teaching and learning into their physical education classes.

"The North Royalton physical education department has embraced technology in various innovative ways," said Director of Instructional Technology Mike McGinnis, North Royalton City Schools.  "They were early adopters of various forms of technology in the classroom, from the use of music and heart rate monitors in their lessons to instructional apps like Coach's Eye." During the 2016-17 school year, the department members committed to implementing Google Classroom in their physical education and health classes.  Google Classroom was the gateway which brought the department to further enhance their instruction with more meaningful technology-enhanced, student-centered learning experiences. At the beginning of the 2017 school year, with the incorporation of the district's 1:1 program, the department decided that they wanted to focus on student-centered instruction rather than teacher-centric lessons. The teachers guided their students to record "how-to" videos to teach others how to use the weight equipment.  Through the student creation of "how-to" videos, the teachers were able to create a library of videos that they could share with absent students, parents, and future students.

"In a discipline where technological innovation is often unheard of, our physical education teachers have proven to be incredible technology leaders in our middle school building and district," said McGinnis.  "We are proud of this group as they incorporate the use of technology into their daily teaching and curriculum."


News from Cuyahoga Valley Career Center
Click here to read the March 2018 "News Flash" Update from Cuyahoga Valley Career Center, featuring all the outstanding work and accomplishments of the North Royalton High School students that attend CVCC. 
Congratulations, students!  #NRInspireGreat


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