Chief Report

I want to acknowledge District personnel Chad Pilkington and Kenneth Diede for reaching their fifth year anniversary, and Kent Barnes for reaching his tenth year anniversary recently. I think I can speak for us all when I say THANK YOU for your service and dedication to this agency and community. We appreciate you for your commitment to making American Canyon a safer place and striving to make a positive difference! I also want to express my appreciation to ALL District personnel for their commitment as well. I am extremely proud and appreciative that we had 100% participation on our February 13, 2019 Strategic Planning / Continuous Quality Improvement “Good of the Order” retreat. 

Glen W. 
Strategic Planning Meeting
On Wednesday, February 13th, the District held a Strategic Planning meeting. All personnel attended and participated in an effort to facilitate “continuous quality improvement” and as an ongoing effort to establish “Best Practices.” The District’s Mission, Vision and Values were discussed and we updated the definitions of what our “values” mean to us as a group. While everyone was together we recognized the following personnel for their years of service and service pins were awarded:
· 5 years - Fire Captain Kenny Diede
· 5 years – Firefighter Chad Pilkington
· 10 years – Firefighter Kent Barnes
Thank you Firefighter Barnes, Captain Diede and Firefighter Pilkington for your years of dedicated service!
Firefighter Recruit Orientation Academy
The District will be hosting a Firefighter Recruit Orientation Academy beginning March 4th and ending on April 5th. This Academy is being led by Fire Captain Churchman and includes comprehensive instruction and training in the latest firefighting techniques using District equipment and apparatus. The curriculum includes (but is not limited to) ladder evolutions, hose deployment, fire ground operations, auto extrication, and self-contained breathing apparatus. The Districts new recruits will also be introduced to District specific training standards.

Upon completion of the academy, the firefighter recruits will be assigned to a shift as probationary firefighters. Their probationary period is 18 months. Under the supervision of a company officer, probationary firefighters will continue to apply their skills and training until they have successfully completed the District’s Firefighter and Driver Operator qualification training programs. While on probation they are evaluated on their knowledge, skills and abilities throughout the 18 month program.
Above are examples of “training props” made “in-house” led by Captain Churchman. Firefighter Bartow made the training mannequin out of retired fire hoses.
Probationary Firefighter Robert Rojas training on apparatus “pre-trip inspection” procedures. 
Ladder Testing
On Feb 14th and 15th ladder certification testing was conducted by UL. Nondestructive testing is performed annually on site to ensure the safety of the firefighters and to meet NFPA and ISO standards.